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Losers gotta’ lose

By Robert T. Smith
web posted April 3, 2017

A favorite of many during the football season is the segment on ESPN…"Come On Man."  This segment involves showing selected footage of football players or coaches doing something so poorly or ridiculous that the only reasonable response by the commentators to the highlight losers is…Come on man!  Here is an offering of a few recent political losers’ Come On Man moments.

The Democrat party propaganda arm called the mainstream media daily play the guileless Sean Spicer.  As example, with the apparatchik Democrat party line being the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia, daily a partisan shiny object of a question related to the Trump-Russia collusion is posed to the naïve Mr. Spicer.  Without fail, the simple-minded Mr. Spicer’s entire focus and response is distracted to the shiny object of a question.  Alternatively, a less dense spokesperson would focus the response back to the more relevant cornucopia of information in the Podesta e-mail leaks that documented the direct collusion between the Democrat party and their propaganda arm main stream media...Come on man!    

A key aspect of the President’s election was that he ran not only against the profoundly depraved and malevolent criminal Hillary Clinton, but also against the Republican establishment.  The footer that supports President Trump’s foundation of support is represented by the Freedom Caucus in the House of Representatives.  Repeal and replace was a key campaign promise that struck at the Democrat nominee and to a certain degree at the socialist-lite Republican establishment whose self-imposed power-of-the purse impotence allowed Obamacare to metastasize throughout the healthcare and economic systems.    

Analogous to a bar patron who transitions from an asset to the bar owner early in the evening as candidate Trump, to a perceived liability by the end of the evening as President Trump, the feckless President Trump turned Obamacare repeal and replace over to the Republican establishment Paul Ryan.  Illogically, Mr. Ryan proceeded to not propose to repeal nor replace the horribleness of Obamacare.  No conceivable explanation can break the glaring gemini-like basic qualities of the Ryancare and Obamacare plans.  Yet Mr. Ryan and apparently President Trump would like us to sever these twins in our minds.  Worse, the President has also decided to turn on the foundation of his support by denigrating and claiming he will primary the Freedom Caucus if they don’t get on board with his inane, losercare bill...Come on man!   

We the people voters have provided the Republican Party with win after win throughout the country, at every level of government from President to local school crossing guard.  Thus far, the Inspector Clouseau-like behavior of the wizened Republican Party elders has done nothing but lift the Democrats from their demoralizing election losses; in essence providing the solvent for removing the election shellacking over the past election cycles.  At this point, it is not inconceivable that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi will simply confiscate the gavels in the Senate and House, and also strong-arm both Messrs. McConnell’s and Ryan’s lunch money, while continuing to directly run the legislative branch of our government...Come on man!

Charlotte North Carolina passed a local law that would allow sexual deviants to invade the girl’s bathrooms and shower rooms, simply based on the unenforceable notion of how that person was feeling about their sexual identity that day.   The rational grownups in the North Carolina legislature astutely shot down this liberal insanity, by deferring to the once widely accepted thought that there should be no man-junk in the girls rooms.  National lunacy ensued and pressure from all levels of otherworldly liberal thought was brought to bear on the State to rescind their common-sense ban.  Instead of standing by the logic of the law, the legislators of once rational thought have equivocated and rescinded the law.  Prior to surrendering their strongly held beliefs, perhaps they should simply have asked those who opposed the law to provide a reasonable bill that would allow law enforcement to discern how to keep unlawful sexual deviant man-junk out of the little girls’ and women’s restrooms and shower rooms...Come on man!   ESR

Robert T. Smith is an environmental scientist who spends his days enjoying life and the pursuit of happiness with his family.  He confesses to cling to his liberty, guns and religion, with antipathy toward the arrogant ruling elites throughout the country.



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