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The therapeutic industrial complex goes bonkers

By Greg Strange
web posted September 14, 2020

When you consider the extraordinary and disturbing events of the last several months, it is not inappropriate to ask if there is any sanity left in this country.  One thing’s for sure.  If the answer is no, then the last people you should want to consult about it are so-called professionals in the field of mental health.

Think about it.  Since the 1960s and the rise of the therapeutic culture – along with the concomitant decline of Judeo-Christian values – are Americans generally more mentally and emotionally healthy than they were 50 years ago, or less?  The answer is so obvious that it makes the question absurdly rhetorical.  There has probably never been this degree of dysfunctionality and psychopathology on as grand a scale as what we’re living with now.

Just look around.  What you are seeing are the results of a half century’s worth of counterintuitive, anti-common sense psychobabble that has utterly transformed our citizenry.  Before the rise of the therapeutic culture most Americans were basically well-behaved, hard-working, reasonably self-reliant and grateful for what they had.  And now?  The country is teeming with ungrateful, soulless, miseducated, rage-filled narcissists who stupidly want to tear down everything they’ve inherited and replace it all with an unworkable Marxist pipe dream.

That’s not all due to the therapeutic industrial complex, but it shares a big portion of the blame.  So thanks a lot, Big Psych!  You did your part to help get rid of the foundational Judeo-Christian values that had provided us with stability and prosperity and replaced it with what amounts to psychological and emotional chaos.

And now, on top of everything else, Big Psych is apparently down with critical race theory.  That would be the Marxist-inspired theory that says basically two things: 1) If you’re white, you are inherently racist to the core, as are your institutions and everything you’ve ever touched; 2) if you are nonwhite, in addition to being utterly blameless for anything, you are the victim of endless white racism, the only solution for which will be revolution.

Anyone in their right mind can plainly see that critical race theory is intellectual garbage – but not Big Psych.  Here is part of an official statement recently made by the president of the American Psychological Association (APA), Sandra Shullman:

“We are living in a racism pandemic . . .”

Whoa, hold everything, stop right there!  Are you completely off your rocker, lady?  Anyone who believes such a thing in the year 2020 belongs in a strait jacket . . . on a lockdown ward . . . in a rubber room.  There has never been less racism in all of human history!  There has never been more freedom and opportunity for black people in all of human history!  There has never been more bending over backwards to accommodate blacks in all of human history!  There has never been more governmental, educational, media and corporate support for black people in all of human history!  There has never been more white guilt, more taking a knee, more apologies to people of color, more gratuitous praising of “blackness” itself in all of human history!

But the head honcho of the APA thinks that white racism has assumed “pandemic” proportions.  The voices in her head must be overwhelming.

Continuing on, Shullman said, among other things, “If you’re black in America – and especially if you are a black male – it’s not safe to go birding in Central Park, to meet friends at a Philadelphia Starbucks, to pick up trash in front of your own home in Colorado or go shopping almost anywhere.”

(Huh?!  Heavy, exasperated sigh!)

Hey lady, have you ever heard of Chicago or Baltimore or Detroit or Washington, D.C. or Philadelphia or New York City or Atlanta or New Orleans or St. Louis or ____ (fill in the blank with any city with a significant black population)?  Are you aware of the actual pandemic of black-on-black crime and mayhem that goes on in these places without letup?

Every black male in America knows that the single biggest thing he has to fear in life is another black male.  Nothing else even comes close.  That is an inarguable reality that can’t be distorted by psychobabble and is supported by all the crime statistics and verified by the news every single day.  In the everyday life of an African-American male, white racism is isn’t even a blip on the screen unless you include absurd “microaggressions,” which is paranoid nonsense anyway.

This idea of a “racism pandemic” is a total delusion and Marxist to the core.  Do you have any idea, lady, what Marxism did to the world in the 20th century?  The 100 million corpses?  The countless millions enslaved?  The economies and lives ruined, the human capital destroyed by the most failed and murderous ideology in history?

What is so especially ludicrous about this “racism pandemic” claptrap is the following:  White people, the supposed perpetrators of the alleged pandemic, have in recent years become so passive and self-hating that by all rights they ought to be on collective suicide watch.  Not only are they not oppressing anyone else, but they barely even seem to have any particular interest in their own survival as a race.

Nonetheless, and undeterred by any shred of rationality, Shullman continued on with a litany of the supposed devastating psychological consequences of the alleged “racism pandemic” on “our African American citizens,” which basically included everything from a hangnail to suicidal depression.

The APA, of course, is calling for “true systemic change in U.S. culture.”  (Yeah, just like the Marxist zombies rioting in our streets.)  What does that mean?  Well, you can bet your bottom dollar it will involve turning American society upside-down, inside-out and every way but loose.

Here’s a dose of reality.  The lunatics are running the asylum down at the American Psychological Association.  They couldn’t be more delusional if they believe there is a “racism pandemic.”  There is a mental health pandemic, all right, but it ain’t racism – it’s leftism.  And that is by far the most virulent and contagious affliction in the Western world today.  If it isn’t stopped, Western civilization is doomed – and that is not a delusion.

Part of that pandemic of leftism is the open, blatant and increasingly acceptable vilification of the white race, much of it being perpetrated by brainwashed white people themselves.  And now, along comes the APA, an organization supposedly devoted to good mental health (ha!), to join the bandwagon of white bashing.  Where does the APA think this endless vilification of white people might end?  Given what we know about history, as well as immutable human nature, here’s a clue: a bloodbath.

Does anyone in their right mind believe that the application of this Marxist, critical race theory garbage will be good for our national mental health?  Does anyone in their right mind think there can be a good outcome from the relentless and institutionalized vilification of a particular race (white people), which is actually the epitome of racism itself?  Is there anyone at the APA who has two rational neurons left to rub together?

The hour grows late in America.  Can anyone hear me?  Or am I just howling in the wilderness?

I . . . am . . . a . . . man . . . ! ESR

Greg Strange can be reached at gpstrange30341@yahoo.com. (c) 2020 Greg Strange.




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