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Democrats keep using murdered children as political fodder for their gun confiscation agenda

By Mark Alexander
web posted April 1, 2024

A year ago, we were all grieving for the families and friends of three nine-year-old children — Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs, and William Kinney — and three adults — Katherine Koonce, Cynthia Peak, and Mike Hill. They were murdered by an assailant who entered The Covenant School, a Presbyterian Church in America elementary school in Nashville. Many of our staff have deep ties to PCA churches, and many friends here have ties to The Covenant School.

As you recall, in this case, the 28-year-old emotionally disturbed female assailant was killed by two Nashville police officers, who did exactly what they are trained to do: Enter the building, engage the assailant, neutralize the threat.

The brave actions of these officers prevented the loss of additional lives — in stark contrast to the police response in the last high-profile school assault at a Uvalde, Texas, elementary school, which also involved a gender-confused assailant.

It is no coincidence that the Nashville attack came just days ahead of the April 1 "Trans Day of Vengeance." Trans Vengeance is part of a larger movement advocating that "LGBTQ+ People Take Up Arms." Predictably, however tone-deaf, another Nashville-area Trans Day of Vengeance was planned for this Easter Sunday.

Turns out that the Covenant School assailant had a "manifesto" of sorts, but homosexual advocates have successfully lobbied to have it concealed. Fact is, the delay in releasing the assailant's writings is because she is among the Left's prized "protected class" of gender-confused constituents. If her rantings indicate the motive for her attack was hatred for those who disagreed with her "identity" and that she targeted Christians for that reason, the Department of Justice would be obligated to classify it as a "hate crime."

(For the record, as I have repeatedly asserted, ALL murders are hate crimes.)

However, earlier this month, a federal judge ordered that the FBI release the documents to local officials. That being said, what we already know about her deranged rants would indicate her actions were more about self-hatred — as are many similar cases that result in "suicide by cop."

The Covenant School attack will never be technically classified as a hate crime because the assailant and victims don't fit the Left's political narrative for a hate crime. Joe Biden will vigorously reject any effort by the DoJ to label this as such because that would result in immediate blowback from the leftist Rainbow Mafia.

However, Demos determined in a nanosecond which of their other favorite political agendas to shove it into.

You guessed it — their anti-Second Amendment crusade.

Before the blood of the Nashville victims had dried, Biden predictably found an open mic and called for more laws to solve the "gun problem," demanding that Republicans in Congress join with Democrats to pass another so-called "assault weapons" ban, their boilerplate gun-confiscation scheme.

Democrat Party protagonists are masters at using the coffins of murdered children as political platforms for their gun control agenda — and using their grieving families as fodder for that agenda.

On rare occasions, as was the case at The Covenant School, when the victims are white children, that creates a more favorable opportunity for crass leftist strategists. And they took advantage of this opportunity by launching a template for "gun control" that is designed to attract emotive support from mostly wealthy white suburban women.

I outlined in great detail this "Red State Gun Control Trojan Horse," and if you live in a conservative state, you had better read about it because your state is next.

White suburban women have been besieging the offices of Tennessee state legislators, all of them pawns of a statewide leftist gun control charade that calls itself "Voices for a Safer Tennessee." Last week Safer TN rallyed suburban legions to Nashville to "Link Arms for Change." The group is following Barack Obama's "community organizing" template, forming their gun control clubs in counties across the state.

The "Safer TN" subterfuge is largely organized and funded by wealthy white suburban folks and a few celebrities, and it promotes itself as "nonpartisan" to a fault, raising the specter of a political ruse. Indeed, it has sucked some "Republican" folks down its rat hole.

Despite its "nonpartisan" self-promotion, this leftist group is advocating a very partisan agenda. Most of its local groups are populated by angry leftist women, and somewhere behind the façade, there are some radical leftist rats.

The leftist in charge of the group is Claudia Huskey, who was the Democrat campaign manager for the disgraced former Nashville mayor, Megan Barry. Before that, she was director of scheduling for ultra-leftist Al Gore and had a long record of working for Demos before Gore.

Huskey is the definition of "partisan" and is a well-heeled fundraiser who claims she has already raised more than $600,000 for their political agenda.

"Safer TN" is promoting three legislative initiatives, all nicely packaged to seem benign, which is how the group has been able to dupe a few unsuspecting Republicans into joining regional fundraising host committees. But there is nothing benign about its partisan agenda, and "members" of the group across the state are highly partisan. These activists will be used to rally support against every Republican candidate in Tennessee for years.

The first two initiatives involve perennial issues — an effort to implement so-called "red flag" laws to confiscate firearms under the umbrella of "temporary transfer" language, and the implementation of more stringent "background checks."

But the third and most perilous of those initiatives is an effort to criminalize victims of crime in the name of "responsible firearms ownership." They want legislation to make you a criminal if your property, in this case, a firearm, is stolen from your vehicle — and this will be expanded to include firearms stolen from your home. Not only do they want a law-abiding citizen to be held criminally liable for the unlawful acts of criminals, but by extension, this would open a wide door to civil liability against anyone who has a firearm stolen.

Consistent with Safer TN's efforts to promote its agenda as "benign," it has also pushed out "polling" that it claims indicates wide support for its initiatives. However, that outcome-based polling uses questions crafted to get the answers it wants. Of course, mindless Leftmedia talkingheads and scribes have been dutifully pushing pollaganda — using polls as propaganda for a political agenda.

Here is the bottom line: The murder of a family member or friend is a burden that remains with us for life. That grief has been experienced by hundreds of thousands of Americans.

But the politically inconvenient truth is that a grossly disproportionate number of those victims are black men, women, and children. That is a reality check that Democrats never mention — but if they actually really believed that black lives matter, it would be their highest priority.

That gross racial discrepancy is not about "gun violence" but about a culture of violence Democrats continue to perpetuate with policies that have, generationally, resulted in broken families — the number one indicator for violence — and that, in effect, keep their constituents enslaved on Demo urban poverty plantations.

If the Democrat objective in Tennessee, and any other state, is really to reduce violence, then that legislative conversation should start with serious consideration of the culture from which murderous thugs arise. But Democrats will vigorously avoid any such discussion because responsibility for that violence will fall at their feet. Likewise, the so-called Safer TN groups also avoid that conversation because their agenda is gun confiscation. Moreover, using the Demo model, they disgracefully use the families of victims as human shields against criticism of their political agenda.

Consequently, Republicans should change the subject from emotive solutions of rare but tragic mass murders to the causal factors associated with the vast majority of murders.

No person is more despicable than one who would take the life of a child.

And no group is more contemptible than those that predate on the grief and agony of the families of murdered children, using them as political props.

Again, I recommend you read "The Left's Red State Gun Control Trojan Horse" because your state is next. ESR

Mark Alexander is the executive editor of the Patriot Post.


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