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Crazy court misconstrues constitution for climate-concerned kids

By Greg Strange
web posted April 23, 2018

Here is a headline that epitomizes the times in which we are living:  “The Ninth Circuit Just Allowed Children To Sue Trump Over Global Warming.”

When you see a headline like that, all you can do is shake your head in exasperation and scream out into the ether, “Of course it did!”  Because it’s the Ninth Circuit and that’s where radical jurists dwell in a murky swamp of leftism from which they undermine everything that ever made America great.  (And the other circuits aren’t much better.)

Of course, the Washington Post had a different perspective: “A groundbreaking climate lawsuit against the federal government by 21 children has been hailed by environmentalists as a bold new strategy to press for climate action in the United States.”

Well, the left is nothing if not “bold.”  They’re willing to fight in the streets like rabid dogs, as well as find endless other ways to disrupt normal life, all for what they believe in, most of which is foolishly destructive.  And the left-leaning district and circuit courts go along with almost all of it.

On the other hand, Republicans, who control every branch of government (for now, anyway), cower in fear and refuse to rein in those radical courts over which they actually have full authority.  It’s the very definition of “useless,” which can’t possibly help them in the upcoming midterms (hint, hint).

In any case, this lawsuit, which was originally filed in 2015 in an Oregon federal court by 21 youths and an environmental group, argues that since the federal government knows about the potentially catastrophic consequences of climate change, it has a constitutional duty to take stronger actions in order to protect those children.

Constitutional duty?  Is there anything these leftists can’t find buried deep in the Constitution when trying to promote their agenda?  Abortion, homosexual marriage, climate change protections, you name it.  The only thing they can’t find is the Second Amendment, which is actually there!

Anyway, it’s all about the precious children that the left just loves and for whom it will do anything to protect.  Of course, the left also says that bringing more of them into the world does irreparable harm to the environment since they will grow up to become voracious consumers and spewers of climate-poisoning carbon dioxide.  In the meantime, though, they’ll gladly use the ones who are already here to push their radical climate agenda.

By the way, can you imagine having been worried about a fuzzy concept like “climate change” during your childhood?  Can you imagine that while you were out riding your bike around the neighborhood, or playing ball in a vacant lot, or skipping rope, or climbing trees, or rummaging around a construction site after hours, that you would have been worrying about the temperature going up a couple of degrees by the end of the century?  I mean . . . seriously?  Those of us of a certain age grew up under the constant existential threat of nuclear annihilation and never lost a minute’s sleep over it.

So what’s up with these children today?  Well, could it be that they’ve been so mollycoddled by a therapeutic culture that they’re now afraid of their own shadows and so of course they’re afraid of climate change as well?  And could they be so bored with their material well-being and technology-enabled trivial pursuits that they have to latch onto preposterous crusades to try and fill a void in their existence that used to be filled by transcendent callings such as religion or patriotism?

But let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that these climate-concerned kids are right about anthropogenic global warming (aka the all encompassing “climate change”).  Is it not conceivable that man, with his incredible ingenuity, could find a way to adapt to a slight rise in temperature?

In fact, you’d wish that these young secular humanists would have the same attitude as Harvard progressive Steven Pinker.  In a report entitled “Enlightened Environmentalism,” he urges climate change fanatics to get a grip and curtail all the hysteria.  No “climate denier” himself, he says that human ingenuity will allow us to adapt to any climate change that may occur.  He also says that industrialization “has been good for humanity.”

About that, he says, “It has fed billions, doubled life spans, slashed extreme poverty, and, by replacing muscle with machinery, made it easier to end slavery, emancipate women and educate children.  It has allowed people to read at night, live where they want, stay warm in winter, see the world, and multiply human contact.  Any costs in pollution and habitat loss have to be weighed against these gifts.”

Exactly!  But do you think the left, which has brainwashed these children, will listen?  Of course not, because the left is made up of perhaps the most clueless and ungrateful people to have ever lived.  With a twisted perception of history and no appreciation for accrued wisdom, they are incapable of putting things into any kind of reasonable perspective.  They were fortunate enough to have been born into a time and a civilization that affords more opportunity for material well-being, good health, education, prosperity and justice than any other in history.  And yet, they have no understanding of or appreciation for how that came to be and, bizarrely, perceive nothing but endless injustices and looming ecological and climatological catastrophes.  So they use propagandized children in their insane battle against climate change and they find a wing-nut judge in the Ninth Circuit to grant it legal legitimacy.

But exactly how are the beloved children going to be better off if the United States, along with the other advanced countries of the world, is forced to take the recommended measures against the alleged climate change and destroy the world’s economy in the process?  Because you see, kids, for the modern economy, which has provided so much prosperity and made your lives so easy, there is currently no viable energy alternative to fossil fuels – except nuclear, which the left hates almost as much as it hates capitalism.  You can forget about solar panels and as for windmills, you might as well be tilting at them.  All the utopian wishful thinking in the world can’t alter the laws of physics to make those diffuse energy sources adequate.

If man-caused climate change is for real, and if the consequences are going to be unavoidably catastrophic as the fanatics insist, then the only way to ward it off is by an abrupt return to the preindustrial age.  Understand, we’re talking about a decidedly gritty, untherapeutic time when most people survived by the sweat of their brow, there were no child labor laws and life tended to be nasty, brutish and short.  Are you up for that, kids?  Given the unprecedented and absurd fragility of your generation, it’s difficult to imagine your adaptation would go well.

When it comes to climate change these kids need to take Steven Pinker’s advice and chill out.  The climate isn’t going to kill you!  How do you think mankind ever survived, especially in the past when its ability to modify the environment was so limited?

But there are other serious concerns for the children and for all of us – like the ruination of America and all of Western civilization.  The ideology that’s behind this “groundbreaking climate lawsuit” and is shamelessly using these children is the same ideology that relentlessly seeks to undermine or destroy everything that made our civilization great.  This war against fossil fuels and climate change is really just a proxy war against capitalism and Western values.  This is what the children ought to be quaking in fear over.

But naturally, children aren’t mature, knowledgeable or wise enough to understand that.  The left takes advantage of that, along with their youthful emotionality, in order to make their undeveloped minds impervious to reason and more susceptible to its impossible utopian schemes.  The best thing for children these days is to be shielded, as much as possible, from insidious leftist propaganda.  Unfortunately, that’s a very tall order given that the left has very nearly a stranglehold on public education at all levels, not to mention most of the media and the culture.

One thing’s for certain.  If the left wins the ideological war that is raging all around us and succeeds at tearing down the greatest civilization in history, the last thing anyone will be concerned about is the climate.

By the way, this just in: “A New Study Could DestroyDoomsday Climate Change Forecast.”

Huh!  So, maybe the science wasn’t “settled” after all.   But then, only an imbecile or an extreme ideologue could have ever believed that the world’s most laughably inexact science was anything even remotely close to being “settled.”  Nonetheless, don’t expect this new study to cause climate fanatics to so much as raise an eyebrow or look askance.  ESR

Greg Strange can be reached at gpstrange30341@yahoo.com. (c) 2018 Greg Strange.




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