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Baring Biden's big 'gun violence' lie

By Mark Alexander
web posted April 11, 2022

At 0200 on April 3 in downtown Sacramento, assailants fired weapons while in a crowd of partiers gathered on a street outside local bars and nightclubs. Six individuals were killed and 12 others wounded.

Police are looking for multiple suspects who may have been involved in a street fight in the area earlier in the evening, but at present, no motive has been determined, as if this is a mystery. It is not clear if any of those killed or injured were specifically being targeted by the assailants.

Two men have been arrested in connection with the incident. Dandrae Martin was arrested on the scene. Last Tuesday, his brother Smiley Martin, who was released from prison in February — six years before his 10-year sentence was complete — was arrested. Both men have extensive criminal records and were arrested for possession of illegal weapons, but neither has been charged with the homicide pending further investigation.

A third criminal who was at the scene, Daviyonne Dawson, was arrested but released on $500,000 bond because the illegal weapon he had in his possession is not believed to have been used in the assault.

Before the blood had dried, Democrat politicos were serving up their usual big lies, blaming the deaths and injuries on "gun violence" in our nation's urban centers.

Predictably, Joe Biden used the assault to advance his 2A deconstruction agenda. Biden claimed in a White House briefing: "America once again mourns for another community devastated by gun violence. ... We know these lives were not the only lives impacted by gun violence last night. ... We must do more than mourn; we must act. That is why my administration has taken historic executive action to implement my comprehensive gun crime reduction strategy."

He used the attack as an opportunity to pitch his budget and try to put additional daylight between Democrats and their deadly "defund the police" agenda, insisting, "Pass my budget proposal, which would give cities more of the funding they need to fund the police."

Likewise, Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg echoed Biden's message: "Thoughts and prayers aren't nearly enough. We must do more as a city, as a state, and as a nation. This senseless epidemic of gun violence must be addressed. How many unending tragedies does it take before we begin to cure the sickness in this country? Let us be honest, this is a sickness."

But "gun violence" is not the problem; it is just a manifestation of the violent criminal problem the Democrats have propagated for seven decades.

If Demos want to "cure the sickness in this country," they will have to start with the admission that the root cause of violence is cultural. But they will not touch that third rail of truth in regard to violence.

That is because urban violence is the direct result of generations of failed Democrat Party statist policies that have eroded our culture from top to bottom — including, most notably, families and the children who were once nourished by them. The devastating consequences of this erosion play out in an endless loop of daily tragedies — only the loudest of them, like mass assaults, ever make it into the news.

Those policies are the effluent of the Demos' so-called "Great Society" social programs, which resulted in generations of poor Americans being enslaved on urban poverty plantations in every major city nationwide. These modern-day plantations are the locus of cultural devolution, most notably, the systemic disintegration of the American family and particularly the devaluation of fatherhood.

Most inner-city violence — in fact, most social degradation — is associated with the absence of effective fathering in the lives of young men and women.

So, what do the Sacramento assailants and victims have in common?

Earlier this week, before much was known about the Sacramento assault, I posted analysis titled "The Real 'Epidemic of Violence' in America?"

It was a response to an absurd Biden assertion, pandering to his gender-confused constituents, that he was going to "end the epidemic of violence against transgender" people. There is no such epidemic, but there most assuredly is an "epidemic of violence" against black citizens, and the vast majority of those assailants are black.

I noted: "If Biden wanted to address a real 'epidemic of violence,' he would make the epidemic of black-on-black assaults and murder in America his administration's highest priority. ... In the most recent year for complete data, there were far more black people murdered than white people — even though the black population in America is only 13%. Moreover, the suspect in 88% of black victims of murder is also black."

I noted further, regarding Biden's "white supremacy" bogeyman and the interracial crime disparity, "According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics survey of criminal victimization, black people commit about 90% of interracial felonies but adult black males who committed most of those crimes represent less than 3% of the population."

Again, what do the Sacramento assailants and victims have in common?   Well, as outlined above, race. Those identified as the assailants are black, and four of those killed were black. In addition, one victim was Hispanic and another was a homeless person who may be white. As usual, the race of the assailants and victims is not mentioned by the MSM because that would make the racial association between assailants and victims too obvious.

It will require at least a generation to seed corrections to the generational urban catastrophe that the Democrat Party has created, all in the name of keeping its most loyal constituency corralled.

Notably however, an increasing number of black Americans are not betting on those changes.

In the wake of the Demo-induced Black Lives Matter and antifa movement violence that consumed some Demo-controlled urban centers in 2020, compounded by the continuing criminal violence empowered by the Demo "defund the police" agenda, there has been a surge of firearm purchases by black citizens.

In fact, after the election of Biden, there were more than 18 million firearms purchased by all Americans in 2021. There has also been an significant increase of the issuance of carry permits.

Moreover, last week Georgia became the 25th state to approve "constitutional carry," meaning half our nation's states have fully affirmed the First Civil Right "to keep and bear arms" as affirmed by the Second Amendment. Constitutional carry means that those who can legally possess a firearm can legally carry that firearm without the issuance of a permit. The other constitutional carry states are Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

There are 17 right-to-carry states, some of which are also constitutional carry states, that issue carry permits, and those include reciprocity to carry between states with reciprocity agreements. In Tennessee, for example, a concealed carry permit, which requires competence testing and legal knowledge, is recognized by 37 other states.

Further, an upcoming Supreme Court case, NYSRPA v. Bruen, may ensure those states that highly restrict firearms possession — including states like New York, Illinois, and California, which all have high rates of urban violence — are required to restore their citizens' right to keep and bear arms. As we say, when firearms are outlawed, only outlaws will have firearms.

Bottom line: Until Democrats begin to dismantle the policies that have spawned the culture of violence now besieging our nation, there will be no solution to the urban epidemic of violence — and no amount of leftists rhetoric about "gun violence" will solve anything. ESR

Mark Alexander is the executive editor of the Patriot Post.


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