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The cold civil war

By Michael Moriarty
web posted August 6, 2001

Under Ronald Reagan, the Cold War ended when the Berlin Wall was torn down. To all appearances, it looked like the free world had won. All that remains in the battle against tyranny is to see Red China and North Korea cry "uncle." Prosperity and capitalism reign supreme. Capitalists and socialists can join hands in a 'Pax Americana'. The formula of a democratically-governed, socialist federation has proven to be the e=mc2 of government and world peace. It is probably safe to say that even Albert Einstein would concur.

Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

If the United States of America were not founded as a bonafide, indisputable republic, with all the earmarks of a Constitution and Bill of Rights, if the formula of checks and balances weren't all over the governing architecture of America, then I'd say that this remarkable metamorphosis from a republic to a federation was consistent with the Founding Fathers' original definition of freedom.

There's the rub.

Within the American Constitution are the tools whereby the governed, when informed of "improvements," can legally alter the U.S. Republic and transform it into a document supporting a socialist federation. So far, that legal recourse hasn't even crossed the minds of the Democratic Party.

The Democratic/Federalist Party

The Democratic Party of America has grown from a philosophy of big government as a solution -- a viable position in any representational democracy -- to the creed that the biggest government is the only solution. This is clearly a non-debatable position to take, a point of view that obviates even the barest essentials of democracy, let alone the inconveniences that the Constitution and Bill of Rights place in the way of the Democrats/Federalists.

The Republican Pétainistes

The turning point for the Republican Party was when Secretary of State Henry Kissinger advised President Richard Nixon that worldwide socialism is a fait accompli. From that moment, the only question was not whether there would be a One-World Government, but simply who was going to run it: Washington, Beijing or Moscow? Since then, the efforts to forestall the growth of big government ended, culminating in President George Bush's famous "read-my-lips" declaration and tax hike reversal - a collaborationist's syndrome that was mirrored in Canada by Tory Prime Minister Brian Mulroney's instituting the infamous Goods and Services Tax - a 7 per cent tax on everything. Still despised eight years after leaving office, Mulroney (a conservative!) is remembered as the PM who turned Canada into a nation of tax collectors.

So, not only are the conservatives capitulating to the socialists, they are doing their dirty work for them. The capitalists and socialists are joining hands and singing a spooky lil' version of Kumbaya to usher in the "best of all possible worlds."

Voltaire and Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was an avowed Republican. See the Federalist Papers -- his lively correspondence with Alexander Hamilton on the definition of America as a republic or federation. Jefferson shared with the great French writer Voltaire a common distrust of his own privileged peer group. Voltaire, in the heyday of the so-called Enlightenment, called his colleagues "enlightened despots." Two hundred years later, the largest conglomeration of enlightened despots now gathers daily at the United Nations.

I share much of the curriculum vitae of this fraternity. I'm an Ivy League graduate, Dartmouth '63. I'm a Fulbright Scholar. The founder of this federal scholarship was William Clinton's mentor, Senator William Fulbright. It's quite the men's club.

The key to power for these know-it-alls was to exploit the anger, fear, resentment and vengefulness of women, labor, alternate lifestyle groups, Third Worlders and visible minorities. This should be a pretty clear indication of the ultimate fruit that will hang from the tree of enlightened despotry: a replay of the French Revolution on a worldwide scale, a falling out among socialist thieves.

Unfortunately, when the inevitable arguments arise over who qualifies as a true socialist, the punitive actions will not be administered by guillotines, but by atomic weapons. Much collateral damage will be inflicted in the pursuit of socialist purity.

The Socialist World War III

At the risk of imitating the socialist's anti-terrorist rationale for tyranny, I'm prophesying the inevitability of atomic warfare between seemingly civilized socialist/communist nations. All ideological institutions are doomed to the inevitable first step in all fascism, whether right or left: the pursuit of purity.

Atheism, the religion of Karl Marx, has inspired its own zealotry, no worse than the fundamentalist fanaticism found in all established religions. The body count of socialist federations, including the National Socialism movement in Germany from 1933 to 1945, makes the slaughter by Christian Inquisitions seem like a barroom brawl by comparison. If you add the purges and Great Leaps Forward of Russian, Chinese and Cambodian socialist federations, you end up with roughly 120 million dead in 60 years. That's two million a year and the average is rising through the lethal efforts of genocidal socialist regimes in Africa and reactionary communist regimes in the former Yugoslavia.

The Iron Web

When is the UN's population control agenda going to be seen for the rationale behind the genocides that the UN's own troops consistently allow in smaller Third World countries?

Because the Free World capitulated to the Marxist agitprop theater of perestroika, no clear battle lines were drawn between tyranny and freedom. With the crumbling of the Berlin Wall, the Iron Curtain did not collapse. It melted into the Iron Web, which now enmeshes all of North America.

What is left but the recognition of a predestined and unavoidable Cold Civil War? We are in it now.

The question remains: Can free North Americans prove as tenacious and invincible as the Viet Cong were during the 10,000-day Vietnam War? Does contemporary America still deserve the appellation "land of the free, home of the brave?"

Or will Abraham Lincoln's prophecy be fulfilled?: "If America is destroyed, it will not be by a foreign power. If it dies, it will be by suicide." ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe winning actor who has appeared in the landmark television series Law and Order, the mini-series Holocaust, and the recent movie Along Came a Spider.

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