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The fix is in

By Dr. Robert Owens
web posted August 2, 2010

Falling like the staccato drumbeat of a pouring rain, the day-by-day assault by the ruling Progressives on the traditions and sensibilities of America has the no-longer-silent majority reeling.  We were warned.  The watchmen on the walls Buchanan, Limbaugh, Beck and others told us what was coming.  They tried to alert those willing to vote for an untried community organizer because they wanted change that the change would change once the organizer got organized, so none of these transformative changes should surprise anyone.  Obama the candidate told us what Obama the president would do.  He said he wanted to be a transformative president.  He told us his administration would be all about fundamentally transforming America.  But it seems not many of the people who hoped for change were listening except to the hope and change part.

Today many of these erstwhile supporters, the casual voters who tune in for the last week of the race and then decide who to vote for based on emotion and those who even vote for the same party their father voted for, are beginning to wake up.  They're beginning to see the sheer drop of the cliff we're being driven over.  Suddenly the scales are falling off eyes and they see the emperor has no clothes.  The Progressives are being exposed for the corporatists and statists they've always been.  These Rip Van Winkle voters are now saying, "We were fooled" and "We didn't know."  But they were warned.  They just didn't listen.  Which makes one wonder, when they're warned now about how bad this transformation is going to get, what are they hearing?

The Progressives long pursued dream of having the power and authority to implement their cherished Cloward-Piven Strategy to collapse the economy is coming into focus as America watches in stunned horror.  It's so hard to believe anyone really wants to kill the goose that laid the golden egg.  The free American economy has created more wealth and spread it farther and faster than anything else in history. A key to the Progressive's plan to re-boot the system and impose their command economy is the destruction of our capitalist system.  When General Cornwallis marched out of Yorktown his regimental band played "The World Turned Upside Down."  Perhaps this should be the dirge of the mourners for Mom, apple pie, and the American Way?

The 60s radicals who marched in the streets waving Viet Cong flags, burning draft cards and calling licentious living free love have become the establishment.  The silent majority has become the peaceful protesters who want their country back.  Political correctness censors free speech in the name of free speech.  Government mandated racial quotas enforce the most rigid racism since Jim Crow in the name of fairness. We apologize for our past, bow to foreign leaders of the present and look forward to a future where China not the United States is the engine that drives the world economy.  Is that the change we were hoping for?

George the Second abandoned free market principles to save the free market throwing a TARP over the biggest boondoggle in history starting the serial hand-out binge the shills now call the Government Bailout Era.  The bursting of the housing bubble caused the economy to almost come to a halt.  Listening to his Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel to "Never let a good crisis go to waste," President Obama set about fixing everything that was broken, or was that breaking everything he thought needed fixing?

First he fixed the economy as a whole with what he and his Progressive cohorts call the Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  Subsequently many others call this bill the bailout for Democrat campaign contributors.  Then President Obama fixed the health care system assuring us there would be no rationing, costs would go down, and the federal government would never fund abortion.  Once again the bill was thousands of pages long, and no-one had a chance to read it before it passed since as Speaker Pelosi told us "We have to pass it so you can learn what's in it." Or Representative John Conyers who laughingly said, "I love these members that get up and say, 'Read the bill!' Well, what good is reading the bill if it's a thousand pages and you don't have two days and two lawyers to find out what it means after you've read the bill?" Now we learn it must of course include rationing, of course it means costs will go up and it will fund abortions.  But at least now it's fixed.  The Dodd-Frank team of congressional slight-of-hand artists handed President Obama the Financial Reform bill, which we are assured will fix the Banking system except for Fannie and Freddie which are exempt.  This bill too is thousands of pages long.  No one has had a chance to read it.  Senator Dodd has had his chance at the microphone to tell us, "No one will know until this is actually in place how it works."  How could this go wrong?  This sets up thousands of bureaucrats to stand on the throat of the financial industry, but at least it's fixed. 

And that's not all. We're told every day the energy industry is broken.  That fix is on the way.  Representative Waxman, the chairman of the committee writing the coming cap-n-trade tax bill, admitted he didn't know what was in the bill.  As an in-your-face demonstration of power, he hired a speed reader to read his bill for those upset, because he wants to pass a bill that would make energy costs sky-rocket without reading it.  Be assured more fixes are coming.  If we get one more free election the Democrat party will pay for what they've done.  But before the door closes on these fixers they will fix America until it's so broken all the king's horses and all the king's men won't be able to put America back together again.

The never-ending crises haven't been wasted and everything is being fixed or, as we used to say in Chicago the fix is in. ESR

Dr. Robert Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion for Southside Virginia Community College and History for the American Public University System. © 2010 Robert R. Owens dr.owens@comcast.net






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