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The most dangerous president in history

By Henry Lamb
web posted June 21, 2010

Obama believes in the rule of law – his law.  No other law is relevant.  No other law matters.  When Obama speaks, he expects the world to obey.

In his Tuesday night performance, he said "I will meet with the chairman of BP and inform him that he is to set aside whatever resources are required to compensate the workers and business…"  "Inform him?"  Where does Barack Hussein Obama get the authority to issue orders to the CEO of a private corporation?  There is no such authority in the Constitution.  There is no law that empowers the president to "inform" the CEO of any corporation how he will spend the corporation's money.   Obama couldn't care less about the Constitution or the law.

There was no Constitutional authority for him to essentially take over General Motors and Chrysler, or the banks.  Obama couldn't care less about the law.  When he speaks, he expects the world to obey.

There is no Constitutional authority for the federal government to require American citizens to purchase health insurance or any other product or service.  It doesn't matter.  Obama spoke; his Congressional majority of comrades obeyed.

 In 18 months, the man has demonstrated that he cares nothing about the system of government created by our founders and enshrined in the Constitution.  He has demonstrated that he fully intends to "fundamentally transform" the United States of America – as he promised in his campaign.  Now we are beginning to get a picture of the nation he intends to build.  The picture is frightening.

 Virtually everything Obama has done since taking office has expanded both the size and power of the federal government.  The federal government our founders constructed is a government limited to the specific powers enumerated in the Constitution.  Those powers not enumerated are expressly reserved to the states and to the people. 

Obama can't comprehend any limitations on his power.  The moment Arizona enacted a law that empowered state law enforcement officers to check for citizenship, Obama bad-mouthed the state legislature and Governor – without even reading the law.  There have been arrogant presidents before, but none that can compare to the sickening self-centered narcissism that exudes from this man.

Obama's declaration that America must end its addiction to oil misses the point entirely.  America is not addicted to oil at all; America is addicted to the life-style made possible by the most efficient, abundant energy source yet discovered.  Americans would be delighted to move to any energy source that will provide the same or better life-style at less cost.

In a capitalist society such as America, government's role in the market is limited to providing a level playing field for the entrepreneurs who risk their own assets to provide a product or service in hopes of making a profit.  Only in totalitarian systems are markets managed by government.

 The reason the nation has not switched to solar or wind, or other alternative energy sources has nothing to do with our addiction to oil; it has everything to do with cost and convenience.

Obama has decided that cost is irrelevant.  He wants to wean America from oil and bond the nation to exotic alternatives, regardless of the cost.  When Obama speaks, he expects people to obey.  He is ready to artificially and unnecessarily increase the cost of carbon fuels in the form of taxes and fees, in order to fund subsidies for wind and solar energy sources.  It doesn't matter to Obama that the environmental disaster that will be created by the solar farms and wind farms is much greater than the Gulf oil spill.

The Gulf oil spill will eventually be capped and cleaned; once a solar farm is built to supply energy to a community, it will never go away; it will only expand. The biodiversity that once flourished where the solar farm now is will never be restored.  The land area will be devoid of biodiversity.

Obama and his Congressional comrades absolutely refuse to consider allowing the development of oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  Of the entire 19-million acre area, only 2,000 acres would be disturbed, an area of 3.125 square miles.  But they have no problem condemning 25,700 square miles of America to be paved over with solar panels.  This is the area required to replace electricity use with solar energy.   This is an area roughly equal to the states of Vermont, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware and Rhode Island.  To replace the carbon energy used by transportation with electricity, at least Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina would need to be added to the land area forever lost to agriculture, housing, or biodiversity. 

Nevertheless, Obama has spoken.  He expects people to obey. 

What's most dangerous about this man is his restructuring the government to be operated by a collection of appointed czars, who are not accountable to Congress, who can exercise powers not granted to the government to achieve nearly dictatorial authority over the citizens of the United States.

This is a limited look at only a few areas of domestic policy; his vision for the rest of the world is even more frightening.  That's for another day. ESR

Henry Lamb is the author of "The Rise of Global Governance,"  Chairman of Sovereignty International , and founder of the Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO) and Freedom21, Inc.






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