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African American museum teaches a lesson in "whiteness"

By Greg Strange
web posted July 27, 2020

Black people constitute roughly 13% of the American population and we know from the statistics that a black person is about as likely to be struck by lightning as to end up like George Floyd.  And we know from the statistics that twice as many whites as blacks are killed by police every year.  And we know from the statistics that whites are far more likely to be attacked or killed by blacks than vice versa

In 2020 America, the disconnect between reality and unreality couldn’t be any more profound.  “Systemic racism” doesn’t exist and yet it’s blamed for virtually everything and is fueling the wanton destruction of cities from coast to coast.  We even have the bizarre sight of Major League Baseball players lined up taking a knee for the cause in eerily empty stadiums.  This is truly a national psychosis.

And all the while, the wanton self-destruction in black communities is utterly ignored by Black Lives Matter, the Democrat Party and the craven leftist media.  Is there any way that we might be able to overcome this disconnect through objective, rational linear thinking?

Unfortunately, no.

Wait a minute!  That sounds racist, doesn’t it?  Yes, it does!  But according to the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC), “objective, rational linear thinking” is an example of “whiteness” and during these dark times in America when madness rules the land, there is apparently nothing worse than that.

And who better to consult on matters of “whiteness” than the NMAAHC, right?  The NMAAHC, which happens to be a part of the esteemed Smithsonian Institution, is, like virtually all our other institutions, shot through with the cancer of leftism.  One of the features of that cancer is an open and unabashed vilification of white people and, literally, “whiteness” itself.

Until it was removed due to controversy, the website of the NMAAHC had a page with a handy dandy graphic which laid out primary examples of “whiteness” for its viewers.  Here’s a partial list of things that according to the museum – which insists on “honesty” and “respect for others” – constitute the dreaded “whiteness”:

    Hard work as the key to success
    The nuclear family
    Respect authority
    Delayed gratification
    Plan for the future
    The scientific method
    Objective, rational linear thinking
    Using the “king’s English”
    Be polite

So-o-o . . .  Got a question for you, National Museum of African American History and Culture.  Is there something wrong with all that?  I mean, you got a problem with that?  Because if you do then that could explain a whole hell of a lot.

See, that list of what you call “whiteness” is actually a list of things that any person of any race can do in order to have success in life.  Look at Asians, for instance.  Have you noticed?  They are totally down with your list of “whiteness,” and guess what?  They are doing “whiteness” better than most whites.  They are knocking it out of the park!  You got a problem with that, NMAAHC?

By putting together this list of “whiteness,” it kinda, sorta feels like the suggestion is that it should be rejected by blacks.  Why?  Well, it kinda, sorta feels like the suggestion is that anything that constitutes “whiteness” is, by definition, racist and should therefore be avoided.  If that’s what this is about, then this museum might as well be in cahoots with the Klan because the end result of all this racist garbage about “whiteness” is only going to be to prevent many blacks from achieving success in life.

Let’s be very clear.  The only people who don’t want to use those rules of success are the ones who want to nurse their imaginary grievances until doomsday (and that includes white leftists whose grievance list is to the moon).  Why would you, the Smithsonian-connected National Museum of African American History and Culture, want a substantial portion of African Americans to languish forever in hopelessly crime ridden ghettos because the simple rules for success are too “white?”  It is sick, it’s despicable and it’s a guarantee for a future of continued large-scale failure (which, of course, will be blamed on white people through perpetuity).

So, what’s your alternative, NMAAHC?  What is the formula for black success that doesn’t involve “whiteness?”  Show us your page of “blackness” that, when adopted, leads blacks, or anyone else, to success in life.  C’mon, let’s see it!  We’re all waiting with bated breath!

All of these characteristics of “whiteness,” as you call it, created a civilization to which others flock to order to have a better life.  The traffic is all one-way.  Nobody is flocking to countries that don’t practice these habits of success.  If any semblance of “systemic racism” was still in place here, they wouldn’t be coming.

This garbage about “whiteness,” and “white” this and “white” that, is racist to the core.  White people, along with their endlessly maligned “whiteness,” are being openly vilified like nothing else.  You know what happens when it becomes acceptable for a people to be openly and ubiquitously vilified?  It becomes acceptable to violently lash out at them.  The logical conclusion of where this anti-white madness goes is obvious and inescapable.  All you have to do is look at the history of other peoples who have been similarly maligned.

The notion of “systemic racism” in this day and age in the United States of America is a sick, destructive, paranoid fantasy.  It is mainly promulgated by the following: blacks who are addicted to victimhood; the Democrat Party that cynically uses it to keep blacks voting for it; white leftists who use it as part of their justification for a hoped-for Marxist revolution, the prospect of which they are salivating over; the media; the schools; Big Tech; most corporations; professional sports; the medical profession; the legal profession; lots of RINOs; plenty of churches; etc., etc., ad infinitum.

It is not possible for a country to indulge in such a divisive and toxic delusion on such a grand scale without the very real potential of ruining itself.  One could make the argument that it’s already ruined, in which case the only remaining question becomes, can it be reversed?  The only certainty in that regard is that it cannot be done through rational debate.  Our institutions are too infested and the Marxist zombie mob cannot be reasoned with through “objective, rational linear thinking.”  They have to be fought by a massive organization of people with normal conservative values who aren’t willing to take it anymore.

So far, though, there is no sign of any such organization – and the hour is growing late. ESR

Greg Strange can be reached at gpstrange30341@yahoo.com. (c) 2020 Greg Strange.




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