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May Day 2018 – In search of an independent left and right (Part Three)

By Mark Wegierski
web posted May 14, 2018

Might there be some sort of convergence between the true right and the better aspects of social democracy? Are there indeed some convergences between the authentic left and right?

There is no point in upholding various grotesque abuses of the welfare-state. The fact is that the 21st century will demand effective rationing of increasingly-precious resources, and that societies such as Canada's should start getting into the habit of living within increasingly limited means. It could be argued that an excessively generous welfare-system simply corrupts people; as well as sometimes leads to the creation of the very problems it is supposed to solve. One question that is rarely raised is just how much is spent on the administrators of programs, as opposed to the amount of help a given needy person receives. Would it be possible to find out what the ratio actually is? Given this context, a so-called guaranteed annual income – which would presumably greatly reduce the costs of administration -- might be a more efficacious way of helping the truly needy.

People today have little understanding of just how grinding, for example, the poverty in Europe or even Canada was, little more than 60 years ago. People had to work hard, learn to save money, and cope somehow, without any of the benefits of an engorged welfare-state. It was in such times that state-sponsored medical insurance was a true boon to hard-working, decent people. If the effective collapse of the current welfare-system is virtually inevitable with spending at current levels, one would prefer to see a reduced welfare-state that delivered essentials to having no welfare-state at all. The fiscal collapse of the government, brought about by its fiscal imprudence, is precisely what the transnational corporations are hoping for -- giving them the opportunity to undermine the allegiances of the people to a supposedly "manifestly inefficient and bankrupt state", and to then exercise virtually unlimited control -- for example, by buying up Ontario Hydro (the major provincial utility company) and other government facilities at fire-sale prices. And people as a whole can be induced to make real sacrifices only for that which they deem to be worthy, noble, and part of their common good, as opposed to the involuntary rationalizations shoved down their throats by "the global marketplace".

Beyond the exigencies of immediate politics, the true right would envision a saner, greener, less hurried world, in which situated and rooted communities could live at peace with one another. This whole program might be termed "the re-greening of the Earth." However, the dull roar of New Class propaganda drowns out even the most dulcet voices hearkening to a better world than the one that exists today. The more intellectually-honest and independent-minded left -- when looking for some way out of the quagmire of the current consumptionist commodity culture and of U.S. policies of perpetual war – should not ignore the arguments of the serious and thoughtful right. ESR

Mark Wegierski is a Canadian writer and historical researcher.




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