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The parable of how to fill a pool

By Robert T. Smith
web posted May 6, 2013

The American parable of how to fill a swimming pool has been played out by President Obama and his crack economics team.  In this American parable, a visit to the local community swimming pool and observation of the economics of how to fill a pool provide the setting and simple lessons of the story.

As an overview, a parable is a short, allegorical story, typically have a setting, action, and result with a moral truth.  This American parable begins with a slip and fall down the rabbit hole of insanity, past Joe "Shotgun" Biden's inane ramblings - "we have to go spend money to keep from going bankrupt." 

To continue on the fall, the next step is the Obama Administration implementing and continuing policies that have burdened the country with the worst long-term economic situation of our lives.  The action segment of the parable includes the country being locked in the jaws of the Obama Administration, in its death roll of Keynesian-socialist economics.  The result of these actions upon the country is that there is no escape from the Administration's jaws in its preparation to finally consume the country; the people of the country are rolled over and over with no hope of escape and no change of destiny.  The moral lesson is laid out in the form of the ideals that made America exceptional.  This brings us to the details of the parable, a narrative of observations made during a trip to the local swimming pool.

At the pool, the Obama administration is observed to be scooping a bucket of water from the deep end of the pool and pouring this water into the shallow end of the pool, in order to fill the pool with water.  However, before filling the bucket in the deep end of the pool, the President first fills the bucket 40% full of water borrowed from a creditor; for the sake of the parable, let's call the creditor the local Chinese water distributor.  At the same time the President pours the bucket of pool water and borrowed water into the shallow end, the creditor, the Chinese water distributor siphons out their interest on the loaned water, while still holding the promissory note for all of the borrowed water. 

Over and over, day-by-day the process is observed to go on.  The hard work of filling the pool is touted endlessly and worn as a badge of honor by the Obama Administration, but they remain oblivious to the insanity of their approach.  Beyond the obvious futility of this approach to filling the pool, the pool water level recedes for many reasons beyond the reach of this simple parable, but partly by withdrawal of the interest on the borrowed Chinese water distributor's water….everyone in the pool has less water to enjoy.   

Most in the pool cry out for the soothing economic relief of water that they could remember from the not-so-distant past.  All the while the Obama Administration continues to take water from the deep end, from those mostly submerged, then rush to the shallow end and splash it on those standing only knee deep in water to soothe their discomfort.  Frequently, the President is observed standing on the diving board, ensconced on this higher plane above all others, pontificating that his splash of relief on the shallow-enders demonstrates that he is on their side, and that the deep-enders have more than their fair share of the pool water.  The Administration has informed everyone in the pool that there is only a finite amount of water and the President is simply trying to allocate it fairly...who could be against fairness?  The President has decided he alone is the smartest person at the pool to control the water level in the pool for everybody, all must acquiesce to his water management decisions.  

The President speaks daily to those in the shallow end that their only hope for water to soothe their parched skin is for him to run from deep end to shallow end and splash them with their entitlement of water.  Without his efforts on their behalf, they would surely suffer even worse.  Unfortunately, the water level continues to recede for everyone in the pool, deep and shallow ends.  The pain of the President's approach, however, is most acutely felt by the shallow-enders.  Those in the shallow end suffer worse, having started only knee deep in water. 

About this time, the American pool custodian appears on the scene, and remembering back to better times suggests a different, common sense approach to fill the pool.  The pool custodian simply attaches a hose line to the nearby spring of entrepreneurship and free market enterprise and connects it to the pool.  This spring water naturally increases the level of water in the pool for all, it flows freely, providing an endless supply of water that simply requires that it be left alone to follow its natural course of filling the pool.  By relying on the spring, there is no longer a need for the President to control the water, no need for more loaned water from the Chinese water distributor, and abundant water enough for all in the pool. 

The moral truth of this parable is that relying on the ideals of Americanism is the proven, best way to fill a pool of economic abundance for all. ESR

Robert T. Smith is an environmental scientist who spends his days enjoying life and the pursuit of happiness with his family.  He confesses to cling to his liberty, guns and religion, with antipathy toward the arrogant ruling elites throughout the country.





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