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Time is on our side

By Lisa Fabrizio
web posted June 16, 2008

Now that the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are here, things are usually slowing down. But as temperatures in the Northeast crept toward the century mark this week, things were heating up in certain quarters. One of them is the Democrat Party where, since the presidential candidacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton has been effectively snuffed by forces beyond her control, there is a sense of urgency. And why not? Time is decidedly not on their side.

There are approximately 150 days left until the November elections and they can't come too soon. In case you haven't noticed, especially if you read the papers, the Democrats have controlled Congress for a year and a half and things haven't exactly been going according to plan.

Global warmists suffered a chill last week when the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act went down to defeat. The blatant cap and trade bill would have bankrupted our economy in the service of an alarmist threat built upon the shifting sands of junk science.

Thankfully for now, we will not share the woes of our British brethren who have already experienced the tender mercies of the greenies and who seem to be on the verge of a good old American tax revolt. According to a new poll, "Britain appears to be feeling increasingly negative about being more carbon neutral. We are questioning the truth behind being greener and many feel that Government is creating a green fear for monetary gain."

And hopefully it's only a matter of time before that opinion makes its way across the Atlantic; challenging the spurious claims of the Anthropogenic Global Climate Change crowd, as they now call themselves. Time is running out for them as evidenced by the fact that over 30,000 American scientists, including 9,000 with Ph.D.s, have signed a petition denying that humans have any effect on what we used to call the weather. The petition says, in part:

There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gasses is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the earth's atmosphere and disruption of the earth's climate. Moreover, there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide produce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the earth.

And, not surprisingly, proof of this continues to emerge. Over the past two decades, NASA satellites have collected data which shows that the planet is in a cycle of greening itself and that "the Earth as a whole became more bountiful by a whopping 6.2%." The reason? "Their 2004 study, and other more recent ones, point to the warming of the planet and the presence of CO2, a gas indispensable to plant life."

Soon, the drumbeat of truth will be too loud to ignore, even for the mainstream media, and attempts by the AGCC gang to blame the current cooling trends on El Nina will be gone with the wind. But don't wait for the announcement that it's all been a farce, as the left rarely admits its mistakes.

One glaring exception is the acknowledgment by the World Health Organization that the threat of a global heterosexual pandemic of AIDS has "disappeared," and that "outside sub-Saharan Africa, it was confined to high-risk groups including men who have sex with men, injecting drug users, and sex workers and their clients." In the 20 or so years that the opposite myth was allowed to circulate, gays and their supporters garnered much sympathy and made great progress toward seeing their ‘lifestyle' gain popular acceptance; after all, it could happen to anyone, right? Wrong.

But now the clock is running on the gay marriage agenda, as evidenced by the California Supreme Court's refusal to stay its decision on gay marriage until the voice of the people is heard. They know that a pro-traditional marriage Constitutional Amendment just might pass this November as did a similar measure in 2000. And so they are in a hurry to allow ‘marriages' between now and then to muddy up the legal waters so our betters in the courts can continue to decide things for us.

Another election issue that is a ticking time bomb is runaway gas prices. The longer Democrats continue to block drilling in ANWR and offshore, the greater the opportunity for the GOP to point out where much of the fault lies. Although our education system and the media have done a great job in advancing the liberal agenda, most Americans can still grasp that Democratic plans to tax oil company profits will result in those companies passing those increases on to consumers. They are coming to understand that local, state and federal governments make nearly twice the amount on a gallon of gas that the oil companies do. This issue should be a no-brainer for Republicans.

On another front, liberals are in a desperate rush to end the Iraq War before it can be won. While Democratic fringe groups have for years been against any military action not engaged in by Bill Clinton, their leadership has been in a race against the clock to show their ‘support' for our troops by declaring their mission a failure and bringing them home as defeated and dispirited losers.

But here again, time is clearly not on their side. Sunnis and Shias are fast coming together in support of the Iraqi Army who recently retook Basra, Sadr City and Mosul; bases formerly under insurgent control. U.S. combat deaths last month totaled 20; the lowest number in four years, while a year ago the total for May was 121. Al Qaeda in Iraq is on the run, as should be those who gave them aid and comfort by opposing our efforts there at every turn.

If Republicans can't capitalize on the sense of urgency in American pocketbooks and persuade John McCain to renounce his positions on ANWR and global warming; if they won't stand up for traditional marriage while popular sentiment is still with them; and if they can't make the most of our country's love for its military and their mission; then they deserve to lose in November.

Yes, the race is on and here comes heartache; hopefully for Democrats.

Lisa Fabrizio is a columnist who hails from Connecticut. You may write her at mailbox@lisafab.com.







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