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Obama will lose

By Jack Ward
web posted August 11, 2008

This presidential election should be a slam dunk for the Democrat presidential candidate regardless of the candidate. The blame for mistakes in Iraq, the slumping economy, immigration chaos, and the rise of gasoline prices have been heaped on President Bush. Fair or not, these issues are always blamed on the sitting administration. The Democrats have tried to paint John McCain as a continuation of administration policies. White House insiders probably laugh at the suggestion that McCain has been a reliable ally of the administration. But I digress. Despite all the factors in favor of any Democrat candidate, I predict that Barack Obama will lose the presidential election.  There are many reasons why I think Obama will lose but here are a few that I believe will tilt the election.

Barack ObamaObama has all the momentum that a fawning press and left leaning acolytes can provide. The public has suffered through the swooning groupies and pundits claiming to have chills running up their leg when Obama spoke. Now we are within the last 100 days and the voters will start to pay attention to the seriousness of the election. There won't be any more swooning or claims of chills running up legs, and without that hype, the Obama campaign will be forced to depend on substance – which he has not shown.

The Democrats had a dozen or more candidates that began the nomination process. Without a doubt, the person with the least qualifications was Barack Obama. Pick any of the potential Democrat candidates and every one of them had more qualifications than Obama. Obama accomplished nothing in his short time in the Illinois Senate and nothing in the U.S. Senate in the 140 days before he started his presidential election bid. Hillary pointed to Obama's lack of experience several times but the message never resonated. Obama's claim to fame was his time as a ‘community organizer'. According to The Nation magazine, "Obama worked in the organizing tradition of (noted leftist) Saul Alinsky…". If working as a ‘community organizer' was a resume enhancer for president, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton would have been elected president. But Obama was the better orator and mesmerized the Democrat primary voters. He made vacuous promises of change to the fawning masses, and he sounded good doing it. But without a teleprompter and a prepared speech he is less than impressive.  

Obama has promised change. But his supporters never realized that he meant change in policy positions. His flip flops make a fish out of water look like a statue. Like John Kerry, Obama was against something before he was for it. For example: campaign financing, drilling offshore, troop withdrawal from Iraq, NAFTA, wiretaps, banning handguns, social security reform and campaign debates.

As the election draws near I believe that there will be ‘Candidate Remorse' within the Democrat electorate. The electorate will recognize that Obama is a little more than a glib empty suit and that even Hillary would have been a better candidate to represent the Democrats. Hillary defeated Obama in the states that will be needed to become president. Obama won lesser states and amassed a delegate lead through the tainted caucus process.  Now, Democratic Party insiders recognize the flaws in the caucus process. But the damage is done and Obama will be their candidate. ‘Candidate Remorse' could materialize in low turnout for Obama or vote for a third party candidate.

 You can't blame someone for the actions of people they know or associate with, but you can question someone's judgment for associating with them. Throughout his life Obama has sought out and associated with dubious characters. Like known terrorists, Weather Underground members (Ayres and Dohrn), crazy racist preachers (Wright and Pfleger), convicted criminals (Rezko), and known Socialists (Davis). Just imagine the field day the media would have if John McCain was buddies with the Unibomber, Timothy McVeigh, and Angela Davis. The media has given Obama a free ride for his associations, but I doubt if the people will.    

In the long run the election is Obama's to lose and I think he will lose. ESR

© 2008 Jack Ward




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