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web posted June 24, 2002

The British are perhaps learning more than they ever wanted to know about Hillary Clinton. The former First Lady isn't residing there in hopes of a future seat in Parliament, but rather they have their own version in Cherie Blair.

The parallels between the two women is rather striking. Both are married to men with hazy political principles. Both are far more left-wing than their husbands. Both believe that conservatives are ideological enemies who must be ruthlessly attacked. Both are also guilty of occasionally, and sometimes exceptionally, poor timing.

Cherie and Tony Blair
Cherie and Tony Blair

For Ms. Blair it came on June 18 when she stated that young Palestinians "feel they have got no hope but to blow themselves up" in response to Israel existing. We hear that sort of thing all the time but unfortunately for Ms. Blair, it came just hours after a deadly suicide attack that killed Israeli citizens.

The damage control teams went into action quickly with even Prime Minister Tony Blair attempting to explain away his wife's comments. A spokeswomen for Cherie Blair told reporters that, "If any offence has been taken from the interpretation of her comments then Mrs Blair is obviously sorry.

"None was intended and it goes without saying that she condemns the atrocity today in the strongest possible terms along with all right-minded people. She did not and never would she ever condone suicide bombers or say they had no choice.

"She fully agrees....that 'the killing of innocent civilians is not acceptable irrespective of perpetrator or victim. Killings will not lead to a political solution.'"

Good for her and for England. Now you know what Americans lived with for eight years. Be ready for Cherie Blair's eventual candidacy for Parliament as well.

We'd award Ted Turner an award as well for his comparison of Israeli and Palestinian tactics but it would be too obvious.

The Vinegar in Freedom Award

There is an old Serbian proverb that says vinegar in freedom tastes better than honey in slavery. This award is meant for events and people Enter Stage Right considers to be positive.

web posted June 24, 2002

Sometimes the good guys do win. Back in March the Cartoon Network announced that it was dropping Speedy Gonzales from its lineup of Warner Bros. cartoons because it felt it denigrated the fine people of Mexico. Usually when these politically correct decisions are made, there is a lot of cheering...not this time.

Speedy GonzalesThe network suffered an onslaught of mail by fans of the fast running rodent, a character it turns out is beloved by many people. Many of those people also happen to be Hispanic. Why, even the League of United Latin American Citizens, the oldest Hispanic-American rights organization in the United States, called Speedy a "cultural icon" who displayed plenty of admirable pluck. In Latin America, Speedy happens to be the most loved character of all.

Well, the network moved even faster than Speedy in changing its mind though it refused to acknowledge that it was wrong.

"We never had a demand for it before. Now there's this vocal group that wants it back. If it does well, it will stay, and if it doesn't, it won't. After all, we are a business," said a spokeswoman for the network, though she also characterized the protest as the work of a "handful" of fans.

Regardless of what the network thinks of both Speedy and his fans, we're happy that they responded to its consumers. Here's one for Speedy. (WAV. / 72K)

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