A Larry Elder Update

web posted May 1997

In January Enter Stage Right carried a report about KABC Talk Radio host Larry Elder and some trouble he was having with a group that was launching a boycott against him and KABC.

Elder is a controversial talk show host who has views on black America which clash with some people, including the Talk Drum Community Forum. His messages of self-reliance and other topics have had him labeled as an racist, Uncle Tom and much worse.

Well, on April 28 Larry finished his show and left the KABC studios and was greeted by 50 supporters who gathered for an impromptu rally to show their appreciation for the "Sage of the South". The rally had been organized over the Internet and came after a 60 Minutes profile of the host which also dealt with the boycott that Talking Drum Community Forum had organized.

Said Elder in Variety Magazine, It shows me that, in my small way, I really am making a difference. I'm creating a debate that this community has long needed. Besides that, I'm just flattered by this kind of support. Walking out to that was like an out-of-body experience."

"There were blacks, whites, Hispanics, men, women, old people, young people -- it was great to see that," Elder said.

Nicely done by the supporters and keep fighting Larry!

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