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A fresh box of crayons

By Kerry L. Marsala
web posted August 16, 2004

For many children back to school has happened or will soon. The lazy days of summer bliss are quickly being replaced with shopping excursions to buy new boxes of brightly colored crayons, number two pencils, notebooks, folders, backpacks, lunch boxes, new socks and underwear and most importantly trendy clothing. With a swipe of our plastic credit cards, America's children are once again ready to begin their task of learning the "3R's."

The educator's, whether public or private, have classrooms with both air conditioning and heat, and they have aligned their student's desks and chairs to face them. Most teachers' classrooms and school grounds are well equipped. They have their own computers, filing cabinets, blackboards or whiteboards, supplies from the district, drinking fountains/sinks, cabinet space, textbooks, a teacher's lounge that includes a microwave/stove and vending machines for sodas/snacks. They've been blessed with an organized administration, a supportive principal and dedicated parents/volunteers to help. With purpose, our government encourages and protects the rights of American teachers to do what they do best -- teach.

In our daily routine as American's, we don’t always give thought to other situations that are occurring in the world. Too often it's our belief that if we don’t have everything set just the way we feel we deserve; we scream -- "our freedoms are being threatened," and we then place blame on our government. Our school systems and our government are not perfect, but did you ever stop to think how wonderful it must be to open and smell a new box of brightly colored crayons for the first time? Some of Iraq's school children are receiving boxes of crayons, paper, glue sticks, folders and brave teachers who desire to educate the people of the new Iraq -- for the very first time!

Their former leader, Saddam Hussein, had seen to it that no one received an education that was well rounded. The people of Iraq, under the former regime, had been educated -- educated in hate, as have many of the countries under tyrannical rule. Education for children was teaching: How to Strap On a Suicide Bomb (101). The next session taught was how to walk into the town square and kill the most people. This course came under the heading of: How to Receive Free Money for Your Family (102). Education of children was teaching them the way to properly behead a captive while proclaiming the name "Allah" as they ruthlessly slice their way through blood and screams of their victim. For centuries children who have lived under the horror of a dictator have been taught hatred.

If anyone wants to rule a country with a fist of fury all a person or group has to do is fill the children's daily educational needs with social ideologies. Teach them about factions, injustices, inequality, and the evils of morality. Make sure to plant the seeds of jealousy because someone excelled. Make sure instead to have them all learn within the same framework. Don't encourage those who desire to push ahead, squash those who excel and incite the average child to feel envy. When teaching leaves behind its raison d'être and begins its dissent into social based education they embark on their downfall of creating an environment that is heading towards a country run by tyranny.

In Iraq, those who are still operating under the old educational system of hate, fear, and destruction -- assassinated the head of the Teacher's Institute. These terrorist murderers don't want anyone working under the freedom to learn. They have been indoctrinated to believe that knowledge gained by learning about the world around them is evil.

Prior to the take over of the country by former dictator, Saddam Hussein, Iraq was traditionally the intellectual center of the Arab world. The society of Iraq introduced the concept of zero into mathematics. At one time Iraqis were described as having an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and were known for having the highest rate of Ph.D. holders in the world. Great strides were made in the technical and medical fields to fight against disease and women's rights were being established as nowhere else in the Arab world. This all crumbled when Hussein seized power in the late 1970's. Tyrants like Adolf Hitler, Yasser Arafat, Fidel Castro, Benito Mussolini, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein have always used the evil dart of hatred to bring their own people under their diabolical control. Divide the people, stir up strife, incite fear, pretend you're offering a solution and you have the makings of a dictatorship run by horror. Surprisingly enough this can all be done while sitting in today's comfortable, well-equipped classrooms if we are not careful.

Today, before the divisiveness of being fed socialistic and communistic doctrines takes control of America's fabric of freedom -- from tyranny, fear, and hatred -- let us give pause as we send our children back to school to learn math, reading, writing, and history. As parents, make sure you know your child's curriculum. Volunteer to sit on a board at school, work in your child's classroom. Be aware of what your children's minds are being fed and if need be do something to change it for the better.

As teachers let us give pause when we open our classrooms to eagerly awaiting children and young adults and let the enormous sense of gratitude come to mind that we don't have a faction who is trying to assassinate us for educating. As teachers let's examine the textbooks we're given to make sure they are correct. Let's utilize the resources we've been blessed with and develop them properly -- enriching our pupils minds into great ideas and thoughts.

As administrators let us not get bogged down into the mental cage of, "We're running a corporation here" and remember the element of our educational system is our children, not the dollar amount. We know it takes money to run schools, but maybe we've been adding one too many 'extra-curricular' activities from the divisive agenda pushers to our schools line up of teaching the "3R's."

As we move forward together as a nation who believes in "the pushing up of people, not the pulling down of the masses" may all be reminded of the symbolism in opening that fresh box of crayons. America's independence as a "Nation under God" needs to remember we are never more than a generation away from loosing all we hold so dear. If we continue to be divisive, stir up strife, envy, wrath, and hatred America will no longer be the land of the free.

Kerry L. Marsala is a freelance journalist. She writes OpEds, and conducts interviews for Opinion Editorials; The Rant; Canada Free Press; Independent Newspapers; Capitol Coffee House Gang; EV Tribune; ACU Foundation; Canadian Free Press; Sarah's Seed Woman's Journal; A. M. Siriano; Men's News Daily; Lady Liberty; Citizen Newspaper; amgoodnews.com; We Hold These Truths; Americonservative; TAC; PHX News; Enter Stage Right; The Right Guys; Conservababes; The Alberta Weekly; Free Republic; Conservative Battle Line; Focus Magazine; Insight Online; and The Truth Magazine. She can be reached at cnuseeme@cox.net.

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