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The new bad seed

By Michael Moriarty
web posted May 3, 2010

The vaunted and apparently limitless horizons to the "Progress" of the American Progressive Movement stems most vibrantly and insidiously from one liberty and one liberty alone: legalized murder in the form of the Roe v Wade decision legalizing abortion.

The rationalizations for licensed homicide, ranging from a "right to chose" to the increasingly shameless warnings about a "population problem", will soon become as transparent a scam as the Progressive Movement's most scandalously favorite fraud, the Global Warming Charade.

However, before the Progressive Movement finds itself on the run or turning on its own with denials akin to post-war Europe and the sudden absence of any Nazis on that continent, I would like to remind my readers of just how successful this movement is in the world I once earned my living in, the performing arts, film and television entertainment.

There is, I believe, an inherent vulnerability to the promises of Progressivism within the arts in particular.

The wide-ranging and dire prophecies within the Progressive Scientific Community has an increasing similarity to the expansive flights of imagination we see in the film world and the Progressive Hollywood Community in particular.

The unrelenting anti-Americanism rolling out on the movie screens of the world, most particularly in the products emanating from America, demands a tacit vow of allegiance to the entire meaning and vision within the Progressive Movement.

The PMS-ers or Progressive Movers and Shakers, so to speak, are an increasingly rabid group of highly talented but, in my view, suicidal dreamers, lost in some fantasy about their own visionary clarity.

Like an entire flock of Icari, that mythic figure who flew too near the sun, these dreamers, inspired, of course, by their Roe v Wade liberation and the legalized murder that they and their abortionists are free to engage in, these Progressives have launched an entire Universe of Imaginative Ideas which we must now act upon or be left behind among those drab and bourgeois idiots who so enraged the French Progressives near the end of the 18th Century.

With the same blood lust surrounding the French Revolution's guillotine, these Progressives widen their eyes in newfound freedom around the abortionist's table.

"Anything is possible now!" they not-so-silently declare.

On a cruder scale, the Nazis desensitized their nation by steadily increasing the public indifference toward the Jews and Gypsies.

America's massive indifference to the future of gestating infants?


Likewise, the at least forty million, dead, gestating infants per year in America go as literally unnoticed as Auschwitz and Buchenwald did in Nazi occupied Europe, but for decades longer now because, well, these gestating infants have never been seen therefore they never really existed.

"The population problem, you know? Something just must be done about it!"

With no life form more sacred than the Spotted Owl, where is the human race headed?

"Global governance", best declared by Jean Claude Trichet, President of the European Central Bank, in a recent meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations.

The book, Our Oldest Enemy describes the source of all the venom one can hear and feel, if one has read the book, that is swirling beneath the oh-so-sophisticated pronouncements of this modern day Talleyrand.

America's oldest enemy has been France.

In this case, the continent that Napoleon had swarmed over with Talleyrandish diplomacy is now North America.

The contempt for American nationalism is dripping from the oh-so-Gallic intonations.

What replicates the French guillotine of the bloody French Revolution, institutes the blood thirsty greed of these enlightened despots?

The Roe v Wade decision.

A killing machine of increasingly homicidal implications for all of us, given the eugenics philosophy behind it, Planned Parenthood and its founder, Margaret Sanger.

That the Progressives wish to "purify" America politically is no different from the intellectual utopias dreamed of by the 18 Century French "Enlightenment".

The Roe v Wade decision of the Supreme Court, that same distinguished body of American enlightened despots who also gave us the Dredd Scott decision legalizing slavery and the Buck v Bell decision instituting forced sterilization, the legalization of abortion is now the New Bad Seed that will inevitably spawn another American Civil War of some kind.

The new American guillotine.

There is up and down, plus and minus, right and left … and then there is legalized murder.

Roe v Wade, like the Dredd Scott decision, is the New Bad Seed out of which has grown a generation of the criminally insane.

The Progressives are people who obviously think that such murder, in their case, is not only justified but, in fact, the civilized thing to do.

The morality in this case appears to be: whatever is possible for Man is morally acceptable.

Or, even more simply put, morality is just a thing of the past.

The only morality is a "job well done", regardless of what that job may entail.

Oh, what love they have lost for the human race is clearly being replaced by their "environmentalism". This sensitivity to polar bears and whales makes them superior human beings, elevated above those who, well, just don't care for anything except their own selfish humanness.

Not their "humanity" because a word like "humanity" always infers a dignity that these bourgeois idiots obviously don't possess.


 They're cool.

Aren't they?


And so low key.

Our President fairly drips with the requisite urbanity, wit and understatement that makes him such a hit at the Washington Press Corp Dinner.

Global governance.



No wonder the French rolled over for a Napoleonic Germany.

Twice in one century!!

Early visions of a New World Order and Global Governance.

According to the strictures of Paris and the United Nations!

The French Revolutionaries never gave up coveting the New World!

Now they've slipped that New World into the back pocket of their quintessentially French Communist New World Order.

With allies like that, Neo-Soviet Russia and Red China will soon be owning all of North America.

And the words of Charles De Gaulle will have come true.

After him, the deluge … the Flood … Armageddon.

Revolutionary France's oldest enemy has not been America but the Catholic Church, or any form of Judeo-Christianity.

The soul of Jean Paul Sartre rises triumphantly over every corner of the French death throes, those cries for sanity under the mad demands of her labor unions.

The new and very French bad seed, the oh-so-sophisticated attitude toward death-as-a-solution, impregnated America through the thrice corrupted American Supreme Court.

Roe v Wade was born.

Little did we know that it was merely a transplanting of the French guillotine mentality, the raison d'etat, their love and lust for what amounted to an Italian Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte and the dictator's inevitable solution for every problem: death!

So that enemy, the Catholic Church, of our oldest enemy, France, will implacably become our best friend!

The Vatican's infinite faith in the sacredness of gestating human beings will prove to be America's cornerstone of rebirth!!

With the Catholic Church as our most formidable ally in a war against the Red Islamic Marxism of a New World Order, we Tea Partiers cannot help but win.

Oh, I know the Progressives will laugh at that thought, believing they have the Church and its Pope on the ropes over child abuse. Some European Progressives even claiming they can impeach him if not put him in jail!

However, once we begin to overturn the Roe v Wade decision, state by state, the entire foundation for thanatos , the love of death that infests every corner of the Progressively Marxist New World Order, will be seen for what it is: the utter antithesis of life.

With death as the Obama Nation's increasing and inevitable solution for every impasse it will face, America's love of life and Man's inalienable right to life, coupled with the ubiquitous miracle of Catholicity?

It will prove to be "No Contest"!

The Obama Nation's not-so-secret weapon has been and will be Islamic extremism.

In that case, their secret weapon is no more than Kamikaze Japan.

We know what Americans finally did to that suicidal insanity.

With America's renewed commitment, through an alliance with the Catholic Church, to the truth of our Declaration of Independence and the words, "All men are created equal" … not gestated as possible candidates for abortion… with the "inalienable right to life" reigniting our souls and the one institution that has always assured that right, the Catholic Church, standing with us, we have assembled what I consider to be the essential meaning of a Second Coming.

A ubiquitous Christ!

With an underground like that, one of hidden and indeterminable size?

They can't possibly see Christ coming! ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.






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