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Obama's New World Order

By Henry Lamb
web posted May 31, 2010

It should come as no surprise. During the campaign, he told us he was a "citizen of the world."   Last week, he told the cadets at West Point, and the rest of the world, just what his vision of a new world order is.

Obama wants a new international order that can "resolve the challenges of our times."    That's what Woodrow Wilson wanted when he and his cronies created the League of Nations.    That's what Franklin Roosevelt wanted when he and his cronies created the United Nations.   Fortunately, conservative Senators prevented the United States from surrendering its sovereignty to Wilson's vision of a New World Order.  Roosevelt steamrolled what few conservatives there were in 1945, and the United Nations was created to "resolve the challenges" of his time.

One of the fundamental flaws in the vision of these three globalists - and the New World Order crowd - is the idea that the United States must submit its sovereignty to an ultimate power greater than our own.

Absolutely not, and never!

In 1945, there was enough conservative influence to retain veto power for the U.S. in the United Nations Security Council, and to prohibit the U.N.  having  the authority to levy taxes.  Both of these provisions have been targeted by the New World Order crowd ever since.  The U.N.-funded Commission on Global Governance recommends that the veto be removed from all five permanent members, and that the U.N. be given extensive taxing powers.

These two barriers, and the absence of authority to raise its own army, are what prevent the current United Nations from becoming the unchallenged government of the world.

If Obama's "new international order" is to have the authority and resources it needs to "resolve the challenges of our time," then it will have to have taxing authority to fund the army that will be required to enforce its mandates, which can be enacted at will without fear of veto from the U.S. or the other permanent members.

 The United States must never be subservient to any governmental power on earth, other than the government elected by the citizens of the United States.   The United States must never depend upon any other government on earth for its defense, or its welfare.  The United States must be responsible for "resolving the challenges of our time."

The United States should seek and welcome cooperation from all nations in all efforts to resolve challenges of mutual concern, but never in a structure where decisions that may control the behavior of U.S. citizens are made by people who are not elected by U.S. citizens.  The United States could find itself in just this situation, should the new global financial regulatory scheme now under development become a reality.

The United States has shown that free people who are allowed to invest time, energy, resources, and ideas into a free market can lift the world to unimagined heights of prosperity and well being.  This is the example that the United States should offer the world.  Those nations who wish to follow this example and benefit from its rewards will be excellent trading partners, worthy of support, assistance and cultivation.  Those who curse capitalism and seek socialism should be free to follow their own course - so long as their course respects our right to ignore them.

Al Sharpton inadvertently revealed another fundamental flaw in the philosophy of the Wilson-Roosevelt-Obama New World Order Crowd.  He said Martin Luther King's dream was not getting one black family into the white house;  his dream was to "…make everything equal in everybody's house."

The United Nations reflects this dream in its Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (Article 11(1)) which claims that all people have a right to "…an adequate standard of living…adequate food, clothing, and housing"  

Think about it: a government that can declare these rights must have the authority and resources to grant these rights.  Neither the United States government, nor the United Nations has any resources that have not first been taken from some of the people.  It is the direct, expressed objective of the Wilson-Roosevelt-Obama One World Government crowd to take resources away from the people who have earned them in order to redistribute the resources to those who have not earned them.  Only in this way can government "…make everything equal in everybody's house." 

Voters whose net worth will be improved by wealth redistribution far outnumber voters whose wealth will be taken.   The Obama-led Democratic majority in Washington has the votes necessary to take the wealth from those who have earned it in order to "…make everything equal in everybody's house"   and they are doing it as rapidly as possible.

Obama's "New International Order" goes beyond the United States, and seeks to take the wealth of the United States and redistribute it to the rest of the world.  He seems perfectly willing to make everything equal in every nation – until your wealth is gone.

The United States should show the rest of the world how to earn prosperity through free-market capitalism, and thereby help the other nations of the world elevate their wealth to equal ours.  Obama and his crowd choose instead, to equalize the wealth of nations by draining America's wealth, and reducing Americans' wealth to the lowest possible common denominator.

The Wilson-Roosevelt , and now Obama's vision of a New World Order must be rejected, along with all those politicians who share it. ESR

Henry Lamb is the author of "The Rise of Global Governance,"  Chairman of Sovereignty International , and founder of the Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO) and Freedom21, Inc.






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