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Weaponized lawlessness

By Robert Smith
web posted May 24, 2021

Will we passively watch while our fellow citizen’s businesses are torched or looted?  Will we passively watch while our neighbors are physically intimidated, or roadways blocked to free travel?  Will we passively watch while a fellow innocent citizen is beaten or killed by a criminal-assailant for their beliefs or color of their skin?  Too late, we already have. 

The ongoing violence, intimidation, burning, looting, and murder we observe mostly in the large cities should give peaceful, law-abiding citizens pause.  How long if ever do we passively watch and become victims before there is a push back?  The aggressors intend to use our desire for non-confrontation, lawfulness, and morality against us to win their social take-over of the geographic area identified as the United States of America.  This will result in their intended destruction of Americanism, for the most part under the guise of segregationist thinking called variously white privilege, racial justice, or race equity, although there is but one race here in our country, the human race.  

Those who came before us to provide the greatest country in the history of the world would arguably be ashamed that their sacrifices of social vitality, and even life and limb have been so easily discarded in the face of an immoral, rude, lawless mob, not on some foreign battlefield, but in our own country.  Cheerleading from their government positions, certain leaders allow the lawlessness to continue because it supports their politics, consequently, their desire for control and power.  The destruction of individual lives or livelihoods and social order appears inconsequential to them, the ends justify the means. 

In days past, when we all belonged to the same national group, Americans, the opposition party would disparage the politician running for office, not their supporters.  No more.  Certain politically affiliated groups and individuals disparage you if you do not agree with their political agenda.  You are a bitter clinger to your God and guns, a deplorable, an irredeemable, an insurrectionist, and worse, oxymoronically a racist according to them based solely on the color of your skin. 

You will be terrorized into acquiescence to their will.  But that is not how this type of take-over works historically.  Once the takeover occurs, there will be forced compliance, you will be required to convert or be punished.  We see this already in the suppression of free speech, as example on college campuses, being doxed, or being fired from your job for not holding the correct viewpoints, or in other words, speech that disagrees with the aggressor’s agenda. History tells us that collectivist take-overs require a one-party state, and the purging – politicide - of those who oppose the one-party political organization. Refer to the recent House of Representatives’ passage of HR 1, the alleged Voting Rights Bill, aka, the Democrat Party Perpetual Political Control Act.  

In the typical never let a good crisis go to waste approach, the China virus provided an opportunity for overly aggressive business closures in certain states that buoyed the hopes of breaking the independent nature of Americans by forcing them to be financially dependent on the government. Now supplemented with the generosity of future generations’ debt in the form of excess unemployment pay, potential job seekers remain in the unemployment category for their own financial benefit, with cash awards provided by the federal government.

Unfortunately, the loyal opposition political party appears prepared in many instances to try to be more like the Washington D.C. uni-party.  The allure of fawning media appearances, monetary payoffs, or some other self-centered defect seems to drive many to the uni-party way of thinking, or at best offer feigned opposition and tacit approval. 

The physical and social aggressors are prepared to do whatever it takes to win.  Many in the Washington D.C. uni-party are prepared to do...well, not so much.  So, the question comes to each of us as individual Americans...what are you prepared to do? ESR

Robert T. Smith is an environmental scientist who spends his days enjoying life and the pursuit of happiness with his family. He confesses to cling to his liberty, guns and religion, with antipathy toward the arrogant ruling elites throughout the country.




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