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While conservatives are attacking each other, the left is marching on

By Rachel Alexander
web posted April 22, 2024

The level of infighting among conservatives is at a strange all-time high, despite the fact the conservative MAGA base now controls much of GOP politics. Every day I see conservatives slamming other conservatives on social media, saying the rudest things to each other, resorting to personal attacks. I believe this is the result of the internet allowing the proliferation of so much information, combined with the rise of social media, making it easy for people to hide behind their phones and laptops and say rude things to others they would never dare say in person. 

It is destroying efforts to accomplish anything, because people don't want to work together, and they would rather pick apart someone's tactics than actually get anything done. Instead of a couple of ways to accomplish something, such as fighting election fraud, you can now find a hundred ways to fight election fraud on the internet. Everyone is now an expert with an entitled opinion because they can do research, so no one trusts anyone anymore, even those with lengthy credentials in the area being addressed. 

A member of Congress told me, "It's about their need to feel important, not an ideology. To accord them the respect that they feel they personally deserve."

Since I write about election fraud a lot, I see all the division in this area. The term "grifter" is thrown around constantly to dismiss perfectly valid election integrity efforts. Heaven forbid someone actually gets paid for their work! Most grassroots activists aren't rich, so insisting they work for free in order to avoid that label is ridiculous. The whiners complain about where the money is going — and they don't know where the money is going, it's just speculation — pretending that paying lawyers, accountants, expert investigators, etc. doesn't cost money. It's really a jealousy and greed problem. 

Then there's the accusations of being a RINO or establishment. Someone called me establishment the other day, even though I've never received a dime from the GOP, have never had any powerful tight connections in the party leadership and have written thousands of conservative articles, many highly critical of the GOP.

What most of it comes down to is merely tactical differences. People with lengthy experience in politics sometimes have reasons they can't disclose for choosing a certain approach to an issue. But instead of understanding this, armchair warriors launch into the most vicious attacks, accusing them of bad motives. The most Christlike political figure isn't even immune, the savages have no problem tearing them down. 

Exacerbating the problem is the left's increasing totalitarianism, shutting us down and making us feel helpless. They control much of our legal system now, and since so many issues are resolved in the courts, we no longer have any remedies there. They cheated to steal our elections, so getting legislation passed has also been stymied. Conservatives are split between whether we should expend our efforts trying to use these traditional routes, or trying alternative tactics. 

Instead of directing our ire at the left for their fascism, we're taking it out on our fellow patriots. Which is exactly what the left wants, divide and conquer. The left is infiltrating us and furthering the division. The feds who instigated entering the U.S. Capitol on J6? That kind of thing is taking place everywhere, with Democratic operatives disguised as the far right attacking conservatives and goading them into being loud, rude and acting obnoxiously. It's not hard to get them into trouble this way; the average American commits three felonies a day and doesn't know it. "Show me the man and I'll show you the crime."

I have friends questioning friends, wondering if they're controlled opposition. The amount of time some conservatives spend trying to dig up dirt on other conservatives is appalling. Instead of researching leftists, there's this strange new interest in investigating our friends. Can you imagine doing that in the era of President John F. Kennedy? No one investigated his extramarital affairs, hardly anyone talked about it, he was beloved by members of both parties. It's doubtful he could have been elected president today in this #MeToo era.

In Arizona, the strange Patriot Party went after MAGA conservatives so hard that many believe it was controlled opposition. Fortunately, that era may be over, since last May new leadership took over, and an email was distributed which said its two founders "will no longer be affiliated with the popular constitutional conservative movement in any capacity." 

I come from the William F. Buckley Jr. school of thought (I started my website Intellectual Conservative after him), who was one of the politest men in politics, known for his civilized debates with far leftists on his PBS show Firing Line. While it's understandable in today's era not to bother being polite to leftists anymore, who have become jarringly rude (I get called the c word about once a week on X by leftist men), why can't we be polite to our fellow conservatives? We're the party of Christians, so it makes no sense. 

Notice how rare infighting is on the left? It's because they are the party of authoritarianism, while we are the party of individual rights. They do what they're told; there is little tolerance for dissent. That's why they all have the same DNC talking points — we see them over and over again ad nauseam on X. They're years ahead of us in forward thinking tactics, so much that they've outsmarted us and left us in the dust picking up the pieces on the defensive. Now we're fighting being prosecuted and canceled. 

One of our Arizona legislative leaders had a 100% rating from the American Conservative Union, but activists censured him anyway, over a difference in strategy. We must convince these armchair warriors to stop turning on each other, any candidate who steps up to run for office and conservative elected officials with solid ratings. Direct our rage at the totalitarian left, not our fellow patriots. ESR

Rachel Alexander and her brother Andrew are co-Editors of Intellectual Conservative. She has been published in the American Spectator,, Fox News, NewsMax, Accuracy in Media, The Americano, ParcBench, Enter Stage Right and other publications.


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