The June 1997 Earth is Flat Award

A celebration of the inane, insipid and asinine...

Did you know that Enter Stage Right promotes National Socialism?

If that came as a surprise to you, you can imagine what it did to me.

As you'll remember from last month's editorial, Enter Stage Right endorsed the Reform Party as the last party that embodied many important conservative principles.

During the election, Saskatchewan backbench New Democrat M.L.A. Andrew Thomson, who is described in his official NDP bio as a "professional public servant", made a few comments about Reform Party leader Preston Manning. A few days after the first leader's debate, Thomson stated that Manning had worn "his best brown shirt" during the debate. He also stated that Manning basically chided and hectored his opponents in an effort to "goose-step" his way around his right-wing agenda.

Not finished, Thomson stated outside the legislature, "In terms of Manning, I think we clearly need to be cautious in terms of the history they have with police state activities."


Let's dismiss for the moment that the Nazi Party was a left-wing party (National Socialism) that believed in collectivist ideals like Aryan supremacy, state control of the economy and the denial of the individual. If the Reform Party embodies the Nazi Party, then let's suppose that the New Democrats embody the spirit of Communism. Whereas the Reform Party has never embraced the ideals of Nazism, many New Democrats often praised Communism and were apologists for anything that went on in Communist nations. Let's take the premise further and say that the New Democrats are the same as any leftist movement.

What does that get us?

The New Democrats, by virtue of the socialism, are no different then all the butchers of Europe. Did you know that a majority of genocidal campaigns in Europe in the last while have been carried out by self-described socialists? Why, we can hammer the NDP with 30-50 million dead in the U.S.S.R. alone!

Write him some email, include this article and ask him if he will submit to prosecution for his crimes at or

To a true moron, one who has insulted every Canadian that has voted for the Reform Party and every Canadian whose ancestors suffered or died under the Nazis, goes the Earth is Flat Award. Salute it Andy!

The June 1997 Vinegar in Freedom Award

There is an old Serbian proverb that says vinegar in freedom tastes better than honey in slavery. This award is meant for events and people I consider to be positive.

Despite what the media told you, Canada had only one conservative party running in this year's election. The rest were a collection of collectivists to some varying degrees.

His opponents accused him of trying to start a civil war in Canada because he wanted frank dialogue with Quebec.

His opponents called him and his party racists, forgetting the fact that other parties believed in quotas to encourage women and minorities to run, whereas his party simply took whoever ran.

His opponents called him a wacko because of his pledge to trust Canadians with the power to recall Members of Parliament if they did not do what they said they were going to do when in office.

His opponents said his proposal for a tax cut was irresponsible, this is because Canadians do not have the right to keep their own money.

Despite this, and so many other insults, shouts, and character assassinations, Preston Manning and the Reform Party ran a fine campaign. Any idea of becoming the governing party was a pipe dream, but the party did well by promoting its agenda. Ask your friends questions based on the party's Fresh Start platform.

Ask them if they want a reduction in personal taxes.

Ask them if they want government to get tougher on crime.

Ask them if they wanted a reduction in the size of government.

Yeah, they wouldn't vote for Preston Manning because he's a "right-wing loony", but they believe every line of his platform and don't know it.

Manning and his party may have not won the election, but they did something greater. They set the agenda.

Congratulations to all Reformers who were elected!

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