Memo to President Newt: Off With Cling-Tong's Head!

By Steve Myers
web posted May 1997

Cling-Tong Bil, the Chinese Ambassador, must be even more mired in corruption, dishonesty and international drug and arms dealing than we poor innocents had previously thought. His former business partner, James McDougal, has been chatting with the Special Prosecutor and as a result, his jail sentence was reduced from 84 years to just three. Many have been impatient for the long-awaited impeachment of Mr. Cling-Tong and his deputy, which is now getting closer: there are so many reasons to choose. Mr. Cling-Tong's so-called Presidency has been compared to the Titanic. It has now been revealed that the august liner sank due to several small holes rather than one large one. If the Whitewater/Chinese/FBI Files iceberg seems to have been looming for a long time, perhaps that will give us an idea its immensity. It isn't simply about defrauding taxpayers in Arkansas: it's about dismissing innocent people and worse, killing innocent people. The Cling-Tong body count, friends and colleagues who have died in unexplained circumstances in recent years, is currently at 83. Some say such talk is a conspiracy theory. They may say what they wish, but there are 83 bodies, all extremely dead. It's about international arms and drug dealing; it's about selling the White House and humiliating the American people. Above all, it's about reducing the Presidency of the United States to a utility of the Chinese government. It's about treason.

Mr. Cling-Tong's Asian dealings have obviously benefited him and the Chinese: So who's worse off? As Americans streamed to the Post Office to mail their tax returns this week, we were reminded. Mr. Cling-Tong's Asian adventures are costing the taxpayer at least $40 billion annually. In other words, the first $300 each American pays in taxes this year goes straight to the Chinese government as a subsidy for the pleasure of doing business with the bloodthirsty "butchers of Beijing", as Mr. Cling-Tong once called them. Oh, but surely you jest? No, we do not. As we have previously stated, this is the remains of a failed policy called appeasement, or 'constructive engagement'. The years are waning rapidly in which the United States will still be able to defeat China militarily. Cling-Tong Bil is accelerating that process: as he reduces the size of the US military, he provides China with money, arms and trade, and as many nights in the Lincoln Bedroom and rides on Air Force One as they would like. It is suggested that Mr. Cling-Tong is guilty of many crimes, but treason is by far the worst. What would his Chinese friends do with such criminals? Place 100 000 new police officers around the White House? Send in the National Guard to clear the drug dealers out of the Lincoln Bedroom? Question Mr. Cling-Tong's friends, most of whom are either in jail, dead, or still in China? Or even begin midnight basketball at the Vice-President's residence?

Those who have not been seduced by the media into somnolence are impatient both for justice for the Cling-Tong gang and for real reform, which Newt Gingrich and his lieutenants are finding more difficult than they had imagined. At least they are trying. Above all, what Americans want is an honest discussion about the size and role of government, and that's something almost everyone in Washington has been trying to avoid. Likewise in Britain, where the election campaign has just two weeks to go, the British seem anxious for a real debate about the role of Europe, something both Prime Minister John Major and Labor Party Leader Tony Blair have carefully avoided. As a result, the election has reduced folks to boredom, though the latest polls show Labor's lead down from 30 per cent to 12 per cent. Our favorite moment of the week was Mr. Newt's impersonation of Margaret Thatcher on CNN's Larry King Live. Maybe he'll also impersonate her resolve to get taxes down, government shrunk and moral values restored. If Mr. Cling-Tong and Algore are impeached, Mr. Newt may get his opportunity, because it will be he who then sits in the Oval Office. Memo to future President Newt: in Britain, you know what they do with traitors? They take them to The Tower of London and cry: "Off with his head!" Chop, chop.

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