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Expelled – in more than one way

By Bruce Walker
web posted April 28, 2008

Ben Stein’s excellent film, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, is a perfect example of our militant atheistic Leftists have created an Inquisition to purge and to scourge anyone within the professions related to an explanation of the origins of life who deviates from a materialist, deterministic, godless solution.  He went, but could have gone, further.  More than one lonely scientific soul has noted that without the physical laws of the universe being exactly the way they are – with a deviation in those laws of just a tiny fraction – that not only would human life be impossible, but any life would be impossible in the universe. 

He could also have noted that the Big Bang, around which cosmology is constructed, depends upon a first moment of the universe.  Cosmologists today cannot agree whether this Big Bang is a single, never again event or whether the universe is cyclical.  Moreover, if it is a cyclical universe (with one Big Bang, followed by collapse, followed by another Big Bang), they cannot explain how the Big Bang happens in the  first place.  Ben could have explored the total loss of information, around which science depends utterly, is lost not only in the Big Bang, but in black holes, in an entropy death of the universe, or in the information moving away from us at luminal speeds.  But Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, does a wonderful service.  The mythology of godless physics is probably too broad a subject for even a talent like Ben Stein to embrace in a single film. 

What Stein exposed on one issue – the inquisition of thoughtful scientists about the origin of life -  sadly, is something that permeates our entire society.  Historians are not allowed to tell students the truth about Soviet penetration of American government, academia or entertainment – even though this has been proven through multiple independent sources:  opening of the Venona archives, access of Western scholars to Kremlin archives, admissions of unrepentant Soviet agents like Ted Hall, and many other sources which had been around before 1990.  There is simply no longer a credible argument that the Soviet Union did not profoundly influence American culture and policy through specific, known agents and actions, and yet any political science or modern history course which tries to present this truth is “expelled.”

Anyone involved in the Life sciences has always known that the sexual differences within any advanced species are profound.  This is certainly true among primates, who are the closest it is possible to get to man.  Anthropologists have always known that every advanced civilization, regardless of whether it had any contact with any other, has developed distinct and different sexual roles.  Obviously, sexual differentiation in the human race is natural and not forced.  If sexual roles define how other species live, then why is Homo Sapiens any different?  If human societies which have had no contact with each other all are constructed around sexual differentiation of roles, then how can that be the product of anything except natural forces?   Yet sociologists, psychologists, and a whole host of other “scientists” have solemnly told us that a “Vast Patriarchal Conspiracy” (not unlike Hillary’s Vast Right Wing Conspiracy) have warped every singled major human civilization.  Never mind that standardized test scores have consistently shown that boys and girls have different cerebral capabilities.  Never mind that, left alone, boys and girls behave differently.  The “science” of these sociologists compels that federal judges order that boys and girls be treat the same, and the “science” of educational experts reinforces that.  No intelligence, indeed, no common sense allowed.

Global warming is another perfect example of how politics commands science.  In this case, the evidence is simply not clear – except that climatic change is very natural, indeed, the natural state of the life of our planet.  In the case of global warming (or is it global cooling?) it is not so much the lockstep of official scientific opinion which is obscene as it is the absolute, crass subornation of the scientific question to political interests.  The “crisis” of climatic change, something which is always happening, is manufactured to obtain political power – that is all. 

All this twisting of science of political purposes looks nauseatingly like the Lysenko genetics of Stalinist Russia.  The quack scientist convinced the Vozd that acquired talents could be conveyed genetically to offspring.  They cannot, of course, but that did not stop Stalin from ordering Lysenko’s science to be state policy.  That meant not just the loss of jobs, but the loss of liberty for those who defied Lysenko.  How close are we to Stalinism?  Watch science.  It is an excellent canary in the mine. ESR

Bruce Walker has been a published author in print and in electronic media since 1990.  He is a contributing editor to Enter Stage Right and a regular contributor to Conservative Truth, American Daily, Intellectual Conservative, Web Commentary, NewsByUs and Men's News Daily. His first book, Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie by Outskirts Press was published in January 2006.





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