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Democrat dystopia

By Robert T. Smith
web posted May 3, 2021

The long-time Democrat party-controlled areas of our country are in a state of dystopia. Lack of a decent educational system, corrupt government agencies, promotion of government dependency, catch and release of criminals back into the communities, destruction of the nuclear family structure, ad infinitum, are the hallmark of the Democrat Party’s handiwork. A new feature of Democrat dystopia is the lawlessness, burning, looting, murder that are not just tolerated, but tacitly Democrat-approved in cities such as Portland, Seattle, New York, Minneapolis, among others.

The Democrats promise to minority communities is that they will provide utopia, if only they will vote for their political party. Time and again for over half of a century, the promises are made, the votes are delivered, and time and again only dystopia is provided. The dehumanizing hard life on the Democrat plantations should not be what caring, compassionate people desire for their fellow citizens.

Caring people know that a mother and father are the gold standard for the nuclear family, regardless of what the likes of it-takes-a-village Democrats and Marxist BLM activists believe. Caring people understand the value of a good education, not the deficient schools that the Democrats run, where the class average GPA is 0.13 (search-engine this Baltimore example).

Caring people are concerned that a mother cannot allow her kids to play in front of their apartment home because they may be harmed by criminals; gang activity, robbery, murders, drug deals and the like. Caring people are concerned that an elderly couple sitting in their home feels the need to put as many walls between themselves and the street to avoid being hit by a stray bullet fired by the same mentioned criminal activity. The desire or hope of America is that everyone should be able to enjoy life in a peaceful community. Caring people see the value in a lawful, peaceful society.

The Democrats and their current activist alphabet soup of fellow travelers seem most concerned over the criminals when they interact with law enforcement, not the innocent citizens who live in these communities that are the direct or indirect victims of these criminals. We as a society hire police in order to attempt to obtain that peaceful community for all. We send the police to the areas of higher lawlessness in hopes of providing the innocents in that area with that same peaceful community that others enjoy. Inevitably, the police interact with criminals in these areas more than in other areas.

There are no protests, burning or looting in response to the weekly deaths of mostly African-American people in the long-controlled areas of our country, Chicago, New York, and many other cities that have over a long period of time continued to have violence, lawlessness, and African-Americans killed by their neighbours in their communities. The current activists and associated Democrat fellow travelers seem unconcerned over these minority deaths. Are these deaths any less important than those criminals who interact with the police?

We hire the police, train them, and arm them to maintain an orderly society. Is every policeman a good person, do the police always respond to every situation appropriately, no and no. This could be said for every portion of our society, every profession, or organization. Does anyone kneel, protest, burn or loot in response to African-Americans who are killed by other African-Americans? Apparently, all black lives do not matter to the Democrats and African-American activists.

As a general fact, if the police that society hired to maintain the peace tell you that you are under arrest, there is a choice that is completely up to you. You can be under arrest the easy way, or you will be put under arrest the hard way. Fighting, or otherwise trying to evade this arrest violently will typically not end well. Everyone knows this, but this simple fact seems missing in the commentary on many of the incidents that we observe on the news. In general, the police will interact violently with every person who attacks them with a knife or shoots at them with a gun, regardless of their color.

Our country was founded on the principles of individual life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, the American dream. Caring people have concern over their individual fellow citizens and would like to see them live the American dream in peace. The dystopia of the long-term run Democrat areas of our country is the antithesis of the American dream. ESR

Robert T. Smith is an environmental scientist who spends his days enjoying life and the pursuit of happiness with his family. He confesses to cling to his liberty, guns and religion, with antipathy toward the arrogant ruling elites throughout the country.




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