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Professional sports: Primary purveyors of cultural Marxism

By Greg Strange
web posted August 10, 2020

You know things are bad when you look back fondly on the Obama years as the good old days.  Sure, it was on his watch that race relations did a one-eighty, the White House glowed in the rainbow colors and most of us were depicted as bitter clingers.  But still, nobody back then would have predicted where we would be now without risking an extended stay in a rubber room.

That’s because right now America is reeling from a devastating one-two punch, the severity of which has been greatly amplified by irrationality and lies.  The first punch was COVID-19 – no, not the virus itself, but the insane tyrannical overreaction to it, which shut down all of civilization for the first time in world history.  Then, the follow-through punch was George Floyd, the left’s latest thug/martyr/hero, whose demise was the justification for rioting, burning, looting, assaulting and murdering in every major city in the country.  That was the flashpoint that brought about the full-blown attempt by Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other leftist trash at a Marxist revolution which they hope will be the first step toward remaking the country they mindlessly loathe.

So, if you are a patriotic conservative American with traditional sane values, you have to face, without further delay, a very stark question:  What are you going to do about it?  And if your only response is to vote and nothing else, you’re whistling past the graveyard.

As we’ve seen all too clearly in the last few months, politicians and local authorities have been disinclined to protect you or your business or your home from rioters as long as those rioters are spouting Marxist nonsense about social justice and “systemic racism.”  They seem to have no interest in stopping crime or keeping anyone in jail.  They seem to have no interest in protecting statues, monuments or other representations of our history, which they now consider exclusively racist and deserving of destruction.

(Why, if you didn’t know any better, you’d think they were in sympathy with the anarchists!)

In short, they seem to have no interest in preserving domestic tranquility as long as Marxist zombies are running around screaming brain-dead slogans like, “No justice, no peace!”  So, passivity and hoping for the best is no longer a viable option.

You are witnessing with your own eyes, at least at the cultural level, what is obviously a full-blown Marxist revolution.  And if it is successful at the cultural level, it could soon thereafter become political reality.  It is utterly unthinkable that this should be allowed to happen to the United States of America, and yet . . .  What is anybody doing about it, other than yakking and complaining?

While it’s understandable that if you are conservative you have an aversion to violently taking it to the streets the way leftists do, you have to at the very least be willing to make some kind of minimal sacrifice in your life.  So for instance, you have to be willing to avoid giving your money to corporations that are going along with this cultural Marxist revolution.  But how do you do that, given that virtually every corporation in the country, which provides the products you need and want, has gone all-out social justice?

Well, you start with the worst offenders who are also selling products that you do not have to have.  And one of the worst and biggest of all is sports.  At this point in time, given everything that’s happening, if you are a conservative patriotic American who cares about the future of this country, you cannot justify continuing to watch any of the top professional team sports.  They’re all taking a knee, promoting BLM and mouthing their Marxist garbage about “systemic racism,” which, in reality, was dismantled decades ago.

In other words, they’re all spitting in your face and calling you racist.  Are you really going to continue to sit there and watch these contemptible fools while you pretend that everything is okay? While they’re promoting BLM, a Marxist terrorist group that wants you and your way of life destroyed?  Are you really?

Let me be very blunt.  If you do, you deserve whatever you get.

Think that sounds harsh or insulting?  I don’t care.  Think it’s hyperbolic?  Are you serious?  Do you not see the tsunami of cultural Marxism washing over everything in this country, laying waste to everything you cherish and believe in?  It’s not hyperbole, it’s reality.  And you’re going to continue to sit there and watch these people when you don’t have to?  How on earth do you justify that?

Actually, I already know how you might try to justify it because I heard a sports-addicted conservative commentator with a large following who said something like the following:  I don’t agree with all the kneeling and social justice posturing, but I’m able to separate that from the athletic excellence that I love to watch.

Bull crap!  So you passively sit there and let them shove Marxist lies down your throat.  How about instead, you use your large platform to call for a total boycott of these sports so they can be made to take a knee financially?  How about that?  It’s the only hope we have of stopping this, by making their promotion of cultural Marxism economically unviable.  What are you going to do otherwise, just sit there and watch until the mob is literally in your front yard, calling out your racist ass and expropriating your property as reparations?

But maybe I’m dreaming to think there are enough Americans left who even care.  I mean, you have to admit the last 50 years of leftist browbeating and brainwashing has been incredibly effective.  Virtually every significant institution in the country is now far left and they’re all going along with the delusion/lie that “systemic racism” is still a thing.

So, according to a recent Rasmussen survey, only 30% of respondents said they were “less likely” to watch sporting events that promote BLM.  Thirty lousy percent!  And that’s “less likely” to watch, not “wouldn’t be caught dead watching those commie losers!”

I like sports too, but I have less than zero interest in watching them be played by people I despise and who despise me.  And I cannot and will not separate the sports from the SJW’s – and sometimes thugs – that play them and the cultural Marxism they promote.

All by itself, refusing to watch these sports will not ultimately save the country.  It might, however, slow down the corporate contribution – which is huge – to the cultural Marxism we’re being pummeled with, especially if combined with other targeted boycotts.  All the corporate SJW’s who are fashionably consumed with white guilt and are so down with the (fake) struggle might think twice when the bottom line starts shrinking like a snowflake on warm pavement.

Without blowback, though, they’ll just keep pliantly rolling with the zeitgeist of the times, taking us all into the dustbin of history.  Just imagine: once the revolution is complete, no more cops, no more jails, no more “systemic racism.”  The country will be in ruins by then, but hey, you’ve gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet.  And then they’ll just reset the calendar to Year Zero and it’s off to the utopian races! ESR

Greg Strange can be reached at gpstrange30341@yahoo.com. (c) 2020 Greg Strange.




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