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Dear Charlton Heston

By Michael Moriarty
web posted August 13, 2001

Charlton HestonI know we were on a first-name basis during last year's filming of The Outer Limits two-part season finale, but for the sake of our real passions and loyalties, which are to the First and Second Amendments of the United States Constitution, I'll keep this correspondence entirely formal. I am as fervent an adherent of freedom of expression and religion as you are of the right to bear arms.

My most recent editorial is entitled The Cold Civil War. I think we ought to admit the obvious. The Free World is too cowardly and puerile to realize the price of liberty is not only (American Civil Liberties Union founder) Roger Baldwin's advice that we remain forever vigilant, but also an unequivocally stated willingness to die and, if driven to it, kill in defense of our rights. So, it's time we cut the crap.

During the Cold War, battle lines were clear and, because of that clarity, no atomic weapons were thrown. That Ronald Reagan, an actor, could not see through the Marxist Theater of a lie called perestroika is one of the main reasons we're now in what I call a Cold Civil War. The Iron Curtain didn't fall with the destruction of the Berlin Wall. The Iron Curtain, under Ronald Reagan, melted into a much more lethal Iron Web that now engulfs all of North America.

Who gave us the Iron Web?

The Republican Party. Realpolitik and perestroika created what former President George Bush calls 'Pax Americana,' but I term 'Marx Americana'.

Karl Marx predicted that Socialism and Capitalism would come together to the ultimate demise of Capitalism. At this point, I am not going to stand by and watch these Republican collaborators in the Marx Americana help the U.S. Justice Department treat the Constitution and the Bill of Rights like dirty rags.

The actor's advantage

Mr. Heston, the only edge we have on everyone else who's enraged by what's happening is that we grew up in the theater. As I mentioned in a recent editorial for the Los Angeles Times, Joseph Stalin's genius was his awareness that if you control the artists, especially the craftsmen and women of the theater and film worlds, you control the human race.

After almost 70 years, Stalin's control of Hollywood is just about over. We who are in the resistance movement of the Cold Civil War must now take on Washington's bipartisan Marx Americana.

Soldiers of the First Amendment

I think I can fairly say I'm a soldier for the First Amendment. Lost my job, my house, my marriage and my country for locking horns with Attorney General Janet Reno. Proud of it.

The heart and soul of the First Amendment Army is Christian. If we claim a non-violent Lord, and are willing to be thrown to the lions, then we are the best, fittest, toughest and proudest soldiers of the First Amendment.

My suggestions for the soldiers of the First Amendment are to escalate non-violent protests against everything non-military that smells of Marx Americana: abortion lobbyists; environmentalists, who claim a spotted owl is more endangered than the American Cowboy and legislated a law to allow wolves to slaughter our Christian flocks of sheep; adult substance police who use our children's 'safety' to enhance a police state; Marxist infiltration of our churches in the name of Liberation Theology; the seatbelt laws with which the Supreme Court has given search-and-seizure powers to police; and finally the Taxation Enforcers.

Not a bad list to start with.

Soldiers of the Second Amendment

I'll play Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mr. Heston, if you're willing to play Malcolm X. It's a dicey and doomed buddy film, but the job did get done. What 600,000 American men died for in the Civil War was only realized by African-Americans in the 1960's.

Let's say that what the soldiers of the American Revolution died for in the 1770's won't be fully realized until this millennium. The Founding Fathers saw almost everything coming over the hill, except for the Marxist Empire.

Constitutional law has been proven incapable of combating metaphysical evil. Dr. King's protests would have meant nothing if he didn't have the likes of the Black Panthers and Malcolm X on standby. Gandhi's negotiations with Lord Mountbatten never would have freed India if Mountbatten, a military man, didn't realize the incipient violence beneath Gandhi's non-violent pleas.

My suggestion to the soldiers of the Second Amendment is simply a pow-wow. I'm now living on a Cowichan Reservation. The First Nations are the first to pay the price for the lies of Liberal good intentions. It's time for the Cowboys and Indians to circle their wagons together.

The lions and the lambs: A biblical buddy film

There are many other families of freedom who'll see the point if, to use another metaphor, the Christian/Cowboys and Lions/First Nations, both trapped in a nightmare arena called the Marxist Americana -- a rule that mirrors the pagan Roman Empire -- turned upon the audience of Marxist rulers and their legions of Socialist Yuppies, and freed themselves from bondage.

We're not a revolution,
We're just goin' home
to the Constitution
and the Bill of Rights!

What do you think, Mr. Heston? Will you join me in the arena?

Michael Moriarty ESR

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