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Elon Musk has massively transformed politics and media to help the right

By Rachel Alexander
web posted September 11, 2023

For those who haven't been paying close attention, we are undergoing a dramatic transformation in politics and media due to Elon Musk buying X, formerly Twitter, last year. The outspoken richest man in the world has shifted to the right in his politics, and is quite vocal on the platform demanding action on many political issues. Most importantly, he has removed the censorship of conservatives from the platform, which is significant considering X is now the biggest media platform in the world and the only big tech or big social media company that doesn't discriminate against conservatives.

None of us has ever experienced an era until now where the dominant media platform in the world didn't lean left. The Boomers grew up with ABC, CBS and NBC. Gen X grew up with The New York Times and CNN dominating. Millennials came of age with Facebook, Google and Instagram. Now Gen Z will be the first generation to come of age with this shift to fairness in media. 

And it gets even better. The reason Musk changed the name from Twitter to X is because he wanted to change the impression of it from merely people sending out short messages to a platform that encompasses much of your life; where you get all your news, politics and entertainment, follow famous figures in every topic imaginable, promote your business, as well as the world chat.

Musk wants artists, creators and journalists — which Twitter has always promoted, unless they were conservative — to move from their traditional employment to putting out their content directly on X and making a living that way. Incredibly, he now automatically pays users advertising revenue without lifting a finger other than opting in. Anyone can benefit from it as long as they build up a decent amount of followers and post on X regularly. It's easy to build up followers merely by following the maximum number of patriots X allows you to follow every day, since most of them will follow you back.

Secondly, Musk is allowing users to offer paid subscriptions, and the important thing to know about this is he is letting them collect users' email addresses. This is crucial, since collecting email addresses is a key way to make money, especially if someone ever leaves the platform. 

I recommend following his posts on X every day; not only is it amazing learning about the new ways he is transforming X into this expansive platform with new benefits, but he posts about politics nonstop with a strong right-leaning slant and calls out powerful players including the government, demanding action. When he doesn't get results, he often gets further involved. He's already forced plenty of changes, too many to list here, which the mainstream media has sparsely covered of course. On Friday, he sued the state of California over censorship and he's threatening to sue the ADL for similar reasons.

Musk has become the most transforming innovator of our era, I would argue, surpassing Bill Gates in his heyday, Steve Jobs, and even Jeff Bezos. Musk is expanding the areas in society that X covers; taking over beyond what Windows did, the smartphone did, and even Amazon's increasing dominance over purchasing goods and video. Musk is a genius at finding ways to compete with and beat other tech giants, so I fully expect him to make encroachments into their areas next. 

Before Musk bought X, most of us could no longer discuss election fraud on big tech platforms, we were squeezed out to smaller platforms. For journalists, citizen activists and candidates running for office, this was a huge handicap. People are so terrified of writing about election fraud that I am about the only journalist in the country fully covering all of the disbarment trial of Trump's attorney and constitutional legal scholar John Eastman. Why do all that work if no one is going to read it and it's just going to get you canceled? 

It's fair to say that if Musk had not removed the shadowban from me, allowing me to organically skyrocket from 17,000 followers, where I'd been stuck for years, to 75,000, a lot of people would never know about this travesty of justice taking place in our left-wing dominated legal system. Look at what he's doing for Tucker Carlson; being fired from Fox News has turned out to be just a bump in his career because Carlson is going to remain incredibly popular on X. 

Now, there are still a few lingering issues remaining from the censorship days before Musk. Some conservatives remain banned or shadowbanned. There's a backlog of conservative creators and journalists who are still not approved to offer subscriptions, including myself. Some people are skeptical of a few of Musk's views; his interest in advancing tech includes implanting neuralink brain chips in people, which has some nervous because it might be used down the road for nefarious purposes. He wants to legalize drugs like fentanyl and cocaine. But I would argue that even Donald Trump has a few viewpoints conservatives have disagreed with, yet he is still one of the most loved conservatives today. 

Unfortunately, there are a lot of folks on the right who don't understand this transformation, lingering on the censorship wasteland that is Facebook, who haven't cut the cord so only watch Fox News. They need to get out of their comfort zones and stop trying to pretend Facebook is still what it used to be when it began; stop putting all their effort into propping up big tech censorship. With tech like Google Chromecast, even Boomers can watch X on their TVs and soon will be able to view much their news and entertainment there — including full-length movies. 

You can't complain about censorship if you're going to only use the companies that censor, propping them up while ignoring the fifth most popular website in the world. ESR

Rachel Alexander and her brother Andrew are co-Editors of Intellectual Conservative. She has been published in the American Spectator,, Fox News, NewsMax, Accuracy in Media, The Americano, ParcBench, Enter Stage Right and other publications.


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