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He wasn't just whistling Dixie!

By Henry Lamb
web posted May 17, 2010

He said he would "fundamentally transform the United States of America."  He wasn't just whistling Dixie.  He meant what he said, and he set out to do it the minute he took office.   

People close to him knew exactly what he meant, and what he intended to do, and were ecstatic at the opportunity to vote for him.  The vast majority of the black community who voted for him had no idea what he meant, but voted for him anyway because he was black.  Southern Democrats had no idea what he meant, but voted for him anyway because he was not a Republican.  Independents thought he meant that he would "change" the process in Washington and offer some "hope" for political integrity. 

What he meant is now painfully clear: Obama is on a mission to transform the government of the United States of America into a government based on Marxist principles, acting to achieve Marxist objectives, using the Marxist tactic: whatever it takes.

Obama is quick to ridicule those who point out his socialist leanings.   But in unguarded, unscripted moments – without the benefit of his teleprompter – he reveals what he really believes about "spreading the wealth" and limiting personal income.

He went even further in a recent speech, explaining that we have to rebuild the economy on a stronger foundation.  There is no stronger foundation, of course, than a market in which people are free to become willing buyers of products and services from willing sellers at prices mutually agreed upon.  It is precisely when government begins to "improve" upon this concept that the market begins to weaken and becomes less than free.

Obama says he believes in markets that are "free and open" to all who are willing to work.  Then he explains how he believes that government should intervene in those markets to make them stronger.  He says, for example, that government should provide loans to students to pay for tuition.  Why?  

There is no authority within the Constitution for the federal government to lend money to individuals.  Moreover, in a free market, if there is a demand for tuition loans, the market will provide those loans.  Government has neither authority nor need to be in the student loan business.  Nonetheless, Obama has put the private student lenders out of business, and put the federal government in business where it has no business being.

Why?  Obama's Marxist philosophy dictates that the more government controls, the better life is for all.  If government controls student loans, then students will study in the fields that government wants to exploit and will not study in those areas which government wants society to avoid.

Obama believes that government should fund "basic research" and provide "incentives" for development in energy.  This is not belief in a free market as he says; this is market manipulation which is the essence of Marxism. 

A free market cannot tolerate tax levies placed on certain products to discourage their use, while providing subsidies for other products to encourage their use.   Nevertheless, government maintains enormous bureaucracies to intervene in the market with extensive taxes and subsidies in an effort to control the market. 

Obama's actions to impose Marxist control over the market speak much louder than his words that proclaim belief in a free market.

Obama didn't blink an eye before taking control over General Motors and Chrysler, and Wall Street institutions.  His default assumption was that government had to take control; not that a self-correcting free market would sort out the winners and punish the losers.  Actions always speak louder than words.

Obama's handling of his health care agenda is the most revealing window yet on his true Marxist philosophy: whatever it takes to prevail.  He promised openness; but he pursued privacy in all negotiations.  He promised integrity; but he used political pressure when he could and bribes when he needed to.  He proclaimed respect for the process, but in the end, he twisted the process beyond recognition.   Obama couldn't care less about a free market; his only concern is control over the government, which means, ultimately, control over the lives of its citizens.

The fundamental change Obama promised is this: a change from America's historic Constitutional Republic form of government, to a new, modernized Marxism delivered in little bites with nifty new sound-good names:  health-care reform; card-check; smart growth; cap-and-trade; comprehensive planning; and a laundry list of additional schemes, plans, and programs, all designed to tighten the government noose around the neck of every citizen. 

Obama meant what he said, and he is doing exactly what he said he would do.  He is fundamentally transforming the United States of America.   He will undoubtedly continue this transformation until the voters transform the Marxist majority that now dominates Washington.    November 2 is fumigation day. ESR

Henry Lamb is the author of "The Rise of Global Governance,"  Chairman of Sovereignty International , and founder of the Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO) and Freedom21, Inc.






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