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Gender-confusion month ends but is never over

By Mark Alexander
web posted July 1, 2024

There is a great clip between Jack Nicholson and Shirley MacLaine in their 1983 film, "Terms of Endearment." After a romantic encounter, MacLaine drops Nicholson at the airport, and just before the terminal doors close behind him, she yells from the sidewalk, "I love you!" Nicholson pauses, turns, and walks back out to MacLaine, who asks, "Do you have any reaction at all to my telling you I love you?" Nicholson responds with a sigh, "I was just inches from a clean getaway."

What I wouldn't have givne to be just inches from a clean getaway at the end of any day in June, also known in gender-confusion circles as "pride month." If only we could have got to the end of a day with just one of these distractions, but alas, our editorial team can't even get through our daybreak call without being confronted by a plethora of grossly absurd "pride month" manifestations.

A couple of typical examples:

First, we confirmed that the woke commander of the Osan Air Force base in South Korea authorized "pride patches" to be worn on uniforms while performing official duties. Got that?

The greatest external threat to the United States is Red China, which is currently threatening an invasion of Taiwan to enforce reunification. Our frontline of defense in the region includes Osan, and I bet the ChiComs are terrified of those pride patches.

Of course, it is not just the Air Force. Each of the service branch chiefs dutifully appeased the Biden administration's political gender-confusion agenda with such virtue-signaling nonsense.

Next, we learned that SCOTUS will hear legal challenges to what the Leftmedia calls "Tennessee's gender-affirming care ban" for children — or, more accurately, "Tennessee's ban on gender mutilation of children."

But in better news, the leftist rag USA Today published a puff piece on the most welcoming states for "gay and transgender people." It's better news because the rankings inadvertently make clear which states are the least family and faith-friendly.

Consider this...

We started this once-unadulterated month with a solemn June 6th observance of the 80th anniversary of D-Day, a celebration of Americans devoted to serving a cause much greater than their own self-interest. Fittingly, on June 14th, we then observed Flag Day — the anniversary of that day in 1777 when the Continental Congress authorized the first U.S. flag. And then we observed Father's Day — which reminds us that fathers are the foundation of healthy families, and families are the foundational blocks of a healthy culture and society.

But in each case, much as with the whole month of June, the leftist cadres have upended those bedrock observances.

At Normandy, Joe Biden disgracefully used the gravesites of American Marines killed in World War I as a backdrop for a political ad suggesting that Donald Trump is a "threat to democracy," much as was Adolf Hitler. Of course, Biden is the greatest domestic threat to our Republic.

Fortunately, Biden did not insist on little rainbow flags next to the American flags at those grave markers.

On Flag Day, Nate Jackson wrote about the encroachment of gender-confusion flags on flag poles reserved for our national flag in front of every federal installation across the nation. He noted further, "The 'pride' flag's very name is detestable," and cited psychologist Jordan Peterson, who correctly asserts, "Pride is not a virtue; humility is. ... Pride is the root of all sin."

As for Father's Day... To undermine family, the Demos have spent decades endeavoring to undermine the role of fathers, and the consequences have been disastrous at every level. As I have noted, the lack of functional fathers in families is the common denominator for the cultural entropy in America today.

Fathers — who needs 'em?

So, Demos have hijacked the entire month of June to celebrate pathological degeneracy, mostly related to narcissism, and most often the result of broken families — particularly, as noted above, failed fatherhood. Fact is, family and faith form the foundation of our Republic, but they are completely antithetical to the gender-degeneracy agenda.

Predictably, the largest concentration of gender confusion is among the most easily influenced: "Gen N," the narcissist generation; the youngest of the Gen Y Millennials; and the oldest of the Gen Z cohort. They are also the gender-bender generation.

But don't let those numbers distress you too much. One reason for that growth is because the "alphabet people," as comedian Dave Chappelle calls them, keep adding more letters behind the original "LGBT" designation, now to include LGBT+XYZ-ad-nauseam.

So, why devote a single bit of bandwidth to their agenda, given that only a small percentage of people identify with some degree of gender disorientation? Allow me to explain.

The Democrat political calculation for defending their "degenderization deviancy," even the most absurd outlying manifestations of the gender cult agenda, is because that agenda is favored by the Demos' largest constituency — women voters.

Majorities of women have elected every Democrat president since 1960 and have been a major force in midterm elections. On average, women have voted for Democrat presidents by a margin exceeding six percentage points since 1980.

Democrat strategists believe their female voters are emotionally incontinent idiots who can be manipulated into dependably voting Democrat by promoting emotionally provocative issues, most notably, the gender nonsense.

Consequently, Demos are not content with just the June "pride" month.

The gender-confusion calendar now includes:

January, third Friday: International Fetish Day
February 12: National Freedom to Marry Day
February 25-29: Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week
March: Bisexual Health Awareness Month
March 1: Zero Discrimination Day
March 20-24: National LGBT Health Awareness Week
March 31: International Transgender Day Of Visibility
April 6: Asexuality Day
April 22: Day of Silence
April 24-30: International Lesbian Visibility Week
April 26 International Lesbian Visibility Day
May 7: International Family Equality Day
May 16: National Honor Our LGBT Elders Day
May 17: International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia
May 19: Agender Pride Day
May 24: Pansexual & Panromantic Visibility Day
June: Pride Month
June 26: Anniversary of Sam-Sex Marriage Legalization
July 6: Omnisexual Visibility Day
July 10-16: Non-Binary Awareness Week
July 14: International Non-Binary Day
July 16: International Drag Day
September 17-23: Bisexual Awareness Week
September 23: Bisexual Visibility Day
October: LGBTQ History Month
October 8: International Lesbian Day
October 11: National Coming Out Day
October 18: International Pronoun Day
October 19: Spirit Day
October 22-28: Asexual Awareness Week
October 26: Intersex Awareness Day
November: Trans Awareness Month
November 5: Trans Parent Day or Transgender Parent Day
November 8: Intersex Day of Remembrance or Intersex Solidarity Day
November 12-18: Trans Awareness Week or Transgender Awareness Week
November 20: Transgender Day of Remembrance
December 1: World AIDS Day
December 8: Pansexual Pride Day
December 10: Human (Homosexual) Rights Day

(You may have noticed that there is not a single designated gender-confusion day in August — ssssshhhhhhhh.)

The deeper the aberrant pathology, the greater the need for public affirmation of group denial.

Now let me be clear: I cast no stone ... though daring to object to the Rainbow Mafia agenda means I will be cast as a "hater" by hate groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center, which just added the group Gays Against Groomers to its so-called hate list.

The foundation for my approach to individuals who suffer from gender confusion is thoroughly outlined in "Gender Disorientation — A Faithful Response to the 'LGBT' Agenda." Most of those afflicted with gender disorientation pathology are victims of broken families or predation by homosexual pedophiles, and for that reason deserve a great measure of compassion, not condemnation.

But compassion for those who suffer from gender-identity pathology versus those who promote gender-disorientation pathology, including those who actively groom children with their perverse pathology, are two entirely different things.

What consenting adults do privately is their business, but when the Demos use the strong arm of government to insist you have to protect deviancy and insist you must embrace it, push back every time. ESR

Mark Alexander is the executive editor of the Patriot Post.


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