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America's Rubicon

By Robert T. Smith
web posted July 29, 2013

The country's Rubicon moment is upon us for the typically feckless Republicans to decide, or not, that Americanism is worth all or nothing.  We stand at the point of no return.

We have been told on many occasions by Speaker Boehner that he only controls one third of the federal government, and so he has little control over the direction the Democrats take our country.  Put another way in a hypothetical Speaker Nancy Pelosi vernacular, she absolutely controls one third of the federal government and nothing will happen unless she agrees.  The nuance of the need for all three parties, House, Senate, and President to be in agreement before federal actions can occur has, to this point, apparently been mystifying to Speaker Boehner. 

As a refresher, let us remember that Obamacare was a perverted Democrat scheme foisted upon our country in a completely partisan fashion, devoid of any Republican support.  This legislation remains unpopular to this day by a majority in our country.  Never has such a significant law, with such broad effect been passed and brought to implementation in this manner…never. 

It is impossible to portray this law as the will of the people, it is the will of the leftists who temporarily took control over all the right levers at the exact wrong time.  It is similarly impossible to fully conceive and describe the extent of corruption and dishonesty that lead us to this legislation becoming law.  To add insult to injury, let's also reserve a special place in infamy for the Republican-appointed Chief Justice John Roberts.  The Roberts Supreme Court's stunning, revisionist re-write of the basic tenet of this legal travesty in order that the entire non-severable law could remain obviates any future discussion of civics… we the people no longer can have an understanding of the relationship we have with the federal government.    

Now is the time for Speaker Boehner to step up and defund Obamacare, because the results of its implementation will be worse for Americanism and our country than any outcome of defunding.  Forced upon us unilaterally by the Democrats, there is nothing inappropriate should the Republicans unilaterally refuse to fund this abomination; control of the nation's purse strings is an appropriate role for the Republican House of Representatives.

The founders of our country risked all, their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to conceive and deliver to us the exceptionalism of America…not a place necessarily, but a set of ideals.  For the Republicans, so little comparatively is at risk.  Their lives and fortunes are in no jeopardy, but certainly their honor should they refuse to act.  Unfortunately, relying on most of our current crop of politicians to be concerned over their honor is problematic.    

Julius Caesar was a great military general.  An attribute that contributed significantly to his successes was his decisiveness.  However, as he approached the Rubicon River in the run-up to his taking over the Roman government, he is reported to have paused and not acted as decisively as was his typical fashion.  As famously reported, after careful consideration of his situation, he was quoted as saying the die are cast, and with that thoughtful decision Julius Caesar changed the course of history when he crossed the Rubicon River with his Legions, an act of war upon the Roman government. 

Certainly, Obamacare has been looked at, evaluated, its implementation problems already evident and negative outcomes innumerable and deeply harmful to our country.  Defunding the implementation of this mess would not be an impetuous act.  It is time that Speaker Boehner and the Republicans put comparatively little on the line for the sake of saving what remains of Americanism… a simple vote with no risk to their lives or fortunes.  Here we stand at our country's Rubicon moment, fearfully awaiting the decision of John Boehner and the Republicans on whether to cast the die. ESR

Robert T. Smith is an environmental scientist who spends his days enjoying life and the pursuit of happiness with his family.  He confesses to cling to his liberty, guns and religion, with antipathy toward the arrogant ruling elites throughout the country.






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