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Quackgrass Press (

I will admit that Enter Stage Right's first ever Link of the Month is the result of some bias. I know Michael Miller, the webmaster and content provider, through a prodigious amount of email that goes back and forth, but that is nowhere near being the reason that I've chosen it for this month. It's not even because several of Miller's essays have appeared here. The reason why it's been favoured this month is the sheer quality of the content that Miller has placed there.

Miller's writing is what I wish Enter Stage Right would have more of: clear, concise and always entertaining, Miller tackles issues from a Objectivist/Libertarian perspective, one that I believe many conservatives would enjoy reading.

From articles dealing with culture to how today is the second renannasiance, Quackgrass Press utilizes a different form of activism that the author refers to Quackgrass activism. He relies on his readers to read the word and then spread the word, forming a grassroots movement to further change. He's hooked me!

When you leave this site, make sure to go to Quackgrass Press!

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