A Libertarian Response to "Ellen"

By Xona
web posted June 1997

I realize that the whole "Ellen" thing has blown over and the world didn't come crashing to a halt like some predicted, but I came across this post to USENET immediately after the episode aired and I couldn't help but put it up.

I tried finding the post after I initially archived it, but I guess it disappeared into the digital ether, so my sincerest apology for not properly crediting and thanking the poster. All I know is that she goes under the name of Xona. Here then, is a Libertarian response to Ellen's coming out... - editor

Today is a big day for some. Ellen is coming out tonight. So, I think that this is as good a time as any for me to COME-OUT to. After talking with my parents, teachers, friends, and psychiatrist, I am ready to announce that I, XONA, am a heterosexual and a libertarian. I know some of you have thought that this might be the case, but, for the rest, my gay, democratic, republican, socialist, and anarchistic friends, I am sure that this is a complete surprise.

For 23 years I have lived with my straight sexuality under the cover of darkness, least I encounter the wrath of my many non-straight friends. And, as a libertarian, I have had a double curse. It isn't easy belonging to a political group that almost never wins and has not one person in national elected public office.

I can't help it. I long for the touch and comfort of a man and the individual freedom of a libertarian. I think about getting married and having a family where my children have a mama and a daddy and not two dads or two moms.

I know that this will now subject me to the ridicule of gay men and woman, republicans and Democrats, for being straight and politically incorrect. But I am what I am. There, I said it.

I urge all my fellow heterosexuals to join me, and more importantly, all straight libertarians to step forward with your heads held high and proclaim your heterosexuality and libertarian essence. I know, we straight libertarians are always someone's easy target, for they know that we don't fight back, we don't protest, fax, call, march, or boycott. We simply take it with the smile of a deeper understanding that most will never know.

All I want is what all straight libertarians want, the same respect and access to political power that Gays, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, socialist, KKK, Feminist, Religious types, Militia members and others of such persuasion now enjoy.

We don't want SPECIAL rights, just the same rights as non-straight and no-libertarians have.

I hope that in a small way I will help others, such as myself, to step forward and admit that they are straight, love the opposite sex, are libertarian, and want to be full participants in the American Dream.

Thank you and God, or Whatever, bless you.


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