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The blame game

By Lisa Fabrizio
web posted May 24, 2010

Regardless of what you may read in the papers or see on TV, these are not the best of days for Barack Obama and his administration; double digit unemployment, nuclear tensions emanating from our ever-worsening relationship with Iran and most distressingly for his friends on the left, a bleak outlook in the mid-term elections. Yes, the gales of November would seem to augur bad times for the president and his party. Signs have pointed to this for some time, but the surest indication is the use of the term, 'anti-incumbent', which is flowing like water from the mouths of the liberal punditry. When the excuses are prepared six months in advance, you know it'll be brutal.

Now the reason for this is surely the nation's distaste for the left-of-center agenda Obama and the Democratic congress have foisted upon us, but another factor just has to be some measure of the public's growing dislike of the president's persistent habit of lecturing. This man possesses an almost psychotic need to scold all those who don't comport themselves in the ways to which he thinks they should become accustomed.

Now some might say that his prior career as a political activist has not supplied him with the necessary credentials to preach to any and all segments of the private sector, and they would be correct.  They might also opine--as did Robert Duval's character to John Wayne in True Grit when he said, “That's pretty bold talk from a one-eyed fat man.”--that our president may be ill-equipped for his current duties. But none of this seems to deter our Commander-In-Chief from hectoring the likes of coalmine owners, the insurance industry, Big Oil, Wall Street, banks, pharmaceutical companies and any other capitalistic pigs he thinks have made “enough money,” and are thereby at fault for all his problems.

But his pedantic concern does not stop at haranguing only those entities which might actually create jobs for those unlucky enough not to bathe in the wealth of municipal unionhood, where too much money is never enough. He has also seen fit to reprimand sovereign states who do not live up to the high standards apparently enjoyed by his own home state of Illinois. He has criticized Texas for not taking federal cash, Virginia for not properly chastising herself for slavery and of course, Arizona for daring to protect her own borders. Also on his list for public chiding are the Supreme Court of the United States and the ever popular “anti-government zealots.” When it comes to the Blame Game, this man surely has no equal.

Come on everybody,
I say now let's play a game!
I'll betcha I can tack a crime onto anybody's name.
The first lesson that I learned ,when I came up to DC,
Was that I could attack, anyone who's not PC.

And so I just focus in like a laser beam and I let the accusations flow;
And it doesn't really matter if they're wrong or if they're right
Just as long as there's some woe;
Then I pile on the guilt so they can feel the shame,
And there isn't anyone that I can't blame.

I don't like those SUVs;
Now show me electricity
Or you don't get no do-re-mi!

Oilmen don't do it right,
Although they keep us warm at night;
That spillage will keep them contrite.

But if conditions aren't enough to inflame,
It's still a snap to keep them tame;
Like Ari-zona, with its racist persona;
Or big old Pharma that's so full of bad karma.
And what about them right-wingers at SCOTUS;
I sure found a way to give them notice.

Okay? Now say 'banks'!
Now 'fat cats on Wall Street'!
Then, go S-E-I-U!
Then you call your friends at ACORN, and get them to complain,
Then the A-C-L and U.
And when your buddies in the press step up their game
Then they're won't be anyone that you can't blame!

Everybody try Bush!
No mo' George Bush;
The cause of all our woe, Bush
Too bad he had to go, Bush;

The Blame Game! ESR

Lisa Fabrizio is a columnist who hails from Connecticut. You may write her at mailbox@lisafab.com.






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