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The Crown: Part Fifteen

By Michael Moriarty
web posted June 22, 2020

We hear that the President of the United States has been invited to England.

To the invitation, President Lyndon B. Johnson, in almost his loudest and firmest tones, declares: “I don’t give a crap about any ‘special relationship’”…the one between England and the United States.

“You can’t screw a man in the ass and then expect him to buy ya flowers!”

Wilson reports back to the Queen: still thinking the President might visit England, he stresses the “special relationship” between the countries, that it would be good if she “roll out the red carpet”.

Meanwhile, the visit of Princess Margaret and Lord Snowden to America seems to be going swimmingly. When asked what she most looks forward to in America, her answer is, “Liberty!”

At this point, President Johnson is shown a press photo of Princess Margaret, to which he asks, “Who, in God’s name, is that?!”

As a solution to the President’s disinterest in visiting the Queen of England, she is told by the Prime Minister that sister Margaret has been invited to a dinner at the White house,

“That’s cunning”, replies the Queen. “That way President Johnson cannot be accused of snubbing my offer!”

“It also sidesteps the all-important issue of the Bailout!”

England is in desperate financial straits!

“Not all is lost,” suggests Wilson.

He thinks, because of the splendid success of Princess Margaret’s trip to the United States, that at the very dinner with President Johnson, Princess Margaret might bring up the matter of financial help to England.

In short, Margaret will suddenly become a most significant spokeswoman and diplomat for the Commonwealth.

The kind of position she’s always hungered for.

Michael, the Queen’s most invaluable assistant, suggests that “there’s nothing to lose!”

The Queen responds, “You don’t know my sister!”

Indeed, Margaret, on the phone, declines the offer to visit the White House. She’s busy following the Queen’s instructions at the London airport, that she be joyfully supporting her husband and his career at a showing in New York!

Then she hangs up on the Queen!!

Screenwriters themselves could not think-up a more deliciously dramatic and theatrical reality than the Royal Family has actually created for itself.

The English deficit is 800 million pounds.

The “bailout” must consist of 1 thousand million pounds.

Even the financial realities of history create a melodramatic reality for screenwriters to play with.

“Pay me the rent!” goes screaming all over this episode! It is always a most reliable sure bet for even the supposedly filthy rich!

The “bogeyman” or major threat in the room?

Devaluation of the pound sterling.

All of which is being explained to Princess Margaret on one of her American plane trips.

She and Lord Snowden finally agree to attend the “Dinner at The White House”!

Princess Margaret is, however, walked into the dining room of the White House by that Ole Birddog Lyndon Johnson! ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@shaw.ca. He can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@MGMoriarty.




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