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What you can do to help the people of Ukraine

By David Huntwork
web posted April 17, 2023

Ukrainian civilianCurrently, millions of Ukrainian citizens are under siege or bombardment, internally displaced by the Russian invasion, or have fled to neighboring countries to flee the fighting. Millions more are living without heat, running water, or electricity as the Russian forces target civilian infrastructure seeking to plunge the country into darkness, cold, and despair. The largest European humanitarian crisis since World War II is all too real and continues to unfold on a massive scale.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the incredibly tenacious and brave people of Ukraine who have both recently and historically suffered so horribly from the claws and predations of the Russian bear. The people of Ukraine have endured over a year of indiscriminate bombardment, targeting of hospitals and schools, systemic looting and rape, mass forced deportations, abductions, torture centers, civilian massacres, the filling of mass graves, and the wholesale destruction of entire cities.

The following organizations are rushing humanitarian aid to the region to help feed, clothe, and shelter the vast numbers of desperate men, women, and children who have been forced to abandon their homes and earthly possessions in their rush to safety.

- Samaritans Purse - is accepting donations to support food distribution and local rebuilding projects in Ukraine as well as its emergency field hospital providing life-saving treatment to those injured by the conflict.

- Slavic Gospel Association

This organization works closely with local churches to provide and distribute blankets, food, water, wood, and coal to those in desperate need of these supplies to survive the winter. Pick a gift from their catalogue to directly help those in need in Ukraine.

- Catholic Relief Services -

Providing shelter, hot meals, hygiene supplies, blankets, and transportation to safe areas. A more detailed outline of the extensive response by CRS to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine can be viewed at

- Send Relief -

A joint project of the Southern Baptist Convention’s International Mission Board and North American Mission board, Send Relief is working through local churches in Poland and Ukraine to provide food, shelter, and other humanitarian assistance. “Your gifts provide for the greatest needs of families fleeing the country: emergency food supplies, shelter, transportation, medical care, hygiene kits and, most importantly, gospel hope!”

- Direct Relief -

Direct Relief is a recognized international partner of Ukraine’s Ministry of Health and supports several groups in Ukraine and regionally with requested medical aid—including trauma kits, cancer drugs, insulin, antidotes used in chemical attacks, and more.

In addition to medical aid, Direct Relief has provided more than $20 million in financial assistance, including direct cash aid to support local healthcare organizations to help Ukrainian refugees obtain needed medications at no cost.

How to donate directly to the defenders of Ukraine:

“The Ukrainian people will never forget the generosity and support of the international community at our time of greatest need. Every single donation – no matter how small – helps us to defend ourselves and to protect our cherished freedom. Making a secure donation is easy to do using your existing bank card or through Google Pay. All proceeds received go directly to supporting the front-line defense of Ukraine.”

I encourage the patriots of the United States and all free people the world over to dig deep and bless the brave citizens and patriots of Ukraine with our caring and generosity. Freedom is not free and the inherent right to self-determination does not just stop at our own borders. Self-determination and freedom from the rule of despots and authoritarians is not just something meant for Americans. Instead, it is an inherent right of all people around the globe. ESR

David Huntwork is a conservative grassroots organizer, activist, and columnist as well as the proud father of three daughters. The son, grandson, and great-grandson of Ministers of the Gospel he brings a unique blended background of theology and ideology to the great debates of the day. He believes that Faith, Family, and Freedom is the formula for success and the key to a good life and a healthy nation.


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