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Sun Tzu - Wuhan Flu

By Robert T. Smith
web posted May 11, 2020

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting”, The Art of War, Sun Tzu. 

In the mid-1990s, it was extensively reported that the Clinton-Gore Administration transferred our missile and nuclear technologies to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for campaign contributions.  Think about that as the CCP flexes its military muscle and runs through the world buying up companies diminished by the Wuhan Flu pandemic.  The very progenitors of the China Lung Rot seek to achieve a competitive advantage because they are, by definition, Communists, and good old boy Democrat Bill Clinton and his hench-wife are by definition corrupt.

As a reminder for those too young to remember or who were subject to only the fake news of the time, a walk down memory lane of "Chinagate" reminds us how during the investigation by the Department of Justice, about 120 people connected to Chinagate either fled the country or pleaded the Fifth to prevent testifying.
The Clinton-Gore administration voluntarily released the secrets of America’s nuclear tests to the CCP, this combined with the systematic theft of the secrets that were left as a result of lax security controls effectively wiped out America’s technological edge over the CCP and provided them with the rocket and nuclear capability to target the U.S.  The then CEO of Loral Space & Communications Ltd. gave $1.5 million to various Democrat party functionaries, including good old boy Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign. 

Purely coincidental, of course, the Clinton Administration transferred technology export licensing authority from the State Department to the politically influenced Commerce Department. Loral then obtained licenses from the Commerce Department that were needed to launch Loral-manufactured communications satellites into orbit from China, a win-win-win-lose for Loral-Clinton-CCP-Americans.  Of course, the CCP would never think to steal this technology delivered to their homeland courtesy of Mr. Clinton’s allowances.

Good old boy Clinton’s friend Yah Lin “Charlie” Trie plead guilty to charges of violating campaign finance rules.  The origin of Mr. Trie’s campaign contributions are self-explanatory within the context of Chinagate. 

Clinton donor Johnny Chung received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Bank of China, three days before he handed then-First Lady Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff a $50,000 check.  Johnny Chung visited the White House 49 times over the course of two years.  Nearly half of those visits were authorized by the office of the First Lady. In one visit, Hillary met with Chung and his visiting delegation of Chinese businessmen from CCP state-run companies.

Liu Chaoying was the daughter of CCP military General Liu Huaging.  She arranged to give businessman and ally of the Clintons, Johnny Chung, $300,000 which was then donated to the DNC.

Not to be outdone on the campaign funds collections activities, then-Vice President Al Gore received political donations from Buddhist nuns who had taken a vow of poverty.  This gave rise the “iced tea defense” by VP Gore.  He had a lot of iced tea during the meeting and obviously he must have been in the bathroom when any untoward campaign contribution activities actually occurred.

The list of corruption and selling out our country by the Clintons is extensive.  These are only a few of the nefarious dealings perpetrated by the Arkansas grifters.  Never mind more recent corruption perpetrated by the Clinton Foundation selling of indulgences by good old boy Clinton’s hench-wife as the former Secretary of State, or transfer of one quarter of our stockpile of uranium to the Russians after a lucrative half million dollar speaking engagement for Mr. Clinton provided by the Russians.  In the words of then Senator from Texas Phil Gramm, if the American people ever figure out what this administration has been up to, we will be hunting Democrats with dogs by the end of the decade.  An apparent missed American opportunity. 

It is unfair to lay our current tense situation with the CCP solely at the feet of the Clinton and DNC cabal. Unfortunately, we the people have been sold out by our political leaders in Washington and their globalist elite big business cronies for decades…numerous Senators, Representatives, Bush and Obama administration leaders.  We can only hope that making America great again can overcome the decades-long head-start provided to the CCP’s art of war. ESR

Robert T. Smith is an environmental scientist who spends his days enjoying life and the pursuit of happiness with his family.  He confesses to cling to his liberty, guns and religion, with antipathy toward the arrogant ruling elites throughout the country.




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