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Gloria Allred should be disbarred

By Nancy Morgan
web posted October 4, 2010

Media hound Gloria Allred should be disbarred.

Nicky Santillan and Gloria AllredRepresenting an illegal immigrant who is a former housekeeper of Meg Whitman, who just happens to be running for Governor of California, Ms. Allred has taken to the airwaves in a blatant, if not illegal attempt to tar Meg Whitman with the label of liar just ahead of the California gubernatorial election.

Ms. Allred appeared with her client Nicky Diaz Santillan on national television yesterday to show what a big meanie Meg Whitman is. With tears dripping down her cheeks and a quavering voice, Santillan detailed how (Republican) Meg Whitman abused her. She was actually forced to drive a car and allegedly Whitman refused to pay her overtime.

Allred actually referred to her client as a modern day Rosa Parks - willing to risk deportation in order to expose the various injustices perpetrated upon her. "Americans appreciate the huge risks she is taking" Allred said. Huh?

Gloria Allred has informed the nation that her client has entered this country illegally and has used a stolen social security number in order to obtain employment. In essence, Gloria Allred has exposed her client to deportation and/or jail time. Other illegal immigrants who have gone public for various reasons have eventually ended up deported.

No amount of spin can gloss over the legal jeopardy Allred has exposed her client to. And no amount of ginned up indignation can obscure the fact that Allred has sacrificed her client for her own agenda.

Allred has manufactured a reputation of being a 'woman's advocate.' She envisions herself as a protector of all women against the patriarchal system of old white men. Her reputation is a direct result of accepting only those cases which will guarantee her publicity. No matter how frivolous. I know this from personal knowledge, having done business with Allred's firm.  

Lost in the shuffle of bright lights and national face time is one inconvenient fact. As a lawyer, Gloria Allred is legally obligated to put her client's interest ahead of her own. This she has not done.

In her quest for yet another 15 minutes of fame, Allred has thrown her client under the bus. That is both illegal and unethical. And shameful.

Author and legal expert Mark Levin questioned Allred last week on his radio show. Allred was unwilling to answer the most basic questions regarding the case, trying instead to rebut Levin with emotion instead of facts. She got smacked down, big time.

Unlike the liberal media, Mark Levin was not swayed by Allred's blatant attempt to turn her client into a cause celebre. Instead, Allred's points were totally demolished. And she was exposed for what she is - an ageing progressive lawyer trying to reaffirm her ill-gotten reputation by using her own client to smear a conservative candidate. For shame.

This case is not about Gloria's client. It is about legal ethics and Allred's huge ego.  By willingly placing a client in legal jeopardy in order to further her own political agenda, Gloria has broken the law. She should be disbarred. Immediately. ESR

Nancy Morgan is a cloumnist and news editor for conservative news site RightBias.com. She lives in South Carolina.




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