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Pelosi and Schumer: Say. These. Names. I dare you...

By Mark Alexander
web posted July 20, 2020

There was an interesting turn of events in Washington, DC, recently, pivoting on the tragic death of a child.

There were protests on the streets of southeast DC, but not in support of the Left's "Defund the Police" charade. That's because there is no "racist police" problem in DC or any other urban center.

After an 11-year-old boy, Davon McNeal, was murdered at a "Stop the Violence" cookout, in what has become an all-too-familiar occurrence of children caught in the crossfire, somebody finally noticed.

The black marchers and mourners burned and looted nothing. They were united in chants of "Kids' Lives Matter" and "No justice, no sleep," insisting that they wouldn't rest until the assailant was brought to justice. Some yelled the now-ubiquitous words, "What. Is. His. Name?" to the loud response, "Davon."

Far from the dangerous and deadly "defund" protests, one mother said: "Police need more presence here. They need to step it up. They're sitting in their cars. Walk around. Where are all the police people on bicycles?" Davon's paternal grandfather, John Ayala, declared: "We see all these protests only when an officer hurts a black person. Where are the Black Lives Matter people when black people are hurting black people?"

"Somebody knows something around here," yelled protesters. In this case, the black assailant has since been arrested, but most of this prolific random violence is difficult to solve.

Likewise in New York, where violent crime and murder have increased almost 30% over last year, leftist Mayor Bill de Blasio responded to the murder of one-year-old Davell Gardner by saying, "This isn't something we can allow. It's not acceptable. It's not something we can ever look away from. It's something we have to address and stop. It's just horrifying. Every resource is going to be used to find this killer."

Except the reason for the surge in murders and collateral fatalities like this child is the de Blasio administration's recent cut of $1 billion from the police budget, a shameless and dangerous bit of pandering to his radical "defund the police" constituents. Notably, this cut included disbanding the NYPD's most effective frontline defenders against criminal violence, the plainclothes Anti-Crime Unit.

As Chief Terence Monahan noted, "The disbanding of anti-crime obviously has a huge effect. Those are our best cops out on the street, grabbing guns. So, there's a feeling that it's safe to carry a gun on the street." Of course, one of the most effective measures against those carrying weapons was former Mayor Rudy Giuliani's "stop and frisk" program, the practice of questioning those whom police believed may have been carrying weapons on the street. That practice helped drive down violent crime in New York over three decades. What hasn't changed is that 93% of suspects arrested for murder were black or Hispanic, and 88% of victims were black or Hispanic.

It's no surprise that some of New York's black community leaders are rallying to protect the innocent in the wake of little Davell's murder. How? They're asking de Blasio to "reevaluate" the elimination of the Anti-Crime Unit.

Meanwhile, de Blasio is busy with sophomoric stunts like painting "Black Lives Matter" in front of Trump Tower, located in one of the wealthiest and safest areas of Manhattan. How about a BLM painting in the South Bronx, Bill, where the message might actually do some good?

For as long as I've been producing political analyses on racial issues, I have noted that the real "systemic racism" plaguing our nation is the plethora of socialist Democrat Party policy failures that grew out of Lyndon Johnson's so-called "Great Society" initiative of more than a half-century ago. Those policies have effectively institutionalized poverty in our nation's largest urban centers, which in turn has given rise to the ongoing epidemic of black-on-black violence — an epidemic about which Democrats maintain a deafening silence, since it doesn't fit their mythical narrative.

Democrat race-hustling politicians at the federal, state, and local levels, and their fawning Leftmedia sycophants, use their race-bait playbook to exploit every instance of racial injustice, real or perceived, to foment fear, division, and dependency among their most loyal constituency, black citizens. Their recurring race-bait political calculus is based on the 2014 "Ferguson Model," in which phony "Hands up, don't shoot" outrage was cynically stoked after a violently aggressive black man was justifiably shot by a white police officer.

The consequences of recklessly using such tragedies as emotive political fodder to rally black constituents has been deadly for both those black constituents and law enforcement officers.

The most recent fodder for all the Marxist "Black Lives Matter burning, looting, and murder was the completely unjustifiable death of George Floyd, a black suspect being detained by a white police officer in Minneapolis.

How could such a thing happen in a leftist stronghold like Minneapolis? As I've noted before, the mayor, all but one (Green Party) member of the city council, the police chief, the county prosecutor, the state attorney general (radical leftist Keith Ellison), the governor, the U.S. House representative (radical leftist Ilhan Abdullahi Omar), and both U.S. senators are all Democrats.

So what's really the problem in these Democrat-controlled urban centers? For one thing, continuous incitement of phony outrage.

Recall that absurd virtue-signaling photo op by Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and their Democrat Party Black Caucus haters, who "took a knee" in the Capitol building in a cheap bit of pandering to placate black constituents. You know, that group photo when they wore Kente cloth shawls with a fabric pattern associated with the African Akan-Ashanti people, who supplied British and Dutch traders with slaves bound for plantations in the Western Hemisphere. (Oops!)

In the wake of Floyd's death, in addition to the Democrats' kneeling nonsense, protesters across the nation united around a chant: "Say his name — George Floyd. Say his name — George Floyd."

I can assure you that Joe Biden and his fellow leftists will make every effort to reframe the slaughter of innocents as "gun violence," a "gun problem" rather than a culture and policy problem, which will allow the Left to advance its assault on the Second Amendment.

To that end, I note that after Donald Trump declared violence in Chicago was "worse than Afghanistan ... than any war zone that we're in, by a lot," Chicago's leftist mayor, Lori Lightfoot, blamed Trump, asserting "the root causes of the violence" are that "we have too many illegal guns on our street and that's a direct result of a failure of federal leadership." Yep, another masterful use of the Big lie: It's a "gun problem."

Fact is, all of the violence in Chicago is committed by criminals who are already violating the multiple federal, state, and local laws for being in possession of a weapon. Note how Lightfoot said "illegal guns." Apparently, Lightfoot is not aware that criminals don't obey laws. Chicago, New York, and other urban centers have a leadership deficit problem, not a "gun problem." ESR

Mark Alexander is the executive editor of the Patriot Post.




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