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My Pilgrimage, Chapter Thirteen: American Traitors Crying “Treason!”

By Michael Moriarty
web posted May 22, 2017

Why are the Democrats and the Bush Family Republicans In Name Only claiming Trump is a “Traitor” and “Worthy of Impeachment” or, down in Texas, just refusing to defend or support their fellow Republican, President Donald Trump?!

Bush family
The Democrat Party’s Co-Conspirators

Both of these above-mentioned sides-of-the-aisle are committed to creating The Progressive New World Order to be directed by the United Nations!

The New World Order
 is a level of American treason
far beyond anything
that President Donald Trump
might be accused of.

The truth of this increasingly insane war between Trump’s Executive Branch and the Legislative Dems and RINO’s of Congress is that neither Trump nor Fox News will counter-attack the New World Order Activists with the treasonous nature of their own, fundamental but hidden objective!

That objective?

Abandoning the United States
A New World Order
The United Nations!


Here is Perry Stone and one, very entertaining description of The New World Order: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hR1DHQeWZPk

Here is Donald Trump’s own explanation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYozWHBIf8g.

Trump’s complete awareness of the New World Order Conspiracy and the clarity of his vision is why he was elected!

It is also why The President has been and is still being increasingly attacked so treasonously!

At even greater length, Trump details the “global power struggle”.

Particularly about the Hillary Clinton, Trump is not exaggerating!

My one direct experience with the Clinton Administration was a meeting between NBC and the Attorney General Janet Reno of the Clinton Administration.

Reno had declared a kind of war on what she termed “television violence”.

At that meeting she included in her definition of “television violence” legal conversations merely describing crimes!

As she herself put it, “They talk about nothing but violence!”

It’s an undeniable step in the direction of curtailing freedom of speech.

Following that meeting, I called for a press conference to expose the Clinton Administration’s Un-Constitutional efforts to control American television.

There is no mention
 of that press conference
 in my Wikipedia biography!

No explanation
of why I chose to leave
the NBC Program Law and Order
long before they concocted an excuse
To fire me.


I suspect
that most of the contributors to Wikipedia
are in favor of
a Progressive New World Order.

Wikipedia’s most recent description of my leaving Law and Order claim I threatened to sue Janet Reno?!?!

You don’t sue a government official no matter who you are! You just tell the truth about their insanity and corruption and then wait for the administration to be voted out of office!!

Little did I know that Ira Glasser, President at that time of the American Civil Liberties Union and my invited guest at the press conference… that he would predict, “Michael, because of this press conference, you will be ostracized!”

Both Ira and his prediction were right!

It happened.

I was, indeed, ostracized.

On both coasts!

I left Law and Order because of that warning and because NBC refused to support my protest against the Clinton Administration.

The behavior of the Clintons and Janet Reno was, yes, transparently “Un-Constitutional” and therefore “treasonous”!

That conduct has been repeatedly corroborated by Hillary Clinton’s chronically criminal behavior!!

In addition, Wikipedia claims that on the Howard Stern Show I promised to return to Law and Order if Dick Wolf was fired?!

During the program, I remember that Wolf’s name was played with, i. e. “Dick The Wolf and “Wolf The Dick”… but I never recall demanding Wolf’s dismissal from NBC.

I’m eccentric but I hope I’ve never been that petty.

Dick was following orders!

What else could he do and still keep his own creation alive?!

I foolishly expected NBC to support my protest and possibly expand it!

We were dealing
With Un-Constitutional
And therefore CRIMINAL behavior
By the Clinton Administration!

I am, however, grateful to Wikipedia for crafting a new biography for me that now mentions my trade magazine advertisements and the now surprising plug for my book, The Gift of Stern Angels, in which I write at length about my departure from Law and Order.

As for NBC’s claim that I was fired because of “erratic behavior”?!

I had already quit publically!

I had announced that decision in those aforementioned trade ads which stated clearly my decision to leave Law and Order and, as I recall, America!

As for my laughter during this so-called “erratic behavior”?!

One of Law and Order’s and that particular episode’s “witnesses” testified to having had one of his vital organs removed while he slept on a park bench?!?!

Who is really going to believe that?!

The possible writer of that episode, Arthur Fornay?

Apparently he described my laughter as “erratic behavior”?!

I was unavoidably laughing at a still-hilarious plot device that had lines like, “I woke up without my liver!”

Or was it a kidney?

Who cares.

The NBC network’s claim
that my leaving had nothing to do
with Janet Reno?!?!?!


That’s bold.

No wonder Dick Wolf also had to claim that Law and Order had become “less violent”… as if the meeting with Janet Reno had no effect on anyone.


To further update my Wikipedia biography?

I still live in Camada.

I’ve been sober now for over ten years!

As for this article, “American Traitors Crying ‘Treason’”?!

Just give CNN ten minutes of your time and you’ll see and hear that New World Order, know-it-all network follow their boss’s orders and try every scammy and scummy device possible to have Donald Trump “impeached”!

No scar on Ted Turner’s eternal reputation will be deeper than the obvious orders he’s given and is still giving to his employees to “crucify Donald Trump!”

I’m not a fan of Donald Trump’s personal style… but what has happened and is happening to him, so far, is a bloodless crucifixion.

What CNN is secretly praying for?!

Only God and the Devil might know. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com. He can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@MGMoriarty.




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