The July 1997 Earth is Flat Award

A celebration of the inane, insipid and asinine...

For the first time in Enter Stage Right's history, a person has won an award in two consecutive months. What's more, this person was the winner of the Vinegar in Freedom Award for June!

Just before the election I received a piece of email from a man telling me he was voting Reform. Said the chap, "If we wait for the perfect candidate we'd never vote at all." Too true.

Preston Manning has fallen from ESR's good graces. Doubtless you heard Manning twist himself into contortions last month over whether he should live in Stornaway, the official residence of the leader of the opposition. The home, if one can call a 30-plus room mansion a "home", has been unoccupied since 1993. The Bloc Quebecois, then in Official Opposition, refused to live there after the last election.

During the election Manning said Stornaway should be sold or turned into a bingo hall. What a great soundbite. Well that changed in late June. Claiming that an outpouring of support Canadians changed his mind, Manning decided to move in.

"The main reason behind this advice seems to be that people feel that that residence goes with the office of Official Opposition and if you decline to take it you show disrespect for the office," the Reform party said.

While my support for the Reform Party will remain, I have to wonder if Manning should continue to lead the party. His reasoning is weak since as a member of the media I heard no such "outpouring of support". There was none.

Back in 1993 Manning made a big show in front of the national press gallery of returning the keys to his government provided car. I can see now why. Better a mansion than someone's old Cadillac. Perhaps we're now seeing the real Preston Manning.

Preston, based on an outpouring of support from Canadians, I've decided you deserve the Earth is Flat Award.

The July 1997 Vinegar in Freedom Award

There is an old Serbian proverb that says vinegar in freedom tastes better than honey in slavery. This award is meant for events and people I consider to be positive.

Chris Dovey has became the latest victim of political correctness.

A few days before Canada Day, Dovey was ordered by the property manager of his Toronto townhouse to remove a Canadian flag which Dovey had placed. Why was Dovey ordered to remove the symbol of the nation he lives in?

Well, according to Dovey the property manager wanted that flag removed because people of different nationalities might find it offensive.

The 27-year old says he will keep the flag up until after Canada Day.

It is absolutely stunning that a Canadian can be ordered by another Canadian to remove the flag of their nation on the grounds that someone might find it objectionable. I would posit that perhaps that person shouldn't be here.

To Chris Dovey, standing up for his rights a Vinegar in Freedom Award.

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