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Ta-Nehisi Coates: Ingratitude on steroids

By Greg Strange
web posted July 20, 2020

As the Marxist zombie mob goes about the business of trying to destroy America and its history with lies about ongoing “systemic racism” and everything else, it might be a good time to examine one of its poet laureates, Ta-Nehisi Coates.

As soon as you see this, shall we say, “unusual” name, you know what you’re in for: a never-ending grievance based on race; never-ending accusations of white supremacy; a never-ending sob story about the pain of his black body; never-ending intimations of his supposed moral superiority which automatically comes from his supposed victimhood.  And on and on.

This is the guy who once wrote about 9/11 emergency responders: “They were not human to me.  Black, white, or whatever, they were menaces of nature . . . the fire, the comet, the storm, which could – with no justification – shatter my body.”

Shatter your body?  They shattered their own bodies attempting to save others.  But Ta-Nehisi can’t appreciate that because the sum total of his being boils down to nothing more than his endless and insatiable grievances based on his blackness and his perceived mistreatment.  In fact, when you read his books and articles it seems as if the complaints will never end, or at least not until the sun literally burns itself out and the solar system is plunged into . . . blackness, beautiful blackness.

Or, alternatively, until there’s no white people left on Planet Earth.

But in a recent interview, when asked what he thought about current events in the country (chaos, anarchy, riots, looting, assault, murder), Ta-Nehisi grudgingly admitted that he now actually has some hope and believes that some progress is finally being made.  Well, of course he does!  Because the important work of destroying America over imaginary “systemic racism” is finally gathering steam!

By the way, what’s up with this name, Ta-Nehisi?  According to various sources, it is derived from an ancient Egyptian language name for Nubia (African region corresponding with present-day southern Egypt and northern Sudan), which loosely means “land of the black” or “black-skinned” or “dark-skinned” or something of that nature.  Suffice it to say, having this name is all about declaring the inherent greatness of having black skin, and, of course, rejecting a “white” name.

One of Coates’ books, “Between the World and Me,” was published in 2015 and has been praised to the heavens.  Written in the form of a letter to his son, Samori, the title comes from a 1935 Richard Wright poem of the same name about a black man who discovers the site of a lynching and is incapacitated by fear.  That was in 1935, a very long time ago, but reading Coates you would think it was yesterday afternoon.

Appropriating the poetic style of earlier and greater black writers, the book is basically a sanctimonious harangue about an incurably racist America that still seeks every opportunity to marginalize or crush “black bodies.”  (You know, like the 9/11 responders who selflessly rushed into the burning buildings.)  It is totally mired in paranoiac unreality and dismissive of the gargantuan societal changes of the last half century that resulted in a two-term black president.

Naturally, Ta-Nehisi is in favor of reparations being paid to American blacks for slavery – as if all the trillions already spent on government programs for them since the 1960s didn’t count.  And as if additional money wouldn't go down the same rat hole.

Speaking of slavery . . .  I’m just reading an article here in Wikipedia about slavery and it says:  “Slavery in the region of the Sudan has a long history, beginning in the ancient Nubian and ancient Egyptian times and continuing up to the present.”

Wait a minute . . .  “Ancient Nubian?”  But that’s what Ta-Nehisi is named after, from which we can only deduce that Nubia must have been a wondrous place for blacks before white devils showed up and started abducting and shattering black bodies.  Turns out, though, that black bodies were being abducted and shattered by various local yokels thousands of years before any white folks showed up.

And what’s this about “continuing up to the present?”  Well, that’s about Arabs in the northern districts enslaving blacks in the south – all in the beautiful land of Nubia, all in the here and now.  So, while here in America slavery was extirpated 157 years ago (Emancipation Proclamation and a bloody civil war), over in Nubia it just continues right on, even in the absence of white supremacy.  Will wonders never cease!

Nonetheless, according to the Nubian-named Ta-Nehisi, “White America is a syndicate arrayed to protect its exclusive power to dominate and control our bodies.”

So how come that evil white syndicate never lifts a finger to stop Ta-Nehisi from doing anything he wants, including his endless racist vilification of white people?  What kind of white supremacists are these?  And the answer, of course, is, for all intents and purposes, there aren’t any – white supremacists, that is.  It’s all a pathetic delusion, albeit one that has the power to literally destroy the country.

Can we just get real here?  Where else but in America would a hack like Ta-Nehisi be able to make such a handsome living from the very people he slanders ceaselessly?  The guy wouldn’t know white supremacy if it walked up and bit him on the ass.  That’s because he’s never experienced it.  He wasn’t even born when white supremacy was an actual thing.  Those bad times were endured by people much greater than him and because of their courage and their accomplishments, he has an unimaginably cushy life.  Furthermore, by insisting that white supremacy still permeates the country, he denigrates the suffering they endured and the risks they took by acting as if none of what they did really made much of a difference.  How insulting to them!

White supremacy?  Are you kidding me?  This country, and Western civilization in general, has just about reached the point where white people don’t even seem interested in their own self-preservation, let alone their supremacy.  Since the recent riots, white people have literally groveled at the feet of black thugs, begging forgiveness for their whiteness!  Every corporation in the land has been pushing the supposed wonders of diversity for decades and is in total solidarity with fighting “systemic racism,” even though it no longer exists.  Every institution in the country is controlled by people who fully buy into everything Ta-Nehisi and his ilk say.  Every university of any consequence now vilifies white /Western culture, often describing whiteness itself as “toxic.”

What more do you want, Ta-Nehisi?  Could you possibly be satisfied with anything less than the disappearance of all white people?  But be careful what you wish for because what do you suppose would replace Eurocentric, white-centric Western civilization?  Here’s a hint: tribalism, violence, anarchy, poverty, all of which constitute the default setting for the human race.

Ta-Nehisi is apparently not smart enough to understand that Western civilization has been, by leaps and bounds, the most successful at assuaging that otherwise default setting.  That’s the reason why the traffic between Third World countries of color and the West is all one-way.  There ain’t nobody trying to go to Nubia.  Ta-Nehisi himself wouldn’t be caught dead there.

But in the twisted world of the angry, race-obsessed left, day is night, up is down and Ta-Nehisi is brilliant!

Actually, if Ta-Nehisi had any concept of reality at all, here’s a small sample of what he would have written to his son in “Between the World and Me”:

Because of the intransigent, self-destructive, gangsta rap-inspired ghetto culture of fatherless homes, crime, drugs and violence, you would be wise to stay out of black urban neighborhoods as much as possible.  Even Jesse Jackson had to give it up when he admitted that “there is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps . . . then turn around and see somebody white and feel relieved.”  That’s because he knew that since the overwhelming success of the civil rights movement and the subsequent vilification of all forms of white supremacy, he had far more to fear from his black brothers than he did most white people.  And indeed, Department of Justice statistics provide the evidence of what Jackson intuitively understood.  Most violence against blacks is committed by other blacks and when it comes to interracial violence, black-on-white violence is roughly 25 times more prevalent than white-on-black, making the latter insignificant.  And so, Samori, my son, it is terribly sad for me to have to tell you that when it comes to the physical safety of your black body, you would be far safer living among whites than among your own kind.

But instead, he wrote a bunch of delusional, self-pitying garbage, likely poisoning the mind of his own son.

Here’s a message for Ta-Nehisi.  Because you were born in America post-civil rights, you are among the luckiest black people to have ever lived.  You’re welcome, you ungrateful bastard. ESR

Greg Strange can be reached at gpstrange30341@yahoo.com. (c) 2020 Greg Strange.




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