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Biden's Bureau of Labor statistics is cooking jobs reports

By Ken Silva
web posted May 13, 2024

U.S. employers added some 175,000 jobs in April.

But while April's numbers captured most of the headlines, the same jobs report also contained downward revisions for earlier this year, with the BLS admitting that "employment in February and March combined is 22,000 lower than previously reported."

Close observers have noted that the BLS has revised its jobs numbers downward nearly every month since President Joe Biden has been in office. In other words, BLS has been releasing rosy jobs reports, only to quietly update the reports later with more accurate and dismal statistics.

The early downward revisions for 2024 follow the BLS chopping off more than 300,000 jobs last year that were supposedly added in the 12 months ending in March 2023.

"The BLS confirmed what we have been saying for much of the past year, namely that hundreds of thousands of US jobs were nothing more than a figment in the BLS's imagination, and politically motivated Excel spreadsheets," ZeroHedge commented last August when the BLS's sizeable revision occurred.

The fluctuating statistics have finally caught the attention of lawmakers in Congress. Earllier this month, Rep. Mary Miller, R-Ill., grilled Acting Labor Secretary Julie Su about her Biden-friendly reports.

"Either you're putting out fake numbers to give Joe Biden good headlines—and then quietly revising the job numbers down—or the BLS is failing to accurately report the numbers," Miller said.


Su insisted that the BLS has always revised its jobs reports—which is true, but omits the fact that the lion's share of Biden jobs reports have been subject to downward revisions, with very few upward revisions taking place. Su then laughed when Miller said, "Never to this level have the numbers been so inaccurate."

Su's apparent lack of concern for the inaccurate BLS reports had Miller calling for her job.

"We've seen why you can't remain as secretary," she said. ESR

Ken Silva is an investigative reporter for Headline USA whose reporting interests include FBI corruption, clandestine government activities, and extremist groups.


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