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The soul of a great thief

By Michael Moriarty
web posted August 9, 2010

The only favorable comment that I can remember Winston Churchill making about abortion was, "I wish Karl Marx had been strangled in his mother's womb!"

Clearly inspired by the French Revolution, Karl Marx understood most of the implications that his economic theories carried. Revolution! Inevitably worldwide, bloody revolutions!! Many of them!!!

All monarchies and American capitalism, as we all know now, are Marxism's mortal enemies. How bitterly ironic that Marxism's last major achievement, the Obama Nation, should have created a virtual Czardom!

However, for most of us, including Lenin, Stalin, Mao and President Barack Obama, Marxism has been so "seasoned to taste" that the only common denominators within the varieties of Revolution served up are death and destruction; and, of course, Imperial Bureaucracies or Politburos.

What replaces the previously viable status quo are the inevitably self-immolating bureaucracies that are put in place to support nothing more than their own, useless obsession with a religion I can only label "Bureaucracism".

The "redistribution of wealth" demands the soul of a thief to pull it off and I have no doubt that thievery is the essential common denominator to Lenin, Stalin, Mao and our recent President, Barack Hussein Obama.

You cannot,  however, be a truly effective thief these days if you are not first and foremost a lawyer. One must learn "Double-speak" and worship as a "Bureaucracist" at the increasingly massive Alter of Obfuscation! By now, however, we are all aware that the Obama "double-speak" is just pure lies.

He's vowed to not let abortions be funded by taxpayer's money?!


There's a lawyer for every ten pages of the health and financial reform bills amounting to more than four thousand pages. That means it might have taken at least 400 lawyers to put this nightmare together.

Considering the number of  lawyers in both the House and Senate? Not to mention the number of lawyers in the White House Czardom and inner circles? Only another lawyer would enjoy translating what a fellow lawyer has tried to slip by the American people.

It is theft!

Plain and simple, highway robbery!!

Diabolically legalistic smoke and mirrors!!!

As my Lord once said, "Ye lawyers! Ye heap on other people pains which ye yourself could not endure!"

This link arrived amidst the comments on Big Hollywood.

"The birth of the new man!"

Both Nazism and Communism pursue a "new man", both pursuits presume to be "scientific". Was it coincidence that both Nazism and Soviet Communism recommended genocide? The Basques, Bretons, Serb are labeled as "racial trash".

"Poland has no reason to exist."

Marx was the ancestor of political genocide. It starts with Marx. Hitler said that the whole of Nazism was based on Marx.

"Workers' Party"

Bernard Shaw supported Hitler. The idle and unfit, kill them off!

"A humane gas" was sought. Zyklon B.

Shaw: "Gassing people because of race is wrong. Other reasons there are for humanicide."

The renowned playwright went on to say, "If the enemy does not give up, it must be exterminated."

Hmmm … bear with me … and please watch the entire video of The Soviet Story. Nothing could be more persuasive about the ultimate objectives within the soul or within the souls of pure thievery now infesting the White House.

Now the President is backing the release of Lockerbie bomber Abdel Baset al-Megrahi. Practicing thievery and condoning massacre? Going from theft to cold-blooded murder appears not to be a very large step.

At least not for lawyers. They defend murderers all the time!

There is no doubt we have a Gifted Thief as President or he wouldn't be in the Oval Office now. In the sense that he basically stole the Presidency from Hillary Clinton, he is a Great Thief.

There will be adventure movies about him to rival the greatest jewel thieves and bank robbers. Yes, Barack Obama is, so far at any rate, the very successful Bernie Madoff of American Presidents.

While his wife has become the new Marie Antoinette.

Odd how the French Revolution has now come full circle, and those who would save the world from the greed of the monarchies are now behaving like the Kings and Queens of Entitlement.

From great thief to great dictator is the transformation of President Barack Hussein Obama that many of us are anticipating.

The "increasingly forceful" decisions The Great Thief will … uh … "be forced to make" … might tax even MSNBC for inventive euphemisms.

Since "Islamic terrorism" is now  a "man-caused disaster", what will Obama's inevitable declaration of martial law and the suspension of elections be called?

"Tea Party caused restrictions"?

"The fruits of civil unrest"?

Can't wait. It's now August 9, 2010.

The Fist of the Obama Nation must clench quite perceptibly before November's election day, if not fall on our heads altogether.

When exactly? Let the betting begin!!

As for the soul of a great thief? He might have one until, of course, he becomes a great dictator. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.






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