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The wacky Catholic heretic and his increasingly liberal magic: Gary Wills

By Michael Moriarty
web posted April 13, 2020

When I was a “Liberal”?!

Gary Wills was one of the most eloquent of writers in my life.

This appearance, however? Seen now, in my 79th year on Earth? And, with myself as a most grateful fan of President Donald Trump?!

This appearance of Gary Wills, on what has been listed as October 28, 2017, is the quintessence of Liberal sleight of hand!!

The Fred Astaire of Left-Wing artistry!


Gary Wills
Lives The Life
Of A
Seemingly Devout

I’m sure Mr. Wills could, quite easily and eloquently, be a defender of China’s recent generosity with a biological weapon, developed in its own laboratories of Wuhan, Corona Virus or, as it is scientifically labeled: COVID-19!

If you, along with Mr. Wills himself, don’t think so, then take a closer look at the life of Gary Wills.

Gary Wills
The Best of Catholic Heretics

And his love affair with the Koran and Islam!

He begins with 9/11 and the Islamic destruction of the Twin Towers!

Communism’s greatest ally in the undeclared war on the United States of America is, indisputably, Islam! Both want the U.S. “disappeared”. This bizarre coupling of Marxist and Leninist atheists and fanatic followers of Allah?! Birds of a bloodthirsty feather?!

Inevitably murder together!!

We see the alliance in full bloom here with Mr. Wills’ apologia for the Koran.

Oh, he tacitly assumes, we will know he was not a supporter of 9/11 and the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers by what he, at worst, might best describe as criminal Muslims!

But he’s using the event to highlight his statistical claim that Islam’s majority of Muslims did not approve of 9/11.

The sight, on even the Leftist Mainstream Television screens, of Muslims, worldwide, cheering and dancing at the news of over 3,000 dead Americans?!

The percentage of Muslim approval for the 9/11 assault, according to the ever-calm and wizened opinion of Gary Wills, is, according to this “Senior American Historian”?! 7 percent.

With that claim, now neatly tucked into his loving audience’s ears, he attacks Donald Trump and the President’s outrage at Islam in general!

America’s outrage?!

At least the sufficiently and victoriously ample electorate that voted Donald Trump into the White House?!

They, and now I, in the eyes of “Senior American Historian” Gary Wills, are among, as one member of the American Leftist Royalty described them,  “The Deplorables”!

Now, with all The Deplorables led by the most deplorable of all Deplorables, Donald Trump?!

Gary Wills, with the most fashionably quiet, Liberal contempt he can summon up, declares that “93 percent of Muslims” did not approve of 9/11 and the slaughter of over 3,000 Americans trapped in a flaming and ultimately collapsing Twin Towers!

The worldwide, Muslim reaction?!

Gary declares, “In every country, a majority disapproved!”

He continues with, “So how can you call an attack ‘the expression of Islam’?”…

He adds, “which, of course, is what Donald Trump was saying.”

In a show of side-bar cunning, our Master of Liberal but bizarrely Catholic Magic claims that William Buckley Jr., the legendary Conservative American Catholic, said, “We cannot allow children to read The Koran!”

I agree!

And I agree, since Mr. Wills says his book is not The Q’uran (his spelling not mine) but a book about the Q’uran, I don’t think children should be introduced in any way to a culture that has so consistently been the fully committed, anti-Semitic and homicidal enemy of Israel, all Jews and all of Judeo-Christianity!

If we said, “Children should not be reading Hitler’s Mein Kampf until they are adults and acquainted with the nightmares of World War II!”


At first hearing?!

Gary Wills sounds so reasonable.

So logical.

Liberal Magic!

I bought Liberal Magic for 53 of my 79 years!!

Then I met Janet Reno of the Clinton Administration.

She was nowhere nearly as smooth as Gary Wills.

The title of Attorney General had already gone to her head!

The details of that encounter I have discussed in earlier articles and, I expect, will revisit again in Enter Stage Right at some later date.

Such Liberal Magic continues, however, as The Historian alleges and quotes William Buckley again with words that hardly sound like the fastidiously eloquent William Buckley I used to read.

From this opening of an hour-long lecture, we can see that the immediate theme which our highly respected Historian seems concentrated upon is the seemingly worldwide misunderstanding of the Koran!

Being so professorial, it is quite easy to mistake our defender of the Koran as an expert on what amounts to the Islamic equivalent of the Judeo-Christian Bible.

I’m not convinced our star guest has any clearer vision of the Koran than I do. Not when this presumptuous expert on the Koran is undeniably and unquestionably delivering a complete but demonstrably glib defense of one of the most controversial religious texts in the history of the world.

Then, as is his quietly contemptuous and presumptively superior tones describe the behavior of the 9/11 terrorists as, in short, un-Islamic, he infers that the destruction of the Twin Towers inspired him to read the Koran for the first time.

“A surprising book” is his immediate description of the Koran after reading it for the first time.’

Then comes his show-stopper: “The Q’uran (as he spells it) is more inclusive than either the Torah or the New Testament.”


We’re all on the edge of our seats by now!

Can Mecca actually look down contemptuously upon either Israel or Bethlehem?!

All Muslims, from my own experience, do!

They must!

Or they would not be Muslims.

Not that Gary Wills is a Muslim.

He’s a devoutly attending, pro-abortion Catholic at Sunday Mass!

In the same way he defends abortion, he’s defending Islam.


He has to.

The only ally the Far Left of America have, in their war against a very, very Judeo-Christian America, is Islam.

Is Gary Wills a closet Communist?!

I suspect a better description would be “A Catholic Marxist”!

Not Leninist!

He’s much too self-disciplined, too low-key to be a Leninist.

He is, however, an ex-Jesuit!

Or rather, an ex-would-be Jesuit.

Which almost explains everything!

I spent four years with the Jesuits in high school, attending the same Classical Curriculum of ancient Greek and Latin that Mr. Wills did.

Needless to say and to put it as politely as I can,
Gary Wills is intentionally complicated because he just doesn’t want to admit he’s a Liberal.

A partial explanation is contained in the Wikipedia biography of him:

“Wills has also been a critic of many aspects of church history and church teaching since at least the early 1960s. He has been particularly critical of the doctrine of papal infallibility; the social teaching of the church regarding homosexuality, abortion, contraception, and the Eucharist; and of the church's reaction to the sex abuse scandal.”

“Wacky scholars”, a phrase I’ve only heard Mr. Wills use, a notion that seems far more applicable to Mr. Wills himself than any Far-Left-Revolutionary or Homicidal-Right-Winger.

Our Wacky Scholar describes himself as a “Distributist”!

Communism’s forced distribution of wealth can, of course, be exonerated by calling it Catholic distributism!

Rather than read Mr. Wills’ exegesis of the Koran or, as he spells it, Q’uran, here is quite a thorough review of Gary Wills’ What The Qur’an Meant And Why It Matters .

A most revealing excerpt in the review and telling paragraph in the Wills book is:

“Torah, Gospel, and Quran are all patriarchal and therefore misogynist — as were the societies in which they took shape. But misogynism is not all that all of them are. In all three of them there are traces of dignity and worth intended by the Creator when he made women.”

The eternally committed enemy of Judeo-Christianity is clearly linked as the equal to both Judaism and Christianity?

This apparent passion of Wills against misogyny?!

This highly advertised crusade against misogyny?

The perfectly self-evident explanation for his undeniable and Progressively Liberal support for abortion.

His most grandly categorical and yes, grandiose statement in this hour-long meditation?

“There were no atheists in the 7th Century!”

From Wikipedia:

“In Western classical Antiquity, theism was the fundamental belief that supported the legitimacy of the state (the polis, later the Roman Empire). Historically, any person who did not believe in any deity supported by the state was fair game to accusations of atheism, a capital crime. For political reasons, Socrates in Athens (399 BCE) was accused of being atheos ("refusing to acknowledge the gods recognized by the state").

And there were no atheist in the 7th Century?!

If the very word, atheism, was around Ancient Greece, an indisputable corner of Europe, as early as 399 BCE?!

Who does Gary Wills believe he is when he emphatically declares:

“There were no atheists in the 7th Century!”

With two hundred years to let the very word, atheism, cook within the European soul of the human race?

From this story:

“In his essay, Wills cherry-picks Thomas Aquinas’ theology; employs a simplistically idiosyncratic interpretation of Scripture and massacres history, science and philosophy, all in a fevered attempt to assert that people of faith should kneel at the altar of secularism because, he argues, Christian opposition to abortion is a Johnny-come-lately moral position founded on little more than thin air and pious politics.”

The thinnest of “airs” is Gary Wills’ scam claims that he is, in any way, a Catholic!

And I am roughly only ten minutes into Mr. Wills’ disquisition on Islam.

The further into his subject?!

The more bewilderingly idolatrous he becomes.

And it is not the Crucifix he worships.

It is a Marxist Mecca!

An embarrassingly heretical Catholic, right before our eyes, becomes the Madison Avenue Pandarus for the newest and most insane alliance: A Communist Islam!

One thing I can still thank Gary Wills for is his intellectual embodiment of the Free World’s Greatest enemy: The United Nations’ dream of a New World Order! ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com. He can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@MGMoriarty.




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