The May 1997 Earth is Flat Award

A celebration of the inane, insipid and asinine...

If you have read the Canadian Farmers for Justice page first, then it should be no surprise to you that this month's Earth is Flat Award goes to none other than Justice Francis Muldoon, the man who ruled that, because Canada is a free country, the government has the right to impose any restriction it sees fit. Just try and figure that one out.

In his decision on the statist Canada Wheat Board, Muldoon wrote, "Such decisions are for Parliament and not for the court so long as Parliament infringes no charter rights."

How generous of Muldoon.

Since Muldoon, and the federal government for that matter, seems to not understand the only role of government, I shall explain it to him.

A government's role is to perform only one action, to protect the rights of its citizens. It does this by being granted a monopoly of force by it's citizens. We may not use force, but the government may, if it has to, to protect us from those who would infringe on our rights. Period. There is no other role for government.

The government protects our rights by protecting us from external aggression (the military), internal aggression (the police), and civilly (the legal and parliamentary system). The only role of the legal system is to protect our rights, not infringe on them like the Parliament and the legal system has when it comes to the market place.

Muldoon has then, by enforcing the system, used force to maintain statist controls on the economy.

We are lucky this is a free country. We should thank Mr. Muldoon. I have, here's an Earth is Flat Award!

The May 1997 Vinegar in Freedom Award

There is an old Serbian proverb that says vinegar in freedom tastes better than honey in slavery. This award is meant for events and people I consider to be positive.

The National Citizens' Coalition celebrated their 30th anniversary last month.

On April 17, 1967 the NCC's late founder, Colin M. Brown, used his own money to run his first newspaper ad, which protested the high tax, big spending policies popular with politicians in the late 1960s.

Brown predicted that the politicians of his day would help make Canadians the one of the heaviest taxed people in the world and that the government would accumulate billions in debt.

From that first ad the NCC has grown to more than 45 000 supporters nationally and is Canada's largest independent organization for the defense of economic and political freedoms.

Colin Brown died in 1987 but his legacy lives on in the National Citizens' Coalition. Congratulations to the NCC and here's to 30 more years!

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