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Haunting divinities III

By Michael Moriarty
web posted October 11, 2010

Since leaving or rather vacationing from commentary on the political scene, I realize how immersing myself or rather blissfully abandoning myself in my Haunting Divinities can, in some cases, throw you right back into the very political nightmare I sometimes wish to ignore.

Before we enter the drama of this particularly haunting divinity, Dimitri Shostakovich, please listen, while you view the tyrannically Red forces around the composer, to his Fifth Symphony.

Dimitri Shostakovich and his plight under Stalin is laid naked by Solomon Volkov in his memoire of Shostakovich and Stalin. Amazing how the Stalinist "clutch" around the arts has now "lightened" in America to something like Cass Sunstein's "nudge". Glenn Beck does not call Cass Sunstein "the most dangerous man in America" for nothing. A repeatedly insistent shove into the ribs of almost everything.

"That's Progress!"

The American arts have been, since the now repetitive descent of Russia into both Stalinist and neo-Stalinist hands, an increasingly Marxist haven.

Somehow, and quite tragically, the disenchantment with Stalin has now, in the Third Millennium, transformed itself, under the Obama "transformation of the United States", into a White House love affair with Mao Zedong. What does Third Millennium America and its growing fascination with Mao and Maoism have to do with Dimitri Shostakovich?

Increasingly everything!

Dimiti ShostakovichDespite some well-founded claims about the tyranny under which Dimitri Shostakovich composed during the reign of Joseph Stalin, one suspects that after 11 symphonies as an officially approved, Soviet artist, Dimitri Shostakovich had a very Progressive adaptability.

No, he did not exile himself nor leave the Soviet Union as the great and profoundly Russian Orthodox genius, Igor Stravinsky did. Why? According to Solomon Volkov, Shostakovich decided to play the yurodivy or holy clown.

The great Russian composer is even cited as a yurodivy in the Wikipedia definition.

"After the 17th century the yurodivy existed more in the arts than in real life. Prominent examples are the fool in Boris Godunov, Pavel's mother and Father Ferapont in The Brothers Karamazov, Sofia Semyonovna Marmeladova (Sonya) in Crime and Punishment and Prince Myshkin in The Idiot. Another fool-for-Christ Grisha was described in Leo Tolstoy's book "Childhood. Boyhood. Youth". The composer Dmitri Shostakovich and the pianist Maria Yudina have been cited as 20th century examples of the type."

All of those character's within the greatest of Russian literature set a role model perhaps for a man who, for whatever reason, did not contain the requisite courage to just up and leave Stalinist Russia.

Much has been written about the true, personal meaning of Shostakovich's Fifth Symphony. Its dark and brooding first movement clearly reflects the terror under which the composer lived after Stalin's threats.

Is the celebratory energy within the climactic final movement – linked earlier – is it sincere? It certainly convinced Stalin of his composer's renewed commitment to the Soviet ideal. Or is the movement satire?

Is he making fun of the Communist dictator and Stalin's bombastically venomous treachery? Are the horns triumphant or mocking?

The next great work by Shostakovich is his 7th Symphony and its tribute to the Russian warriors of Leningrad. Yet even here you can apprehend the yurodivy's mocking tone in the Invasion Movement, his contempt for all and every bit of military megalomania.

Russian victory over Hitler, however, is a singularly profound and sincerely triumphant theme to even this bitterly satirical indictment of military arrogance.

If President Barack Hussein Obama does indeed get his "civilian army", his "People's Brigades", what similarly Stalinist presumptions will he enforce upon the American people, American Patriots in particular?

Yes, upon the Tea Partiers.

President Obama would, perhaps, like to swat them as he has been known to do expertly to flies. Odd now, how difficult it is to find that particular and now legendary video-taped moment on the internet, on Al Gore's information highway.

Hmmm …

There are some moments in life that not even the President of the United States can erase from our memories. Can President Obama be swiftly and terminally decisive when he wants to? Can he swat flies? Can he release drones over Afghanistan? Telegram his captured terrorists to other countries to be "interrogated"?


The delusions and delirium of power. A now exposed but formerly secret world power called Marxism. It is all contained in the March theme of the Shostakovich 7th. A civilian army, eh? As large and powerful as the standing American Army?

Run by the leadership of IU and ACORN?!

The President as an American terrorist? Chicago's homegrown Mao? Bertolt Brecht's ideal for Mack The Knife?

"Just a jackknife
Has MacHeath, dear!
And he keeps it
Out of sight!!"

Ah, the European intellectuals of the Communist Revolution!

How alike they appear to be … and yet … we're told that Shostakovich was a yurodivy. He wasn't really a Communist. Hmmm … they are both indisputably intellectuals and indisputably remained involved with the biggest bully on the block, Joseph Stalin and his decades-long, Soviet legacy.

Brecht's fascination with the likes of Mack The Knife?

What about Leonard Bernstein's cocktail parties to entertain the Radical Chic, setting a whole new, social and socialist's challenge for the giants within the artistic intelligentsia.

Black PanthersBlack Panthers everywhere for many generations of Harvard graduates, from Bernstein to Obama.

Odd how the divinities and demons of Ivy League Progress seem so attached to one another.

From Brecht to Bernstein to Obama, the thugs appear omnipresent, omnivorous and, with their friends in high places, almost omniscient.

A "People's Army of America", eh?

The Communist Elite and Intellectuals are no improvement over the French and Russian "enlightened despots", as Voltaire branded the revolutionary intellectuals, that sparked the class war to begin with.

America, of course, had solved that problem with an open and free market in which those at the bottom could, with individual courage and determination, lift themselves and their families upwards. With the Roe v Wade decision, however, with such massive infanticide, America no longer had the approval of any remotely reasonable form of Divine Providence.

After such moral insanity, inflicted upon us by the Supreme Court's Elite Corps of Judicial Hypocrites, what might you expect? Our return to the nightmares of Europe became inevitable.

Like a dog returning to its vomit, Mankind returns to survival of the fittest, or, in this case, devices of the most cunning, serpentine and Progressive intent.
Erdogan and Putin

Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey, left, with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin of Russia in Istanbul

With the Communists, however, linked so closely to Islamic radicals traditional Americans need only survive and endure the Red Islamic honeymoon.

The inevitable schizophrenia within a Communist Islam is preordained. The ultimate settlement between Islam and neo-Soviet Russia will be homicidal. Neither have anything to do with Judeo-Christian forgiveness. Communism and Radical Islam were born for each other.

Both will be extinguished in the shared agonies of their mutually megalomaniacal greed and their shared, simultaneously targeted terrorism. The anti-Israeli Progressives of America, led by the Obama Nation?

They will be caught in the inevitable war between Moscow and Mecca.

The Progressive Pawns of America, the spoiled brats of Harvard, the dupes and "enlightened" dictators of a "Progressive" New World Order? They are ultimately caught in the closing forces of a Red Islamic ambush controlled by such gentlemen as these:

The very veiled looks in both their eyes contain entirely different agendas. With Allah and Karl Marx as their gods, however, neither believe much in the universal sanctity of the human race. Mohammed and Marx, upon glimpsing each other, would soon be plotting the other's death. Their disciples are obliged to inevitably entertain the same, dark necessities.

As for the Intellectual Elite of the Progressive New World Order? They look at the Tea Partiers as an appetizer to this feast, this devouring of American individual freedom. They, however, are the very perennial sophomores in the now, century-long College of Red Islamic Death. The Progressives themselves will never graduate. They live on the bloody dreams of their hired help.

Divinities and Demons? According to the Bible and the Judeo-Christian prophecies, the days of the Demons are numbered.

Artists such as Shostakovich, Brecht and Bernstein may very well mourn the loss of demonic triumph over the world. From the beginning of the Twentieth Century and Communism, ironically, the essence of that Century's music and theater has increasingly depended upon the demonic as the soul of Revolutionary Progress.

I for one prefer the solutions of the Bible to modern man's capitulation to the Demonic or even the prescriptions of Greek tragedy. In the Orestia by Aeschylus, The Demons or Eumenides are given a place of honor beneath the City of Athens. In the Bible, The King of the Demons is driven off the earth by Christ for at least 1,000 years.

I no longer think the Earth is big enough to hold both sides of this bloody debate, known in ancient Greece as philos-a-philos, translated by Wikipedia as "love-in-hate".

Hmmm … so philosophy is the business of somehow engaging love with hate and hate with love?

If it is merely love of power and control over the entire world, there you have the impossible philos-a-philos of the Communist/Islamic Demons. I doubt if the Red Demons will remain obediently beneath the City of Athens. Labor riots have already signaled the Communist World's repeated defiance of the Goddess Athena. With Christ on our side, we will have the patience to wait for the mutually suicidal homicides within the demonic love affair between Communism and Radical Islam.

Do they both hate America more than they hate each other? I wouldn't count on that. Hate is their mutual raison d'etre. The Bible, Judeo-Christianity and Christ Himself define divine patience itself. As you can see, within the title of Haunting Divinities lies an infinite horizon.

Faith. Please keep the Judeo-Christian faith.

That way, we cannot lose. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.




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