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Enemies domestic

By Robert T. Smith
web posted June 8, 2020

The current Oath of Office taken by those who are sworn in to civil or uniformed services of our great country reads, in part:

“…that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic…so help me God.”

ProtestThe mask has slipped and the Democrat party and its associated support groups have identified themselves as the enemies domestic.  The organizers of the recent burning, pillaging and violence are leftist organizations, most notorious being Antifa.  Antifa is the Democrats’ spawn and satellite organization.  Nary a cross word is said of this instigator organization by a Democrat.  While not yet precisely known, the likely funding and organizing source(s) for Antifa will naturally trace back to one or more of the web of organizations financed by a Democrat benefactor(s).   

Although present throughout our country, Antifa has held free reign in various Democrat-controlled cities for some time, most notably in Portland and Berkeley.  As shown and reported on the news over many years, these Democrat city mayors have allowed Antifa to take control of the streets, brutalize and terrorize the public.  It is hard not to notice that these Democrats were veritable dictators on their lock down of ordinary citizens in response to the Wuhan Flu, but more than accommodating to the lawlessness of their supporters.   

When he was the Deputy Chairman of the Democrat National Committee, now Attorney General of Minnesota Keith Ellison tweeted out a picture of himself holding the Antifa handbook and stating that he had found the book that strikes fear in the heart of Donald Trump.  Among many other Democrat politician’s progeny who advocate and support political violence and reject Americanism, it has been widely reported that Mr. Ellison’s son has openly pledged loyalty to Antifa. 

Not coincidentally, the areas where African-Americans are most oppressed are the hotbeds of the current rioting and have been long-term controlled by the Democrat Party.  With regard to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, virtually every political position from dog catcher to city council, to the mayor, governor and attorney general are Democrats who have direct control and influence over the very system that gave rise to the conditions, police officers, and the riots that ensued.  In these types of areas around the country, the African Americans are basically treated as chattel of the Democrats.   According to Joe Biden, if you don’t vote for him, you are not black. 

As expected, the degenerate inhabitants of Hollywood and even Joe Biden’s campaign staffers have rallied to funnel money into bail payments for arrested looters and pillagers.  Unsurprisingly, Twitter was allowing its users to coordinate criminal behavior on their platform, with tweets identifying looting targets, despite the fact that the site was notified by concerned citizens. The Twits feel the need to “fact-check” the President’s tweets, but no social duty to de-platform criminal activity.

Not all problems can be traced to the left or the Democrats.  As example, the alleged but not proven Republican governor of Massachusetts whined on the media recently that President Trump disappointed him and made him sad when the President castigated the governors for not protecting the innocent citizens of their cities and states. 

As another example, as a part of his continuous audition for a slot at MSNBC, the simpleton Chris Wallace on the first Fox News Sunday of the riots reflexively experienced his usual Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) tic by assigning the President’s tweets as racist.  In his depraved mind, the most important topic of the day to Mr. Wallace was his effort to assign the President’s tweets as racist, even though the President spoke out strongly against lawlessness and for the innocent citizens of Minnesota, in the void left by the Democrat Mayor and Governor who were allowing lawlessness to occur.  So blinded by his TDS tormented mind, Mr. Wallace cannot seem to remember that before being President Trump, Donald Trump was a New York City Democrat, who financially supported and hung out with many Democrats including the Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.  Sadly, in his diminished mental state of TDS, Mr. Wallace, in concurrence with the race-baiting Democrats believes without evidence that since being elected President, Mr. Trump has suddenly morphed into a racist.

History has been written to accommodate all manner of people.  Perhaps George Floyd can be remembered in part as the American patriot who gave his life to expose the enemies domestic among us. ESR

Robert T. Smith is an environmental scientist who spends his days enjoying life and the pursuit of happiness with his family.  He confesses to cling to his liberty, guns and religion, with antipathy toward the arrogant ruling elites throughout the country.




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