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Fiance of RINO Maricopa County attorney Rachel Mitchell reportedly caught using crude language on X

By Rachel Alexander
web posted June 24, 2024

The reported fiance of Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell, a RINO who represented the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors twice asking for sanctions against Kari Lake, appears to have used his X account for crude attacks. One of the requests was so bad that the judge, who has repeatedly ruled against Lake, denied it. 

A source very familiar with Mitchell and her fiance, who prefers to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation, told me that Mitchell's fiance is named Paul Stout and he ran the former X account @AZJayPaul, which attacked people using crude language, with considerable insider knowledge about the Maricopa County Attorney's Office (MCAO).

Vladimir Gagic, a conservative attorney who believes he was targeted by the State Bar of Arizona coincidentally after he tangled with MCAO as a public defender, was attacked by the account numerous times and compiled several screenshots of the posts as his suspicions mounted, before the account was deleted. 

Gagic posted on X that when the account first started attacking him, "he had his full name [Paul Stout] in profile then later took it down. He has a Facebook page, same profile pic and all love for @Rachel1Mitchell."  

Gagic told me, "Based on the posts from that account coming after me, I thought it was a county employee, doing it on taxpayer time. He just knew too much. His motivation for coming after me was weird, because I was just some random person replying to Rachel Mitchell on X. I had only a handful of followers." 

What set off the biggest warning bells for Gagic was when the account mentioned inside information that few would have known about unless they knew high-level information at MCAO. In early January, someone posted on X about attending the annual NAACP conference in Phoenix. Gagic commented, "why wasn't @Rachel1Mitchell @marcoattorney or Joel @AZStateBar or any single judge from @courtpio or @AZCourts there? Oh that's right… What a stupid question." 

Even though Gagic had not directed his post at @AZJayPaul, the account responded, "The County Attorney's Office sponsored a table and was present at this event. You're making yourself look foolish." Gagic said very few people would have known this information. 

In another post directed at Gagic, the account said, "Interesting use of your filthy grammar. Can you explain why your client cold-cocked you in the courtroom?" referring to an incident where the criminal defendant Gagic was assigned to represent as a public defender, who was being prosecuted for biting a corrections officer, punched him during a court hearing. The account posted a video of the punching incident in another post.    

The account added a post that said, "Says the disgraced and suspended AZ lawyer." Gagic's law license was suspended for a year after the tussle with the Maricopa County Attorney's Office over their treatment of one of his clients, who he believed was innocent. There were a couple more posts by the account similar to those. 

When Gagic criticized Mitchell for using the office as a platform to run for another office, the account responded by linking to the Arizona bar's disciplinary opinion against Gagic. 

Another post by the account in February said, "Quit inflaming the community even more. Did you listen to County Attorney Rachel Mitchell's press conference? She said they are lining up their ducks and justice will be served. You're making things worse for the victims who don't deserve your nonsense."

Gagic asked, "Why is @Rachel1Mitchell paid surrogate/state employee, @AZJayPaul, taunting victims of violence threatening even more violence to stop…" 

In another post, Gagic said directed at the account, "quite disturbing that a state employee would so casually threaten aggravated assault." @AZJayPaul responded, "Time to change your diaper little baby boy! Is mama home to rock you to sleep?"

Many of the posts by the account consisted of fawning praise for Mitchell. "There is no one better qualified to be the Maricopa County Attorney than Rachel Mitchell," he lavished. "No one!"

Gagic believes Stout may have worked for the Arizona Department of Child Safety, since he discovered an employee with the same name there. He put in a complaint to the agency about the account's threatening language towards him, which he said was ignored. Gagic said Stout's Facebook page has also now coincidentally disappeared. 

Gagic, whose law license was suspended for a year but not allowed a trial, which he believes is due to corruption, told me that the legal corruption here is worse than what he fled in his former Yugoslavia. His family moved to Sweden in the 1970s, but were threatened by the Yugoslavian secret police, known as the Udba. They were told if they did not return to the country or spy on other Yugoslavian immigrants, their children would be killed. They refused to cave and eventually moved to the U.S. 

"At least they threatened you to your face," Gagic said. "Here it's cowardly, they engage in corruption against you secretly behind your back." 

I asked Stout for comment, through a phone number provided by the anonymous source, but it was ignored.

Mitchell is facing a tough primary race against conservative Gina Godbehere, who was also a longtime prosecutor with MCAO. Conservatives have rallied around Godbehere, citing Mitchell's close ties to the corrupt Maricopa County Supervisors. Godbehere, who has a reputation as a tough-on-crime prosecutor, has extensively criticized Mitchell for lenient policies on crime, and said that "Diversion is being offered at unprecedented rates to serious felons, even when victims object. … My opponent continues to downgrade an alarming number of felony cases and send them to the cities for misdemeanor prosecution." ESR

Rachel Alexander and her brother Andrew are co-Editors of Intellectual Conservative. She has been published in the American Spectator,, Fox News, NewsMax, Accuracy in Media, The Americano, ParcBench, Enter Stage Right and other publications.


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