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Picking your poison in the age of Coronavirus

By Greg Strange
web posted April 27, 2020

Here’s a question for our expert- and science-guided leaders:  How many lives saved from a specifically COVID-19 death are worth destroying the country over?  I’m not asking for a specific number here, just a ballpark figure.  Would it be 50,000?  One hundred thousand?  Two hundred thousand?  A quarter of a million?

Governor Cuomo of New York actually came up with an exact number . . . it’s one!  “If everything we do saves just one life, I’ll be happy,” said Cuomo at one of his endless pressers.  Gee, that’s setting the bar pretty low, don’t you think, gov?

If this is where we’re at, if this is really how our leaders think, then the best advice for Americans right now is to become preppers, find yourselves a bunker and batten down the hatches, because the country as you knew it is over and the only thing standing between us and societal destruction is an insane governmental edict or two.

Yes, I know, some states are beginning to slowly open up in stages, but untold economic damage has already been done and it won’t just bounce back to normal.  And what has happened to our national psyche because of all this?  There’s never been a total shutdown of the country – actually, all of modern civilization – before.  It’s a first in world history and there can be no doubt that it is at least partially because of a prevailing therapeutic mentality that has largely replaced Judeo-Christian religious faith.

The therapeutic mentality seeks to mollycoddle people over every conceivable adversity in life, thereby paradoxically making them less able to deal with those adversities.  So, a new virus comes along that turns out to have only a moderately worse fatality rate than a bad strain of flu, and what happens?  Our mostly secular, therapy-minded leaders react to the worst case scenarios put forth by “experts” and scientists, mandate the biggest shutdown in history and turn us all into the equivalent of jelly-spined pantywaists cowering in fear until told all is safe again.

But getting back to the original question posed above:  How many lives saved from a specifically COVID-19 death are worth destroying the country over?  The correct answer is zero.

Wait a minute!  That’s outrageous!  How can you say “zero?”  What kind of monster are you?

Whoa there, easy does it.  The explanation is very simple.  With this national shutdown all we’re doing is replacing one kind of death for another and – here’s the kicker – we’re destroying the economy to boot, something that was completely unnecessary and the consequences of which we will be dealing with for years to come.

Here’s some relevant information about replacing one kind of death for another from Dr. Scott Atlas, the David and Joan Traitel Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, and the former chief of neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center:

“Critical health care for millions of Americans is being ignored and people are dying to accommodate ‘potential’ COVID-19 patients and for fear of spreading the disease. Most states and many hospitals abruptly stopped ‘nonessential’ procedures and surgery. That prevented diagnoses of life-threatening diseases, like cancer screening, biopsies of tumors now undiscovered and potentially deadly brain aneurysms. Treatments, including emergency care, for the most serious illnesses were also missed. Cancer patients deferred chemotherapy. An estimated 80 percent of brain surgery cases were skipped. Acute stroke and heart attack patients missed their only chances for treatment, some dying and many now facing permanent disability.”

Hello, government leaders?  Are you cognizant of any of this or does your maddening, singular, myopically focused tunnel vision on coronavirus, and nothing but coronavirus, blot out literally everything else?  And don’t think this Dr. Atlas is some right-wing quack trying to cash in on clear hindsight.  The consequences of a large-scale shutdown mentioned in his article were all perfectly foreseeable.  In fact, how would they not happen?

And that’s not even counting the deaths to come in the future as a result of the economic devastation which will wreak havoc on millions of lives.  Out of that will come an unavoidable uptick in suicides; an increase in various self-destructive behaviors, especially involving alcohol and drugs, that will result in death; the neglect of health going forward because of the loss of employer provided health insurance; and an increase in violent crime.

There is also the vital issue of “herd immunity,” which Dr. Atlas addressed in his article:

“Vital population immunity is prevented by total isolation policies, prolonging the problem.  We know from decades of medical science that infection itself allows people to generate an immune response — antibodies — so that the infection is controlled throughout the population by “herd immunity.” Indeed, that is the main purpose of widespread immunization in other viral diseases — to assist with population immunity.  In this virus, we know that medical care is not even necessary for the vast majority of people who are infected . . . .  By transmitting the virus to others in the low-risk group who then generate antibodies, they block the network of pathways toward the most vulnerable people, ultimately ending the threat. Extending whole-population isolation would directly prevent that widespread immunity from developing.”

Well, hey, hindsight’s twenty-twenty, right?  I mean, we had to follow our leaders who were just being guided by the “science,” at least as presented by some experts, right?  Even though those particular proscriptions of the “science” might have violated every intuitive fiber of our beings in that it was telling us to do something that had never been done in world history?

Let’s talk about the particular “science” that was glommed onto by most of our leaders.  Remember Dr. Neil Ferguson of the Imperial College in the U.K.?  It was his model that predicted the possibility of 2.2 million deaths in the U.S., which was likely mostly responsible for the panic shutdown of the country and most of modern civilization.  But guess what?  Ferguson already had a history of insanely overestimated death rates for illnesses.  Remember the starkly named “mad cow” disease?  One of his models predicted up to 150,000 deaths.  Actual death toll: umm . . . 177.  Even crazier was his prediction of potential bird flu fatalities:

“Around 40 million people died in the 1918 Spanish flu outbreak.  There are six times more people on the planet now so you could scale it up to around 200 million people probably.”

Is that not flabbergasting?  Actual bird flu death toll to date: 455. 

Why did our leaders only want to listen to the “science” of Dr. Ferguson and other panicky types rather than Dr. Atlas or any of a number of other doctors and epidemiologists who disagreed with the shutdown of the country?  Because listening to the Ferguson types gave them an unprecedented opportunity to wield near absolute power on a grand scale -- and virtue-signaling all the while!

This was not about the “science.”  The “science” got trampled, bowled over, steamrolled by an unholy lust for naked power by leaders who saw the opportunity of a lifetime – nay, an epoch, an age.  Even if we want to believe that it was all done with good intentions, it doesn’t undo the damage.

It is absolutely imperative that we learn something from this man-caused catastrophe.  The one hope for us going forward is if this wakes Americans up to the fact that our leaders, guided by the advice of “experts” in all sorts of fields, have the ability to utterly destroy us – and are perfectly wont to do so in their arrogance and stupidity.  But in an America that has been severely degraded by the last half century, during which we have experienced leftism’s “long march through the institutions,” which resulted in the rejection of much of what made us successful to begin with, no one should take that for granted.  Better to be prepared in whatever way you can for potential future disasters, any of which would most likely be exacerbated, if not outright caused, by our leaders. ESR

Greg Strange can be reached at gpstrange30341@yahoo.com. (c) 2020 Greg Strange.




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