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This is how we will have to fight cheating in the 2024 election

By Rachel Alexander
web posted May 13, 2024

We're barreling towards the 2024 election with few safeguards in place to stop the cheating from taking place again. Most politicians aren't even talking about it, even though very few laws have been passed since 2020 to stop the cheating. In Arizona, because the governor is now Democrat Katie Hobbs — even though an exit poll from Rasmussen Reports showed Kari Lake beat her by 8 points — she vetoes any substantial election integrity bills. 

The only state that appears to have successfully passed any significant election integrity legislation since the 2020 election is Georgia. Surprisingly, Georgia's RINO Governor Brian Kemp, who has been generally hostile toward election integrity, signed three major bills into law. 

Instead, states have passed a considerable number of laws this year making it easier to cheat. The massive loosening of election integrity laws since 2020 has been staggering. The left-wing Brennan Center, which actively engages in litigation against election integrity measures, bragged that in 2023, "Expansive laws outpaced the number of restrictive laws passed." 

Since legislation has been a failure, those concerned about the cheating will need to combat it by having eyes and ears everywhere. This means flooding the polls with observers. Many election integrity experts believe the reason Virginia went red in its 2021 election was because thousands of GOP observers descended on the polls. 

Start inquiring with election officials well before the primary and general election regarding the parameters so they can't make excuses at the last minute. They are going to try and place observers so far away that they cannot see anything, so this may need to be litigated in advance. Look up the laws regarding poll watching, and if the officials try to weasel out of anything, figure out who can bring a lawsuit before the election — state Republican parties and the RNC have been great in this area, and the RNC under its new leadership is championing election integrity. America First Legal has also emerged as a leader in these lawsuits. Republican county and state parties often organize poll watching efforts. 

This includes watching ballot drop boxes. Observers must be extra careful here, since the left is getting them kicked out by pointing to small technical violations. Look up the laws or regulations here carefully, ask election officials well in advance. Avoid talking to people dropping off ballots since the left will attempt to portray it as harassment or threats. 

Many election offices have live streams from various cameras so observers can watch from home. Organizations like We the People AZ Alliance in Arizona are very organized here, and even sued Runbeck in order to get access to some of their livestreaming. After Runbeck denied having any video in court, the company finally agreed to turn over coverage from the 2022 election to the Arizona Legislature. No one tried to prosecute the company for perjury, nor were any of the Maricopa County attorneys who argued on its behalf prosecuted or disciplined by the State Bar of Arizona.  

Another significant way to make a difference is to flood the election offices and companies with employees. Those who have little to no social media presence will need to step up here, since the government agencies and contractors will not hire anyone who appears to be MAGA. Patriots need to apply for jobs at election offices and their contractors, like Dominion Voting Systems and Runbeck Election Services. Election offices hire temporary election workers for the election, especially to work at the polling locations.  

The number of whistleblowers are steadily increasing, testifying in court cases about the laws officials are brazenly breaking. While most of the judges won't do anything about it, small gains are taking place despite the mainstream media's blackout on covering them. One brave judge in Iowa in particular repeatedly stopped election officials' illegal actions in the 2020 election, and said fraud is hard to discover so it's the wrong standard of proof, and breaking the law makes it even harder to discover.   

It's important to start litigation well in advance of the election if possible, so election fraud denying judges can't claim that it's too late, known as laches, when they're brought during the election or afterwards. Several judges have ruled that laches didn't bar similar lawsuits in election cases, but they're in the minority. 

Talk to state legislators about conducting investigations. They can submit public records requests, issue subpoenas and conduct hearings — all in advance of the election. The more information that comes out, the better. Eventually some disgruntled employee at an election agency or company is going to see the hype about the corruption and spill the beans. 

It's important to send messages to election officials in order to hold them accountable. Tag them in posts on X, send them emails and confront them politely in public with questions and concerns. It does have an effect. Just because the courts are letting them get away with breaking the law, doesn't mean the people have to enable it.   

Finally, organize protests outside election offices calling attention to the cheating and calling officials out for any illegal actions to thwart election integrity. We have a lot of average people to wake up who are unaware of how bad the cheating is getting. There really should have been endless demonstrations after the 2020 election, but unfortunately people are afraid after what happened to the J6 protesters. We just have to be ultra careful not to break any minor law, or they'll crack down with draconian punishments using the left-wing dominated legal system.  

We need to continue efforts to chase ballots too. But too many politicians and activists are focusing solely on that aspect, while ignoring the elephant in the room. They're getting better and better at cheating the more they do it, so the 2024 election is going to make the 2020 and 2022 elections look like junior varsity cheating. Sadly, the lawfare and mainstream media ridicule have scared people out of talking about election fraud. ESR

Rachel Alexander and her brother Andrew are co-Editors of Intellectual Conservative. She has been published in the American Spectator,, Fox News, NewsMax, Accuracy in Media, The Americano, ParcBench, Enter Stage Right and other publications.


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